I fucked my little sister stories

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First of all, let me describe myself. I am Omkar from Kalyan. I am from a middle-class family and live in 2bhk flat. My dick is about inches. If you want to ask me any questions please mail me at [ protected].

I fucked my little sister stories

My sister has a very nice figure and her boobs are bigger than an average girl of her age. I wanted to fuck her since last 1 year. Last week her school principal died and so they got a holiday of 5 days. As she was not enjoying at her house she came to my house for some days. I got another chance to fuck her. I made a plan this time. I made a plan to go to swimming pool early morning as there would be no one there during rainy season. I told my mom that I was going to swimming pool at next day early. Hearing this, my sister said bhai m bhi aaungi brother even I will come.

I said ok. Next morning we went to the swimming pool and wow it was all empty. No one was there. And before going to the swimming pool I gave my sister a tight nylon t-shirt and a loose pant so that I can feel her. So now we went to changing room I was changing outside and she went inside. I purposely waited outside until she comes out. As soon as I heard the noise of her coming out I removed my banyan and underwear and took it in hand I was wearing other clothes I just removed the inner wears she looked at me and said bhai why are you removing your inners?

She said no. On this, she again went inside and came back with her inners removed. Now we entered the pool. I went to the deep side and she was in shallow water. She said yes bhai please. On this I went to her grabbed her and taught her the basics of swimming.

I fucked my little sister stories

Now advanced training. I kept one hand on her part about her breasts and other on her stomach. I took her to deep water and she was pedaling on water. She was doing really good but my plan was different. Slowly I moved my on hand on her breast and another on her cunt. Now we entered the shower room. I asked her to apply soap on my back. After she did I asked her sister this was chlorine water and may harm your skin. Turn around and remove your shirt so that I can apply soap to your back.

To my surprise, she really removed her shirt. I applied soap to her back and my dick was very hard. Its shape was visible on my pant as I was not wearing an underwear. Her boobs were very soft. Now I asked her to turn around. Wow now I am really seeing her boobs and they are so cute and big. I already had precum in my pant.

I fucked my little sister stories

It is so big. I said do you want to look what is that. She looked at me and said bhai say me what is it. I slowly removed my pant and my dick suddenly jumped out.

I fucked my little sister stories

It was really big at that time. She looked at my dick and said I know boys have a penis but why is this so big. I said it wants to enter something. She asked me what?? I suddenly removed her pant. She pushed me and shouted what are you doing. I said you saw my dick let me see what you have. She remained silent and I bent over and saw her beautiful cunt.

It had some hairs on top and clear at its entrance.

I fucked my little sister stories

I started licking it. My sister said cheee what are you doing I asked her to remain silent and continued. Then after some time I stood up and said my dick wants to enter this. She looked angry before hearing this then she asked whatwhat are you talking. I said yes really every brother sister have to do this.

I showed her a porn video of brother and sister and then she agreed. It was difficult first and it pained her but later it became fun. I then forced her to suck my dick and give me a blowjob and while she was doing it I cummed inside her mouth. She spat it and said bhai what was that. I said why did you spit it. And so we finished.

I fucked my little sister stories

We fucked each other every time we meet now. I have fucked her 3 times till now and m thinking to enter her vagina soon. If you liked my sex story and want to ask more or get pics, please mail me at [ protected]. If you want to ask me any questions please mail me at [ protected] Any girl willing to fulfill your desires please contact me.

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I fucked my little sister stories I fucked my little sister stories

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