Hedonism sex stories

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Hedonism sex stories

The next day Dave and Angie met with the bank and were successful in securing the needed financing for Lake Hedonism. They also went to Wendy and Walter's cabin to talk to the only two people they knew who had actually been to a Hedonism resort. Wendy said with a chuckle, "So you want to know what it's like at a Hedonism resort.

Hedonism sex stories

Well, first off it isn't nec I've had several requests from readers to write about what has happened after our trip to Hedonism. I want to say thanks to everyone for their wonderful comments and encouragement. The Trip was my first attempt at erotic story telling. If you have not done so, you might want to read that story before reading this, my second foray into telling the world abou Hedonism II in Jamaica. The party destination for adults looking to take a walk on the wild side.

World famous for nude beaches, free booze and wild overnight parties.

Hedonism sex stories

A must see destination for couples looking to experiment away from the prying eyes of civilization. Sherry and I went there oh so many years ago. So long ago that Hedonism wasn't famous or i This has been an amazing experience to collaborate on such a story.

A fantasy many women like me have dep inside us. NOTE 2: This is the second part to a potentially lengthy series of one woman's and to a lesser e Tales of Hedonism: Judy and Paul's Private Ministry It was a few weeks before our thirty-fifth wedding anniversary that I'd entered a contest to win an all-expenses paid Caribbean vacation for two.

Hedonism sex stories

I hadn't really thought I'd win, but it was a nice dream. Paul and I lived a modest life, he was a Minister in a small town Vermont Methodist church, while I vol Sally moaned as Brad's body moved within her spread legs. Connected by only the thin, but now very hard, muscle that was his cock, they were so intent upon consummating their passion that they did not even notice me taking pictures.

As I watched and photographed my slut wife being fucked by a man she hardly knew, I thought back to the chain of events that Ok, so a couple of things have changed since I wrote the first installment of this story. Lynn read it, but not until after I had submitted it. She was less than excited about it. She had, more or less, liked the story about our trip.

There were a few changes she might have made, but, overall, it was ok by her. However, the first installment of After the Tr It was early in the morning of our fourth day at Hedonism II, an "adults only" anything goes resort in Jamaica which would become famous over time for it's ribald adventures and no-holds barred revelry. We hadn't really understood what we were in for when we booked our trip here, but now we were thick in the soup of it all. The prior night had seen our frie Ken Gets Lucky I had decided to go to Vegas for the weekend to clear my head after finalizing the divorce with my Hedonism sex stories of 24 years.

The divorce had been amicable, taking place just six months after she had come out to me as a lesbian last summer during our only child's college graduation party. We'd talked about trying to make it work, but it quickly became Adele's mouth encircled my already erect nipple as a low moan escaped my moist lips; moist from the sweet juices that had seeped from her pussy moments before as my tongue had sent her into a wild orgasm as I lay between her open legs pleasuring her wet clitoris.

But now it was Adele's turn to bring me those same pleasures as her finger rubbed gently over my SmutMD Log in. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up. There is a lot more to SmutMD than Hedonism sex stories think! Hedonism Stories. Sort by: Best match Most recent.

On Off. My Family's Nudist Colony?

Hedonism sex stories

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Our Hedonistic Vacation