Hanging wedgie stories boy

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I was a senior in high school. My parents were rich, and I guess I was a snob. So they sent me off to a boys boarding school in Virginia. By the time I was a senior, I had been elected by the faculty as a dorm monitor. I was on a floor with twenty 9th and 10th graders. Well they were kinda wild. It was one prank after another, brawls, stupid shit.

Every night there was some problem, shaving cream sprayed on someones door, someone throwing flour into the shower on some dumb. I got in trouble when the guys were wild, so I tried to get them to quit the goofing around. Well these guys started to take out their hormones on me. One of them, Case, started to come into my room and wrestle with me after study hours.

I was on the tennis team, and I played soccer, but I was no big jock. Case was bigger than me, even though he was a couple of years younger than me.

Hanging wedgie stories boy

Case was on the football team, a defensive tackle or something. He had light brown hair, blue eyes, and a wicked smile. He like to pin me down, and tickle me. I hated it, but he loved to take out his aggression on me.

Sometimes a few of them would try to wrestle with me. One time Case and the others tickled me so bad I peed in my pants. The worst was when they started to give me wedgies. Case started it, that jerk. He would get me pinned down, and then the others would grab my underwear and yank it up. Sometimes it stretched, and sometimes it ripped. Case and this other guy, Brad, loved to see how high they could pull up my briefs.

They were disappointed if they couldnt get them up to the back of my neck. Case and Brad figured out many ways to torture me. I would be sitting in my room, trying to study, and they would show up at my door and tell me they wanted to wrestle with me. That usually meant that I was gonna get body slammed, get my body twisted into weird shapes, tickled to death, and get my underpants hoisted up. Brad liked to rip my underwear into shreds.

He liked to take a piece of it after each wedgie, and pin it onto his corkboard in his room. He liked to show it off to the other freshmen, all the little bits of the underwear from the hall monitor. Case liked to watch me suffer. His favorite was the hanging wedgie. Brad would bend me over, and Case would give me the wedgie. Then they would lift me up onto a chair, and hook the back of my waistband onto the post of the upper bunkbed.

Then they would push the chair out from under me, and I would be left hanging by the back of my briefs. Since I couldnt reach up that far behind me, the only way to get down was for my underwear to rip all the way off, or for someone to get scissors and cut me down.

This was the longest year of my life. By the middle of the year, the pranks had gotten worse. Brad and Case were always on my nerves. Brad was not as big as Case, but he was smarter. He knew when the teachers were around, and when they would be gone. Brad was kinda tall, lean, with dark wavy hair. His brother Dave was in a frat in college. So one night after the dormparents had gone to bed, all three of them came into my room and wanted to mess around. Well boy was I wrong.

Dave had just gone through initiation in his frat, and he got the big idea of beating my ass. Dave wanted me to go along with it. He tried to tell me it would be good for me. Well I will try to tell you what everyone said. So Dave went to his gym bag, and dragged out his fraternity paddle.

It was huge. So he asked me again what I Hanging wedgie stories boy, a spanking or a paddling. So he said, OK, Hanging wedgie stories boy gonna get the paddle, and Brad and Case started to grab me. Well Dave sat down on the edge of the bed, and made me lay over his knees. I couldnt believe this was happening.

He made me beg him to give me the spanking. Then Dave told me that if Case and Brad had to help hold me down, and keep me quiet, then they were gonna get a turn to spank me too, so I better keep still and keep quiet, and take it like a big boy. So then I feel him reach under my belly, and pull the drawstring on my sweatpants.

I said, HEY! What are ya doin! So then Dave loosens up my sweatpants, then pulls the back of them down over my butt. You didnt say you were gonna spank me over my underwear! I said, Then pull up my sweatpants! Dave just laughed, and so did Case and Brad. They thought this was real funny. So then Dave pulled down the back of my fruit of the looms. I started yelling: You never said you were gonna spank my bare heinie!!! So Dave spanked me good on my bare butt. He must have hit me for a long time, cause my bottom was on fire when he finished. He finally let me up, but Case and Brad were not letting me go.

They said since they had to help hold me down, and keep me quiet, they deserved a chance to tan my rump.

Hanging wedgie stories boy

They all took turns. It was really embarrassing to be laid over the knees of a freshman and a sophomore, and spanked bare-butt.

Hanging wedgie stories boy

Well you know that was a very long night. Dave left town, finally. The bad news was, Brad and Case had gotten lots of ideas. The following weekend, they had big plans for me. So a bunch of guys came into my room after I had gone to bed. I was only wearing my underwear. They had a pair of handcuffs, and they handcuffed me around the commode. I struggled wildly, but there was no way to get free. Then someone decided to give me a wedgie. Well it stretched up by butt, really high. So then they put something across the tops of the walls of the stall, like a long board, and then they tied a rope around it, and then tied the other end around my underwear.

You see the legbands were pulled together, jammed up my butt. So one end of the rope was tied around my wedgie, and one end was tied to some kinda board up above me.

Hanging wedgie stories boy

So then they tightened up the rope, so I was forced to stay up on my feet, not kneel down. If I tried to sit down, or kneel, the wedgie would get worse than ever. So I was forced to stay standing, but I was bent way over, cuz I was still handcuffed to the toilet. Man, what an embarrassing time. Well I stayed like that for about ten minutes, then the guys on the hall started coming in and checking it out. So after a few minutes, they decided to start slapping my butt. Of course it was bare, cuz my underwear was pulled up my butt crack. Pretty soon I was getting spanked good.

At first it was just a few slaps, but then it was like a couple of them spanking me hard on both cheeks. They kept it up for a long time, I know I was crying. They never said anything loud enough for me to figure out who was doing it, but I could hear them laughing. My ass was burning. Then all the spanking stopped.

Hanging wedgie stories boy

It got real quiet, and I thought maybe they were ready to let me go. Boy was I wrong. I felt this cold flat thing on my butt. It felt good, cuz my cheeks were on fire. I tried to scream, and struggle, but I was pinned, handcuffed to the commode, and with my wedgie and my underwear tied to that board over my head, I couldnt move. The paddle hit my ass, which was already red hot. Eventually they unlocked the handcuffs, and then ran away. It took me a few minutes to get the sack off my head, and the sock outta my mouth, and get out of that hanging wedgie.

Hanging wedgie stories boy

By the time I ran out of the bathroom, everyone was back in their own rooms, in bed. I went back to my own room, still crying, and with my bottom sooo red and burning. This was not the last time I had to suffer at that school, cuz that was only in the winter. It was a very long spring. I guess maybe ya might find it as funny as Case and Brad and Dave and the other guys at that screwed up school.

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Hanging wedgie stories boy

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