Grindr sex stories

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Firstly let me just tell you a little about myself. I identify as straight, I like girls but even though I consider myself straight I love sucking cock and taking a cock in my arse. I'm not sure what this means as I could never date a male, never be romantic with a male, I've also never ever looked at a male and thought 'damn he's hot'. Obviously I can look at a guy and think 'ah he's a good looking chap' but never in the way that's like 'damn he's hot I want to fuck him'.

I don't know how to explain it, it's like the only thing I'm attracted to is the actual cock its self. It could be the ugliest guy in the world but if he has a decent sized cock I will suck and ride that thing all night. When I was about 18 I started to have my first urges. At first I'd just masturbate about sucking Grindr sex stories and swallowing a massive load and eventually this fantasy would come true with an at the time friend of mine but that's a story for another time.

Grindr sex stories

The reason I am not starting my first story with my first ever experience is simply because this experience is the one I enjoyed the most and I've been a regular to the stories on this site for a while and I'm now keen to share my own story. Okay now let's get started, I was on Grindr, seeing if I could find any possible tops for a evening hookup as I was exceptionally horny for some dick when I got a message, just the casual 'hey'.

After abit of chit chat we had established that I was a horny bottom and he was a horny top and that he had a free house which was perfect for me, my cock started to stiffen at the thought of what we could get up too with a house all to ourselves.

Grindr sex stories

He then sent me a picture of his cock, nothing too impressive to be honest, probably about 5 inches long, 3 inches wide but it was enough to get my mouth watering at the thought of it pounding my throat. He then sent me a picture of his face, he was brown, definitely Indian, short black hair, not ugly but like I said before, I don't care about the looks, I only want the cock.

He then told me where he lived and it turns out he only lives 5 minutes down the road. So he told me his address and I eagerly but nervously made my way there.

Grindr sex stories

Before this meet I had only ever sucked 3 other cocks and been fucked in the arse once so this was all still a relatively new experience for me and so I was very nervous but at the same time very excited as my last experience had Grindr sex stories months before so I was pretty sexually frustrated. I knocked on the door and instantly he opened it, he must have been waiting on the other side.

As soon as I stepped in he started to kiss me, slipping his tongue down my throat. This surprised me and it was then that I realised that I wasn't really in to kissing other guys, sucking their dick yes, riding their cock yes, but I just didn't enjoying the kissing but I went along with it as I wanted to give him a good night and I wanted to feel sought after, desired and sexy.

I came into this meet with the plan to give this guy the night of his life and that's what I was going to try and do, even with my little experience. He led me up to the bedroom where I took Grindr sex stories my shoes and once again he started to kiss me. While he was doing this he was groping and squeezing my arse hard and tightly, I enjoyed this and I knew he was enjoying it also.

I started to rub his cock from over the top of his jeans and could feel it starting to bulge so I then slipped my hand down his jeans and boxers and started to play with his cock in my hands, he then slipped his hands down my trousers and started to feel my bare arse, telling me how hot it was.

I then got to my knees and while looking up at him in his eyes I pulled down his jeans and boxers which released his hard cock infront of my face. This is what I had been waiting for and it was now right in front of me. I loved everything about it, the look, the manly musky smell, the pre cum on the end, I couldn't wait to get it in my mouth. I started to kiss it slowly, still looking him in the eye and then I began to lick it up and down.

I finally wrapped my hungry horny lips around his meat and moved my mouth up and down, he was loving it, I was loving it, the taste, everything about it.

Grindr sex stories

He was moaning with pleasure as I continued to suck his dick. His penis was now glistening and wet with my spit. Then he started to fuck my mouth, with one of his hands on the back of my head he was thrusting into my throat and I was loving it as much as he was, he was moaning with pure ecstasy while I was looking up at him and seeing the lust in Grindr sex stories eyes, all I was was a hole for his dick to fuck and that thought turned me on more than anything, I wanted him to use me, that's all I wanted him to do, use my body as a toy to make his desires come true.

After about 10 minutes of being on my knees sucking him he told me to 'get naked and bend over on the bed', I didn't hesitate. I got naked and then bent over doggystyle on his bed, pointing my arse up, presenting my hole to him to do with what he pleases.

He crawled onto the bed behind me and started to rim my arse hole.

Grindr sex stories

I'd seen this in porn but this was the first time I'd had anyone do it to me and I loved it, he was a magician with his tongue. His long wet tongue circling, stabbing and entering my hole was amazing.

Grindr sex stories

I can Grindr sex stories feel him positioning his cock against my hole ready to penetrate me, no lube, just his spit which got me even more horny. He didn't even loosen me up with a finger, he was just going to go straight in and I did not have a problem with this, all i wanted to do was please him and then he plunged. It hurt at first but I knew if I got through it after would come pure heaven. He got deeper and deeper until he was all the way in, it burned but I didn't stop him as he was clearly loving it, 'Ah that's so hot' he said.

He started to pound me like the slut I was, nothing to him but a hole for his dick which I was happy to be. He had one hand on my arse and one held on to my hip so he had momentum to thrust into my tight hole. He spanked my arse and I moaned in lust and ecstasy, he kept spanking, the harder he spanked the more I loved it.

Grindr sex stories

I could tell he was loving my tight smooth arse around his cock. He pounded me from behind for about 10 minutes with no mercy, occasionally letting out grunts that reminded me of some sort of primal cave man trying to seed a female. After his ruthless doggstyle pounding of my arse he flipped me over onto my back, pushed my knees up to my chest so my legs were bent and fucked me missionary style.

While thrusting into my arse he started to kiss me, once again shoving his tongue down my throat. After this he spits on my face and calls me his slut while still fucking my hole. I didn't like the spitting but i went along with it as to please him as that's all I wanted to do. He moved onto his back and I then started to ride him.

I sat on top of him and guided his cock into me. As I sat on it we both let out a loud moan. As I bounced on his cock with my hands resting on his chest he brought around his hands and firmly grabbed my arse, I loved his hard grasp on my butt as I rode his cock, it made me feel sexy and desired, which I knew in his eyes I was.

After about 5 minutes of bouncing up and down and gyrating on his Grindr sex stories cock he was ready to cum. He stood up and I was back on my knees, mouth open begging for this load. Then he said 'Ah shit I'm cumming' so I wrapped my lips around his cock and took the whole thing down to the balls and then felt it, his hot warm salty load burst into my mouth. I took the full load while he was looking down at me and saying 'Oh my god, fuck, oh shit that's so hot. After I finished cleaning all the cum off of his cock with my mouth we both got dressed, had some small talk Grindr sex stories what we both do for work and stuff and then I made my way down stairs and to the front door.

Just before leaving he gave me another kiss with tongue and gave me another spank on my butt then I left and went home, pleased with the job that I had done and pleased that I had finally been fed the load I was craving for months. This was a true experience of mine and I have a couple more experiences that I would love to share if this one is enjoyed, so let me know what you think :. : [ protected]. Click to watch now on GayDemon. Reviews Stories Blog Videos Pics. Live Sex Cams on GayDemon!

Grindr sex stories

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