Girl diaper story

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Or Learn more Continue. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 10 posts. I originally posted this on DailyDiapers under a different pen-name, posting here in case DD isn't coming back any time soon. Its much more fetish and less plot then my usual writing. It is fetish smut and forced ABDL'ism. I didn't know there was one?

She felt horribly dwarfed around the woman, especially with her this close. Everything around her looked and seemed the same in terms of scenery, technology, language and human beings… BUT there was a glaring amount of cultural differences, mostly centered around people who were tall, the Amazons, and people who were not, the littles. There were lots of Amazons around, and more so then there were people her height. Come along with me Girl diaper story we'll get this all straightened out. Leading the smaller girl into one of the back rooms of the group home, Nerissa indicated where some of the guest rooms were, as well as the bathroom and the kitchen, and finally, the classroom.

There was a certain amount of acclimation that new arrivals to this Girl diaper story would need to do. The only problem was that the classroom was not encouraging. There were colorful desks arranged in lines, posters with educational values on the wall… and oddly, at the front of the class was a plastic child's potty, and to its side, a wooden stand with bottle.

Shannon looked a bit confused, but otherwise remained silent--wanting to make a good impression. So um, do I just take a seat at one of the desks? She leaned against one of the desks and crossed her arms. Does that make sense? They looked like big toddlers with their much taller parents treating them as such.

This test will help determine one very important factor. Are you a big girl, as in, are you potty trained? I have been for years? Were they potty trained? She got a little more nervous as being at the front of the room was Nerissa just grinned.

Shannon nods. It's deed too The test of a big girl is going to be showing me that you can hold it. Can you wait 10 whole minutes without having an accident? It should be very easy for any BIG girl. Yeah, sounds easy!

Girl diaper story

She took the bottle off the top, filling it with a solution from a sink in the corner. Do I have to help you do it? It felt kind of like a parent was talking to her as she Girl diaper story the panties around her ankles, setting her skirt up Girl diaper story little. She looked around the classroom. It was empty and the wanderer home was mostly quiet. Still it was embarrassing to be in a classroom like this with her butt on display. At the end of the hose was a bulb. She had a general idea. She knew you took water up…inside… you. I mean, is there some other test? This is a common medical procedure.

Shannon tensed up her shoulders. Instinctively, at first, her body seemed to reject the intruder, tensing up to try to disallow it. This way, I know for sure you'll need to go potty and we can properly assess you, " she said pressing a little more firmly until the bulb started to press in. Now as I said, this will feel a little weird. I've got a full bottle. Relax and we'll be ready for the test in under two minutes," she said as she slowly opened the valve, and a rush of warm water went down the hose.

Shannon tensed up as the water rushed in. Shannon was starting to feel very full. Nerissa tapped the bottle as it emptied the last of the way out. She put her hand back on the girl's shoulder and started to gently remove the hose. Ten minutes, and if you're panties are still completely clean we pronounce you a big girl and you get to stay upstairs on the top floor. She went a bit slower, trying not to strain herself, hobbling over to the potty. Taking her seat, her eyes shot to the clock.

Determined as she was, part of her KNEW she couldn't make all ten minutes. Nerissa pulled a pocket watch out and started the timer with a click. Show me you're a big girl," she said as she took a seat on one of the smaller sized desks. After a minute or two, Shannon reached down and latched her hands on the potty, tensing up. She let out a small, distressed whine.

Girl diaper story

After another minute, and not long before the halfway mark, Shannon let something slip--just a tiny bit of water. It dripped noisily into the potty. Nerissa stopped looking at her watch when she heard it. At first it was just water, soaking through her panties and going into the potty, but then it was much more then water as everything in her piled up in her panties.

Shannon sat with one of her arms curled around her stomach, and another around her mouth, stifling a small gasped "Noooooo. Do you know what type of people can't even pass a simple test? Shannon hung her head.

Girl diaper story

Her ruined pantied bottom pointed out. The amazon pulled down the panties and started trying to clean her up with wipes. Are you saying you intentionally failed then? This is a crazy test! You have to believe me! She whimpered at being cleaned. Because you had an accident in our classroom, and failed your placement test, I'm going to put you back in diapers. You're certainly not going to be the only little around here in diapers. From Girl diaper story on though, when you have to go to the bathroom, I want you to come find me or any of the other adults here and we'll help you get out of the diaper to go potty We'll keep that up for a week.

That should be enough proof I think Well, you may find yourself in diapers quite a bit longer. Especially dirty panties around her ankles She took Shannon by the hand and led her toward the changing table at the back of the room. She gave the padded surface a pat. That was the last one!

She crawled up, laying out on the padding. Since I'm just on probation, can it be a thin one? It was a disposable, the same kind you could get at convenience stores.

Girl diaper story

She got Girl diaper story bottle of powder to Girl diaper story with it. Without warning, she took the girl by the ankles like she really wasn't anything more than a baby and pulled her bottom up off the table, sliding the unfolded diaper under her before setting her back down and starting to powder her. Shannon fidgeted a bit, not used to the sensations. I'm not a baby She gave the now diapered little a pat on the front of her diaper before helping her off the table.

She tried to hold back a giggle, as the girl's skirt didn't seem to come down far enough to hide what she was wearing. This was how all littles needed to be really. Diapered toddlers. Each one had an awkward waddle to it as her legs were pushed apart. It never quite worked though--every step was as infantile as the last. I'm sorry to say that after failing that test you need to earn our trust," she said, covering her mouth with her hand to hide the bemused expression on her face as she watched the girl toddle about the room.

She had no doubt, with a little help from a special teacher like herself, she'd get this girl to need diapers for a rather long time. No problem! That's just a few seconds extra--and I'm not a baby so I can wait it! Shannon was about the most plucky wanderer that Nerissa had ever seen. Usually girls screamed their he off. Stopping after a waddled lap around the room, Shannon poked at her diaper.

What are the thick ones like? Those are for heavy night time bedwetters and littles who are such babies that there's really no hope in potty training them," she said. Shannon gulped. But since you're here, um, yeah I need to go!

Girl diaper story Girl diaper story

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