Giantess feet worship story

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A dark palace where sexy, evil women satisfy their capricious, wickedest whims. Being 22 years old and ravishingly beautiful, she was fond of using her looks to attract and enslave men all the more easily. On top of all that, she was a sorceress. She cooked up spells, turned men into frogs and, generally speaking, if she didn't like your face, you'd be just shrank and disposed of. That simple. She had a high school nickname she liked to use: Madame Circe.

They were reading the Odyssey and she simply fell in love with Circe. How could she not admire such a strong, self-assured, evil woman? For some months, all she talked about was Circe. She daydreamed that Ulysses wouldn't have escaped her, and she relived it all in her head, with all the things she would have done differently. Inevitably, people nicknamed her Circe and, mockingly, Madame Circe. She didn't mind. In fact, she loved it. She incorporated it into her life.

But she didn't forget its malicious intent and, soon afterwards, the girl who had coined the nickname mysteriously vanished. By the way, lots of people vanished from that high school during that period. Those disappearances have never been explained. The worst part was not that Madame Circe was evil. If you stop and think about it, we are all evil - at some moments and from some point of view. Washington was a great guy, but for the Brits he was a terrorist and a murderer. An otherwise nice person spre out a rumor or says a nasty word here or there, but that doesn't make him evil.

Yes, the worst part about Madame Circe was not being evil, but being consistently evil. Worse yet, her awareness of her evilness and the pleasure she derided from it. Giantess feet worship story Circe knew she was evil and loved it. That's who she wanted to be, that's how she saw herself: an evil sorceress. The consequence of that is obvious: not only was Madame Circe constantly practicing this so-called "quality" of hers she was so proud to have but she was also forever trying to outdone herself in terms of wickedness.

There are many stories of Madame Circe. I'll try to tell all of them in the time I have left. My own personal story doesn't belong here, but she captured me once, allured me with her sexy evilness and enslaved me with her flawless body, and now I'm done for.

She kept me as a foot slave, servicing her in the lowest form possible, and she would have wickedly disposed of me long ago if she had not read some of my earlier stories. I was saved by her whim to have her perverse deeds chronicled - same as I know, in the near future, I'll be doomed by another one of her unpredictable whims. But I enjoy my life. Even though she despises me and will eventually be my murderess, I love her passionately, sweetly, deeply. I can't help it. To live in her house as her personal foot slave is an honor, and to be able to lick the funky toejam from between her sexy toes is a privilege such as I had never aspired to.

I can only hope she won't tire of me soon enough: there are many stories to write and I'll never tire of licking her soles. It all started with the neighbor's boys. Unfortunately, their backyard was connected to my mistress' house, where she was peacefully trying to read a book, while I was licking her soles, as usual. She kicked me on the nose to tell me to stop and walked to the window to see what the heck was going on.

The boys were already exchanging blows. Madame Circe was fascinated by it: she loves random, senseless violence. But soon her train of thought moved on to more dangerous stations. And who cares? Shouldn't there be a more sensible reason for the kids to be fighting like that? A reason Giantess feet worship story, shall we say Wouldn't it be cool to have men fighting over me? Wouldn't it be even more wicked to have those little boys fighting over me?

Giantess feet worship story

And wouldn't it be supremely, deliciously evil to make those little boys fight to the death over me? Madame Circe always liked to have me sucking her digits while she concocted her evil schemes. She said it inspired her, and I was very proud of that.

Giantess feet worship story

I moved her couch next to the window, so she could sit on it and still observe the boys. Didn't I vaporize that boy who was staring at my boobs last week? Those are innocent little kids! Of course, how come I never thought of it. It's even crueler to destroy little kids, not even old enough to feel desire Thanks for reminding me why I still keep you But she craved for more extreme pleasures: "Hello.

What are your names? I'm Madame Circe, but you can call me Circe. Very soon, she had learned they were brothers, Paul and Eric, that they were nine and ten years old, and that they went to the same middle school she had gone to. Not that she would give up making them kill each other for her amusement, but now she would definitely root for Eric. A little boy who already wants to be a father! What do you want to be when you grow up?

Giantess feet worship story

You're both very remarkable little boys! Such thoughts made her all warm inside, she loved herself more when she was this evil. That's no reason to fight! You know what's the one thing boys should ever fight about? She watched them with playful amusement and then gave the answer to the riddle: "Girls, silly! Giantess feet worship story me. While she talked, her magic was having the desired effect in their hearts and minds, sapping their wills, numbing their brains, turning them into mindless drones for her to play with. Would you like the opportunity to lick between my toes? It's already a given that little boys have no restraint and they were too far gone to even fake it.

At the slightest mention of licking her toes, they tried to grab her feet right then and there, but she kicked them on their cute little faces: "No, no, not now, but it's good to see you're so eager Let me tell you what we are going to do. You'll fight for me. The boys were completely under her evil power now. They were doomed by the love they felt for her. Just one. And then I'll squish him with that same foot, allowing him the ultimate honor of being a part of my foot.

You understand, of course, you'll both die, but it is for a higher purpose: my amusement. Fight bravely for me, my little knights. Meanwhile, Madame Circe left the window and came back to the couch, so I could licking her feet. Aren't you glad I didn't make you kill anyone to be my foot slave? And I'm kicking myself for the lost opportunity! But lick away now, I love to have a man at my feet while I watch the of my evil machinations. Soon, her hand, almost unconsciously, slipped under her skirt and she began lightly stroking herself.

I tried to follow that rhythm with my licking, to maximize her enjoyment, and I think I succeeded. The tempo of her wiggling toes inside my mouth soon followed the tempo of her hand inside her.

Giantess feet worship story

Oh, there's nothing I'd have wanted more than to make love to her, but I know that's a futile dream! But soon Madame Circe climaxed, in orgasmic jolts, moaning and crying, deliciously wicked. And now what? This is taking forever! They don't know what kills a person and what doesn't.

They are used only to exchanging blows. I can place some mental commands like 'Use that stone' or 'Go for the neck', etc. Thanks for the idea, slave! You have a devious mind, too bad I'll have to kill you soon But, actually, I was about to make a different suggestion. Since Your Evilness has already climaxed, has already had your Giantess feet worship story pleasure, there's no need for this to go on.

You can release the little boys and have them forget it all. Are you insane? Do you want me to go soft? Don't you love me for my evilness and cruelty? Would you want me to be nice and merciful? Would it please you to lick the soles of a nice girl? Tell me. She knew I loved her wickedness. I love you the way you are. But the little boys- "I orgasmed thinking about their deaths. What made me come was to think they would never race, go to space or have kids, all because of my cruel whims.

I climaxed seeing two little boys fighting to death for the dubious, pathetic honor of licking my feet. That's what turned me on. If I let them go now, well, you can say my orgasm was a lie. That I climaxed for nothing. That it was all in vain. Would you want that? I shook my head. I have a reputation to protect. Meanwhile, I had a regal view of her royal ass, so sexy, so round and firm. That would make me very happy They both jumped at the rock, but Paul was faster. C'mon over, slave! Paul was over Eric, holding his body down with his own weight and hammering him with the rock.

Oh boy! Awww, step on his neck, yes, do it He took a step back, jumped and landed with all this puny weight on his brother's neck.

Giantess feet worship story

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