Gengar x reader

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Toggle Novel Online. I want her to open up, but she keeps locking herself away. Everyone in your neighborhood had decided to go out this year with their costumes and decorations. Oh how bad you dreaded over the thought of that. It was funny to see everyone else getting scared.

Yet it wasn't fun when you were the one getting scared. This year, it wasn't a choice of not going, as you were forced by your friends to go. The costume your friend forced you to wear this year? The good treats are waiting for us! You adjusted the last part on the costume before walking downstairs. Your friend dressed as a Squirtle grabbed your wrist and started dragging you out of your house.

Going on about how they found the houses with the good treats and bad Gengar x reader. Oh how this was going to be the night of your life. The first house your friends went to was a huge house, with detailed decorations all around it. Smoke all around the year, and it seemed people were hiding in it.

People were screaming and shadows could be seen within the smoke, which sent shivers up your spine. You know I hate it when I have to do this. I'll laugh at you being scared. Though, something caught your attention. You turn your heard towards a group of people walking down the sidewalk on the opposite side from you, carrying something you couldn't make out.

Which you assumed was a bag for their treats, but they walked by every house until the party house. Stay right Gengar x reader and don't move. You watched your friends have a laugh as people popped up and tried to scare them, yet failed. Though, some of them did fall on their face and stilled laughed. Yet, the laughter was cut off when a gunshot pierced through the night. Screams followed, and the people in the yard along with your friends scurried into the house.

Gengar x reader

You heard your friends calling for you as the people were rushing them into the house for safety. Turning to where the gunshot was sounded, you saw people rushing out of the house. The party house to be exact. More shots fired, and they sounded close. The only thing for you to do was run, and to get away from the people. If you made your way to the house your friends would be in, you would barely make it.

If you ran, a better chance of surviving would be likely. Taking off from where you were, you heard your name being called by your friends but you just ignored it. People ran past you, yet two people ran by you at incredible speed. Stopping for a breather, a hand grabbed onto your arm, pulling with a hard force to the side. You didn't even have time to react as you were pushed into a house, as more gunshots pierced through the terrified atmosphere. Regaining your balance was the first thing you did, and turning around to thank someone, who wasn't there. Once you sat down, something appeared beside you, which in reaction caused you to jump.

Which only caused the person to chuckle. I knew when I saw those group of guys they were Gengar x reader, yet everyone greeted them normally. I just hope everyone's alright Hold up. You're just gonna talk casually as if nothing happened as you almost scared the living life out of me? Are you the one who saved me from being outside in the lands?

Gengar x reader

But I guess it's alright, you didn't try leaving or scream out, so Yet from what you could see of his face, he held a blank expression. What a stupid idea. Gengar x reader don't I've ever met a population like humans that. Besides, you're one yourself so why diss your own kind? I'm not a human, well, not fully at least. Guess not, but you don't seem bad. You were about to respond to him, but he vanished again. A wave of fear and worry washed over you when he said that.

Yet, how did he know your name? You shook your head, that was the least of your worries. I was wondering why they went to your house this evening and dragged you along. Even asking that question about if those guys were at the party.

You were supposed to have gone there, but your 'friend' wanted sweets more than your life then. Bringing your hands up to your face, tears started to loosely fall. A mutter here and there was heard before you felt the guy pick you up, tossing him over your shoulder.

Maybe it's a good thing I found you. Once my brothers get back, we're leaving.

Gengar x reader

You can't just take Gengar x reader, and besides I don't know your name, nor you! Always getting your Gengar as soon as you could. Always wishing you wish it was real, as well as your friend. My imaginary friend when I was younger was my Gengar this whole entire time Too much was being thrown at you to be understood. Two boys entered the house and slammed the door behind them. This must be his brothers They were heading straight for a wall, and right when you were about to tell them to stop, they walked right through it.

More gunshots were being fired outside, this time closer. Let's go love. He didn't say anything and plunged through the wall. All you were waiting for was to hit the wall and fall back, to be caught and killed. Yet, you were wrong, oh so wrong. But how!? I'll give you a hint though. Your meant to be in this world, alongside with me. You felt your cheeks heat up as you buried your face in his shoulder.

Gengar x reader

Err sorry, truly am. Don't fret, I hope to posting back to regular schedule. Part 2 or no? If not, I'll just continue on the other ones then. Byeeeeee c:.

Gengar x reader

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