Gender bender sex stories

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This story is pure fantasy of mine nothing else and its also an inspired story from my dream i had recently. To tell about me, i am 20 year old guy who is in gender confusion. Sometime i feel like a boy. But most of the time i feel and fantasize myself as girl. I am shy type person. I just adding my wishes to my dream so you guys can enjoy. The theme is when i woke up i am a girl….

Sun rose from the sea and the day started, the alarm banged as i woke up. My chest Gender bender sex stories little heavy and i am missing a morning hard on. When i stood up my hairs slipped down till half of my spine. I am feeling little dizzy.

I gasped when i saw myself in the mirror. There is no beard on my face, i have long hair, i have two perfect boobies, my cock is replaced by a pussy. I was shocked at first. But i was jumping in the air after some moments. Hey, i am a girl now. I quickly removed my t-shirt as it felt so tight. I searched my rack it was filled with girly dresses. I brushed and went to the bathroom and sat on the bath tub. Woah my skin is so soft. I touched my nipples, a jolt hit me when i did that.

Its very different from when i touch my chest as a boy. Very sensitive. I started to feel a tingly sensation in my stomach.

Gender bender sex stories

I slowly touched my clit and started rubbing it. It was the best feel. I took the pipe and sprayed chill water on my pussy. It made me to moan and gasp. I licked my own boobs by lifting it to my mouth. I cummed as i screamed in pleasure. Even i am a girl i have college, wtf many boys are waiting. I ran out of bathroom and wore a fit jean and blue shirt and wore a chain and did some makeup and ready to go to college. My door bell rang. It was none other than my close friend Justin. What if he found me.

He smiled when he saw me and said, you are late as usual Deepa. I was staring at him. I sat on his bike and he started to ride it. He was making some crazy brakes and i am hitting his back. But he seems to enjoy it. But no use. I started to get used to it. We reached college in an hour. I started walking towards my class as many boys are staring at me. Gender bender sex stories like that feel. One guy came and spoke to me and asked about my department and Justin accompanied me to the class.

I went and sat in my place which is for boys in usual manner. Some boys saw me in a weird look then i realised and sat beside the hottest girl in our class Seline. But compared to me she is not so hot. She was placing her hand on my thigh i was feeling awkward however class got over. I was in a urge to pee. I alled Justin to wait in parking and went to restroom. I went and did my thing and when i came Seline was there. She asked me to help her to zip her top. I did that. Then she asked about the relation between me and Justin. I just said that we are good friends.

She warned me not to get more closer with him. She also said that she observed Justin have feelings for me. It was a big surprise for me. I had some different feeling in my crotch. I just smiled and came back to parking lot. Justin started the bike.

I was thinking about him. He is a good person, loving, caring and i know him for some years. Then why not love him if he loves me. I lied on his back with my chest Gender bender sex stories. He asked what happened. He raised his speed a lot. Ha ha. My nipples are already hard. I decided to lose my virginity today. I asked him to come to my home. He is the one helping me financially. He is somewhat rich and i am just a normal. I just wanted to know whether he loves me or not.

Gender bender sex stories

I think she loves you. I am already in love with one girl. I kissed his lips with overwhelming joy. He too responded. He turned me and pinned me on the bed and kissed hard on my lips from there he went to forehead and cheeks. He held my hips and started lifting my top. He said yes! Patting my head. I lifted my hand and closed my eyes acknowledging the thing gonna happen.

Gender bender sex stories

He lifted my top and pressed my boobs over the bra. I am still closing the eyes and breathing heavily. He removed his shirt and jeans of both of us. I was wearing a blue panty. His eyes fixed on that. I went down and spread my legs a little. I held the bed tight. He kissed my pussy over the panty. I was licking my own lips. My juices started flowing. He removed my panty and started licking my clit.

Gender bender sex stories

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Gender Bender Stories