Gay truckstop stories

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Disclaimer: This is a Gay truckstop stories story about a truck stop for the most part, some part at the start of the story is true. Anyone with hard and willing cock will do really. But if the cock belongs to mature men, say aged 40 and upwards, then it really gets my ass-pussy gaping in excitement.

I usually avoid public encounters. But then he shared the pic of his nice thick cock, and I was getting interested. He mentioned that he had an Innova with shaded windows. He knew a nice spot where we can get comfortable enough in the car to have a fuck. Plus, he wanted me to wear lingerie underneath, which was an enticing opportunity to pass. I agreed, and he picked me up from the decided spot. As we got closer to the city limit, I decided to get started and put my hand in his pants.

He liked the idea. I could sense him getting harder by seconds as I took his fleshy meat out and started stroking slowly. After driving a few kilometers on the highway, we got off on the service road. A little after the petrol pump, he turned into a small compound-like area that looked like a truck stop.

It seemed pretty much deserted, as the truckers must be off to eat or drink, or asleep. He parked a few meters away behind a truck that looked empty. As he parked, he moved his seat fully back. He was quite horny already. He grabbed my head firm and started to shoot his thick load in my mouth.

I sucked hard and kept on till it was too much for him, and he let go. I rolled the window down and spit out the cum. He was quite happy, and Gay truckstop stories cock was getting flaccid. I knew what I had to do. So I took off my t-shirt and revealed my freshly shaved chest and a white bra holding my tiny moobs. As he hungrily looked at my body, I took my pants off. He could see my big fleshy butt stretching the white panties. I was already hard. My precum was making a nice wet spot on the front of my white panties.

I popped my cock out and started slowly stroking while caressing my nipple with one hand in the bra. He started stroking his cock again to get it hard. But after a couple of minutes, he was still not getting hard. He asked if I wanted to step out so he can play with my body properly. But the place looked empty, and we were well hidden behind the truck, so I agreed. I got out and went around the car towards his side. The cabin light in the truck, we were parked next to, turned on.

We heard someone opening the cabin door. I panicked and froze for a minute. But this guy got really scared. Before I could realize or move, he hastily turned on his car, threw my clothes out of the window, and started driving. He turned around the truck and disappeared. I gathered my senses and quickly picked up my clothes. I decided to run and hide somewhere to put them on. I went behind the same truck and tried to peek to see if anyone was coming.

Gay truckstop stories

Just then, someone grabbed my shoulder from behind. He appeared to be a truck driver from his attire. I was shocked and scared as he turned me to face him. As I turned, even he seemed surprised to see a guy wearing lingerie in the open like this. A couple of seconds went by in awkward silence. Kaun tha woh gadiwala? Aur ye kaun…. Who was in the car? He stopped as soon as he saw me in lingerie from behind. The surprised face of the truck driver had now changed into a smile.

I could feel the Gay truckstop stories driver getting closer to me from behind. I could smell the alcohol on his breath. My heart was beating really fast, and a thousand thoughts were running through my head. I knew I was in a pickle if I say no. They might beat me, or worse, hand me to cops. But then I thought, I came out today to have fun, why not make what I can of the given situation? He seemed slightly taken aback. Then he grinned and relaxed his grip on my shoulder. I turned around and faced him.

Gay truckstop stories

He looked like a hardened mature man, probably around in his late 40s or early 50s, at hick mustache, greyish stubble, and receding hairline. He was wearing a Gay truckstop stories shirt with top buttons open. I could see his hairy, manly chest. He was wearing a lungi underneath and probably no underwear.

I could make out his semi-erect cock trying to make a tent. As he saw me noticing his bulge, he opened his lungi and dropped it. As he started unbuttoning his shirt, I dropped my clothes and let him have a full view of my body. It seemed to do the intended effect as his thick rod started growing. He was nicely packing, at least 6. His purple head was starting to peek out of the foreskin as he was getting harder. He came near me and grabbed me and planted his lips on mine.

I could taste the alcohol on his mouth and the musky scent of sweat from his body. Somehow it was all very intoxicating and arousing. Being in the open like this in the moonlit night, wearing lingerie and between a couple of strangers. Manly, dirty, hard strangers, hungry for my body. Soon he broke the kiss, and his salivating mouth went down on my boobs.

He hastily pushed my bra down and started sucking on my nipples like a hungry. I was getting lightheaded with the sensation and started moaning. I put my one hand on his head, pressing him on my moobs as he continued to suckle. I grabbed his now fully hard cock with my other hand. It was rock hard, with the head popping fully out of the foreskin and oozing out a lot of precum. I could feel the sticky, wet precum in my hand. I rubbed it back on the cockhead and started stroking him slowly.

Meanwhile, Chintu had come back with another guy, Jitu, and they were looking hungrily at the show. Chintu was clearly the youngest, probably just about 30 or less. Jitu looked to be about similar age as the driver, maybe a few years younger in the mids. They both watched their boss enjoying my body butt naked.

They both grabbed their Gay truckstop stories cocks underneath their shorts and started rubbing themselves. I decided to get them naked. I pulled the driver off my nipples and turned him on the side. I got on my knees and took his rock hard cock and licked him from the bottom to top.

Gay truckstop stories

I took all his dripping precum on my tongue. As I slowly started sucking his head, I looked at Chintu and Jitu. Both of them were looking at me hungrily and as if caught in a trance. I turned my gaze on their cocks and aled them. Both of them hurriedly dropped their pants and unleashed their hard cocks. Jitu was about 5. Both of them came near me, and like a hungry slut I started taking turns sucking them off one by one. All of them were enjoying my horny mouth and moaning.

I continued tasting their musky unwashed cocks with some flavor of salty piss still on them. I got up from my sleep and jumped in action. He was a bit startled, but I could feel he was really on the brink. I slowly stroked his cock again as I continued sucking the driver. He understood and let off a big Gay truckstop stories of warm piss on my face.

I again turned toward Jitu and opened my mouth to receive his golden shower. It was really very strong, salty, and warm and smelled like heaven. He drenched my face with his manly piss.

Gay truckstop stories

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