Gay sissy slave stories

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A collection of sissy humiliation stories I've read and liked, with strong emphasis on dominant males and submissive boys or sissies. As of this moment, in fact, you are not to consider yourself a man. Do not make me ask again. With a gulp and creeping wave of fear attacking his stomach, Don rang the door bell.

A pause. A small bush in the garden rustled. After forever, the door creaked open. I appreciate that in people.

Gay sissy slave stories

In all fairness, Don had no choice to go. Dave had approached him right before closing and slipped him a manila envelope. Or this gets out. Lock-up or they get sent out immediately! Curious, Don dumped the contents of the parcel onto a nearby counter. It was stills of him with the register open, looking suspiciously at the door. The next few showed him stuffing his pockets with cash. Don was shocked. He quickly looked up to the spot where the camera had been positioned in order to take these shots.

Sure enough there was a compact one in the corner of the store, fixing itself stoically onto the now terrified Don. How was this possible? He had been sure there was no camera watching him, it was only a run-down mom-and-pop store!

Gay sissy slave stories

He looked down again. Shaking his head in fear and stowing the photos back into the envelope, he frantically left the shop, just barely remembering to lock up. He had gotten here by taxi. He spoke with a sort of regal, sophisticated air that belied his status as a small shop owner, and was always impeccably dressed. Don, on the other hand, showed up in the uniform of a freshman undergraduate: jeans and t-shirt, his only nice item the sneakers on his feet.

I am going to Gay sissy slave stories come out and say it, Don. This is what we are going to do: you are going to become my slave. My real, honest-to-goodness, no limits slave. My first rule is that you always, in every sentence you say, call me Master. Can you do that?

I can send this out right now. Take a minute and think of something nice. This… slave promises to devote… itself to your pleasure, to always obey you…. Your first asment is to memorize that Pledge. Now what do you say? Now we are going to address what your slavery to me will entail. You may rise and sit on the couch.

He was in a haze, almost like a dream state. He was glad to turn his back and cover his reddening face momentarily. Nobody gives him orders on where to sit! You can tell me that whenever you desire, and no harm will be done to you… at least physically. Because if you do take that route, I WILL send out those pictures within five minutes of you gaining your freedom. Are we clear on that? Secondly, when I say you will be used in any way I wish, I mean it.

You may be working on my behalf. You will be cleaning my house, cooking my dinners, and acting as my general servant. But most of all, Don, you will be my sex slave. A lump started advancing its way up his throat and his body pushed back, swallowing in an attempt to force it into his stomach. How was such a vile and revolting thing possible? Or to be more precise, bi-sexual. You will remain perfectly straight. There just may be some… modifications… to make that possible. Like I said, you are female, and from this point forward I expect you to act like a female.

Now do you see, slave? You will remain straight after all! Who is your owner, girl? Now, first things first. If and when you decide to become my official girlfriend it will be removed as a gift to my future baby doll. Very good. Do you know anybody in this room whose name is Don?

Dave nodded. I will let you ask a few questions before Gay sissy slave stories begin, however.

Gay sissy slave stories

Do you have any, slave? Of course, if you decide to break away there are consequences to that decision. You know that. These will cover everything from walking, talking, dressing… the list goes on and on. If I feel you are slacking in serving me I do have the right to have you drop out. I will also ensure you are keeping atop your studies, however. If you get anything less than a certain mark you will be punished.

How will… umm, how will things be with vacations? I do have to go home over break. Before and after the breaks, however, I will expect a renewed amount of fervor in serving your owner, and I may as you tasks over break to keep you focused on me and your new role in life. Speaking of which, slave, what is your gender?

Being enthusiastic IS mentioned in your Pledge, and I will not tolerate anything below a simple and blissful contentment. Remind me, what is your Pledge again? I expect it to be down-pat by tomorrow evening. Also, every time you repeat your Pledge I want you to kneel and kiss my feet at the end, just for future reference. Umm, you said I- this slave- would be cleaning your apartment? How is this slave going to get over here?

You will be moving in with me, in this house. This is your home now. Besides, as my property she belongs in my house. So yes, Natalieslut, this is your new home. I do not want to hear any objections. Do you have any more questions? You made a solemn promise to devote yourself to me, your new owner and Master, and I intend to hold you to it.

If you constantly seek to be pleasing, you will be rewarded. If you fail, especially in reluctance or loathing, you will be punished severely. You are my slavegirl, now, Natalieslut. The entirety of my command over you begins now. Any hesitation and you will be given your first punishment. Gay sissy slave stories, and with some hesitation, she removed her boxers.

Gay sissy slave stories

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