Gay fantasy rape stories

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Gay fantasy rape stories

I can remember everything from before the incident, and I can remember everything that happened during. But how I got where I was I do not know!! I remember it all happened last year. Me my siblings and parents when to Blake and Tess's house for a Friday party and usually, Fridays at their house would be our movie night but the whole family attended this party, and a lot of people I've never met before, mostly adults and a few.

The house was packed when we got there but me and my siblings were told to go play and leave the adults to drink and play games but I didn't care I really didn't wanna watch them play drunk Pictionary anyway, so we all went into the den to play on the Xbox. When I went down, I seen there were already kids playing on it so I just sat on the couch and watched them play or whatever you would call what they were doing, I called it sucking at Xbox. After an hour went by of just watching and sitting, I got up and snuck upstairs to get some soda.

When I got to the kitchen I saw all kinds of drinks sitting on the counter ready to drink but I knew they were all adult drinks so I didn't dare mess with those and grabbed my soda from the counter and sat down and drank it. A couple of women came thru and grabbed a drink and I noticed when Gay fantasy rape stories turned around, they had umbrellas in the glass and sugar on the rim of the glass, honestly looked like juice so I decided I was going to try it but I had to get it when no one was looking or id be in trouble for sure.

As soon as the kitchen swinging door stopped moving, I grabbed the drink and went into the den as fast as I could without spilling any, and I went down the hall into the back bedroom and shut the door. At first, I licked the rim to see if it was really sugar or salt but to my surprise it was sugar and I smelled it as well.

It smelled like fruit juice so I drank it all in one quick drink and took me four gulps to get it all down! It wasn't bad but did not taste as good as I was expecting and it burned my throat as it went down. I threw the glass under the bed and got up to walk out of the room but I felt so weird like Gay fantasy rape stories legs were jello!

I sat back down and my eyes got blurry and soon I felt like I couldn't think straight so I laid down for a minute and that is all I can remember. I Don't know if I fell asleep or somehow passed out but when I woke up I tried opening my eyes but it was so dark like my eyes were still closed and then I noticed I was tied down to the bed but something was different like I had plastic underneath me.

Gay fantasy rape stories

You die!. We saw you laying here passed out and tied you up. Now we were just going to go thru and take everything but now we decided we wanna fuck you and your going to do as we say or else you'll never leave this room! One of them had a black ski mask on, leather gloves, and wore all black. The other one had a black ski mask on blue jeans, leather gloves, and a black shirt.

Gay fantasy rape stories

I looked over and my hands were Gay fantasy rape stories with rope and ankles the same. The guy on top of me straddled my chest and leaned forward and pushed his crotch into my face and I turned my head. And by the end your not going to be a boy, your going to be our little girl! The other guy started laughing and grabbed my hand and pushed it into his crotch and I closed my hand around it and began playing with his entire package thru his briefs.

I felt the guy on my side pull his briefs down and place his cock in my hand so I started stoking it feeling it get hard in my hand with each pump. The guy on top of me pulled back away from my face and pulled the front of his briefs down under his balls and I saw he had a fat, engorged at least 9-inch cock and he was already oozing out precum. I was still looking up at him and him down at me, both of us watching his big cock Peirce in my mouth.

He let go of my hair still fucking my mouth and took his shirt off, his chest was hairy but he had ripped abs and they were flexing as he was violating my mouth. I side-eyed the other guy and he was watching him fuck my face as well while he used my hand like a pocket pussy. Choking me while he untied my left hand, at the same time the other guy untied my right hand still fucking my very cum covered hand. Once untied the guy on top pulled out of my mouth and stood up and my spit and his precum was dripping off his cock down onto my face and he turned around and squatted down and said you know what to do so I leaned forward and started sucking his asshole while I firmly wrapped my hand around his cock and started jacking him off.

I felt the other guy move my hand under his balls and position my fingers on his hole so I started rubbing it. I stuck my tongue inside the guy on top asshole and he sat down on my face pushing it deeper I was barely able to move it around cause he was so tight and after a few minutes he got up and I let go of his cock and he got off the bed. I turned towards the guy on my right hand and I grabbed his cock with one hand and finger fucked his hole while I sucked his cock.

I was now on my stomach and I knew what was next. The guy behind me was now as deep as he could be inside my tight little hole with his tongue, he was tongue fucking my hole as my dangling balls were hitting off his ski mask-covered chin. The guy in front of me let me get some air and as I gasped for air and inhaled real deep I felt the guy behind me pull his tongue out and then with one motion shoved his big ass cock inside me and I went back down from the shock and the guy in front took full advantage and shoved his cock back inside my moaning mouth.

The guy behind me Gay fantasy rape stories a nice rhythm going slapping his balls off my ass as he fucked his entire throbbing cock into my asshole and with each slap I was jolting forward and pushing my throat all the way down on the other guys cock. Now I had the 9-inch cock in my mouth and the 8-inch fat cock in my ass drilling into my stomach with each thrust. He was shaking from the orgasm and I wasn't even swallowing it cause it was going straight down my throat. The guy behind me had to be close cause I started shooting my cum all over the bed and my orgasm caused him to cum.

And I could feel his thick cock jerk while it was releasing his full load inside my ass.

Gay fantasy rape stories

You helped out a lot tho cause you stole that drink. The drink had drugs in it cause I knew you were going to steal it so I turned my back to you and dropped them in. When I saw you grab it and go to the den, well the rest was up to them. I just had on request, that they fill you up with cum and piss so you get all the adult drinks you can handle! I jumped up and grabbed my pants and got dressed and went to the bathroom and emptied out my ass from all the cum and piss and the rest of the party I tried to see what two guys it was that had just fucked me and made me drink their piss, but to this day I still don't know.

Anyone into fantasy of boys being snuffed Hey you wanna see my ass? Cumm over Here Hello all this is a true story of me n my best friend the day started like any other day I got up out of bed did the morning routine got ready my best friend DW texted me to Gay fantasy rape stories what the plans had been for the day we had went did a few odd jobs to make few extra bucks to get beer n hard stuff for the evening.

The night went on we drank I didn't drink much of the hard stuff I had a plan in my head to let my best friend drink as much as he could, he was 3 quarters of the bottle done n I decided to light up a t of weed he wanted to part take in the t my plan was falling in to place his eyes started getting heavy then his head dropped once I heard him snoring I know it was time to make the move. DW is a heavy sleeper when passing out I had seen if he would happen to wake up tapping his shoulder his leg I had started rubbing his package from the outside of his jeans slowly unbuttoning the belt n jeans he had on when I had pulled his dick out from the underwear I kissed his tip I've licked the shaft slowly his cock was getting hard I had slid his head in my mouth the salty taste maid my mouth start watering I've always wanted to have his dick in my mouth n I had finally made Gay fantasy rape stories happen.

I was deepthrouting the whole shaft balls deep he was injoying every bit of it still passed out he started to trust his hips from the motion of my mouth going up n down on his dick i had decided to pull my dick out n used his hand to give myself a handjob the warmth from his hand made my dick nice n hard. I continued to suck his dick again and moved his hand to the back of my head just to see if things get kinky when his hand was holding my head it felt as if he woke up the grasping of my hair n pushing down on my head just about choked me out but I didn't stop sucking his 7" rock hard uncut thick cock I was just in love of every inch of his dick sliding in n out my mouth n down my throat n back out when DW started to breathe heavy n his cock start to throb I know what was going to happen but I kept sucking to the point he busted his nut in my mouth I had went shaft deep down the throat during injection of cum the taste of my best friends dick n cum in my mouth was heavily.

Gay fantasy rape stories

He is still my best friend to this day DW n he still has no idea that I had gave him head n wasn't the only time I had taken advantage of my bro when he passed out. I think it's been more then 20 times I sucked off my bro when he was passed out sleeping the only time I was able to suck his dick when I was trying to see if he would want the favor of getting sucked off when he was awake but He didn't take the offer.

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Gay fantasy rape stories

My story starts when I was 10 years old. I lived alone, in a tiny, dirty apartment with my mother. My father left before I was born. He and my mother were into the party lifestyle and one of their nights together, getting high on cocaine and esctacy, led to a night of fucking in the back alley of some bar, hence my start. He didn't Gay fantasy rape stories to stop having fun, so when my mother told him the news, he ran out the door and to some new woman to drug around with and have sex.

My mother went to rehab while carrying me and after my birth, got two jobs to keep me fed, clothed, and a roof over my head till I grew up to be a young boy, short for my age, a little over 4 feet, still had some slight baby fat on me, dishelved short red hair cut by my mother, and brown eyes. A few months short of my 10th birthday, she met a guy named Tony.

He had a boy of his own of 17, Bart. Genetics didn't give him his dad's height but did his thinnly figure. Bart always wore a hat that hid his shaved down blonde hair, and unlike his dad, he seemed to never smile. Tony would swoon my mother with sweet words, and take her out on the town to give her a rest from work and raising me when she had time off while leaving me under the watch of Bart.

Bart ignored me while waching me. A few times I asked him for something, I caught him stroking his cock. He always told me to fuck off unless I wanted to replace his hand. After my 10th birthday, my mother and Tony got married. After we moved in with them in their slightly bigger and slightly less shitty apartment, I soon discovered what awful things this father and son duo enjoyed doing. One night, I was at home with my new stepfather and stepbrother while my mother was at work. I was drawing some doodles on the floor while they were watching football on the television on the couch.

The game was close which got them rowdy, hollering when their team scored, and cursing when the opposing team got any points. A buzzer went off aling the end of the 2nd quarter. When the cheerleaders came out for the halftime show entertainment, they riled up even further. They pretended to be innocent angels, and when she was gone, they would show their real selves. Their loose shorts stretching out as their cocks got hard under their eager hands. Bart gripped the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down, letting his fully erect 7 inch cock spring free and started stroking himself.

Tony followed his son and grabbed his shorts and pulled them down to his ankles. He leaned back and let his 9 inch cock stand tall, the head glistening with precum. A nice warm mouth on my cock would be perfect. He quietly got Bart's attention and nodded towards me while I was distracting myself with my artwork.

The corners of Bart's mouth curled up in a new expression, a grin of pure Gay fantasy rape stories and hunger. He nodded back to his father in agreement to the solution of their throbbing cocks pleas.

Gay fantasy rape stories

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