Furry tf stories

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Hide Works-in-Progress. Include Tags. Exclude Tags. Rating PG. Minimum Score No minimum 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Direction Ascending Descending. Clear Filters Set Filters. Taking Back what is Owed by gabrielmoon. Rated X. Published: Sep 28th, Tags: golden retriever 0 male 0 urination 0 canine 0 self-suck 0 humiliation 0 dog 0 defecation 0 unwilling 0. Down on their luck, an elderly couple trades the most valuable thing they have in order for coin; their son's humanity! Ultimate Alien Zoo by gabrielmoon. Published: Sep 22nd, Tags: masturbation 0 Furry tf stories 0 alien 0 flight 0 insect 0 muscle growth 0 unwilling 0 mental 0.

Two men wake up as victims of kidnapping to start changing into aliens for a new zoo, which might be familiar to some readers Mommy Loves You by gabrielmoon. Published: Sep 20th, Tags: humiliation 0 canine 0 non consent 0 magic 0 feral 0 german shepard 0 unwilling 0 dog 0 second person 0 male 0. A young man loses his neighbor's dog, but thankfully for her, she has just the way to have him replaced. Poor Sap by magnificentanimal. Published: Sep 18th, Last Updated: Sep 18th, Tags: male to female 1 inanimate transformation 1 mind control 0 human to tree 0 permanent 0 transformation 0 unwilling change 0 magic 0 magical transformation 0 man into inanimate 0 tree 0 sex change 0 unwilling 0 forced change 0 man to woman 0 dryad 0 gender change 0 mtf 0 forced transformation 0.

A shortcut through two blocks of forest may not have given Jared a second thought - at least until he discovered a strangely erotic tree in the center. Rated X just in case, mostly for mature language and sexual themes.

Furry tf stories

Rated R. Published: Sep 14th, Tags: messy 0 first person 0 urination 0 unwilling 0 man to dog 0 dog 0. Just a short first-person story of me casually turning into a dog one day in the park. Open to comments and suggestions on this last part. Trust Misplaced by backdoorabbey Published: Sep 7th, Tags: soft mind break 0 donkey 0 woman to donkey 0 feral 0 mating 0 unwilling 0. A post graduate looking to make a life change seeks help in the wrong person.

That Shrinking Feeling by kayemarquet. Published: Aug 4th, Tags: unwilling 0 mousetf 0 reality change 0 mtf 0 unwilling change 0 magical 0 permanent 0 gender change 0 shrinking 0 mouse transformation 0 magical transformation 0.

Furry tf stories

A Patreon request story involving a brother and sister having an argument that le to some mean words said and quite a big life change for the brother. Lost Dog by backdoorabbey Published: Jul 30th, Tags: woman to dog 1 transformation 0 mating 0 unwilling 0. A young Samaritan gets rewards in an unusual way. The Wedding Gift lte by backdoorabbey Published: Jul 30th, Last Updated: Jul 30th, Tags: animal transformation 0 unwilling 0 breeeding 0 transformation 0 woman to horse 0 magic 0.

A bride to be unknowingly frees a dark sorceress who seals her fate. Running to a new life by backdoorabbey Tags: knocked up 1 impregnation 1 unwilling Furry tf stories equine 0 animal transformation 0 magic 0 transformation 0 donkey 0 mating 0 woman to donkey 0. A young woman on a run makes a life changing wrong turn. Heel, Boy! Tags: urination 0 canine 0 humiliation 0 self-suck 0 unwilling 0 german shepard 0 male 0.

A young man, taking advantage of a woman's absence to try and steal from her, discovers that she is both home and in need of a new protector Published: Jul 28th, Tags: unwilling 0 mental 0 messy 0 willing 0 mtgf 0 oviposition 0 mad scientist 0 regression 0 lion 0 defecation 0 day in the life 0 snake 0 heat 0 salmon 0 bison 0 ostrich 0 genetic manipulation 0 mating 0 feeding 0. In this Website exclusive, follow our protagonist as he navigates the daily grind of life as a mad scientist working in an office for transforming victims and sometimes employees into animals for their ongoing experiments.

April and Veronica Part 1 by Bobobop.

Furry tf stories

Published: Jun 28th, Tags: cock growth 2 cow 1 forced transformation 1 forced change 1 anthro cow 1 ftm 1 female to male 1 unwilling change 0 female into donkey 0 donkey transformation 0 stays female 0 woman to anthro cow 0 unwilling 0 woman to donkey 0 female into cow 0 donkey penis 0. Two women discover a new bar, where they receive special drinks. Arriving back home and going through their regular schedule though, they realize, that things are slowly changing Aerosol Skunk Spray by gabrielmoon.

Published: Jun 22nd, Tags: male 0 skunk 0 anthro 0 spray 0 unwilling 0 feral 0 drug use 0 experiment 0 musk 0. A man, looking for his next fix of a new drug, is willing to try an experimental formula, not knowing the real experiment he was ing up for Corrupted Ambitions by kayemarquet. Published: Jun 18th, Last Updated: Jun 18th, Tags: man to deer Furry tf stories messy 0 woman to donkey 0 man to coyote 0 ftm 0 animal transformation 0 novel 0 humiliation 0 unwilling change 0 man to horse 0 demon 0 ctf 0 woman to horse 0 shrinking 0 gender transformation 0 woman to rat 0 mtf 0 magical transformation 0 man to donkey 0 woman to coyote 0 unwilling 0 gender change 0.

A full novel followup to 'Corrupted Desires', this story follows a group of investigators hired to look into the strange disappearance of Matt and Sarah from the first book. However the case to proves to be stranger and more dangerous than they would have thought when s Furry tf stories to a demonic cause for an entire town's troubles. The story is broken into ten parts and while reading the first in the series isn't required to enjoy this one, it will certainly add to it. A Jolt of Reality by gabrielmoon.

Published: May 27th, Tags: self-suck 1 pokemon 1 unwilling 0 male character 0 humiliation 0. A Trainer is kidnapped to be the newest Pokemon for Team Rocket's operations To Be King Preview Version by gabrielmoon. Published: May 25th, Tags: wolf 0 feral 0 unwilling 0 snake 0 mating 0 experiment 0 horse 0 lion 0 shark 0. Trapped as part of a zoo experiment, a pair of men must adapt to the reality that they are slowly turning into lions for the rest of their days, and their increasing sexual attraction to each other This is a preview version of a paid patreon story.

The Final Ritual by gabrielmoon. Published: May 23rd, Tags: male and female 0 magic 0 merger 0 unwilling 0 body horror 0 hydra 0. A group of school outcasts finds a spellbook to grant their desires, that grow more and more twisted the further they go Little job of Jiana 1 by yoloswaggy. Published: May 13th, Last Updated: May 13th, Tags: magical transformation 0 age regression 0 feral 0 goddess 0 dog 0 animal age regression 0 punishment 0 unwilling 0 transgender 0 animal transformation 0 magic 0 mental changes 0.

Jiana take sometime a job from human. But Jiana always has the last word. Tags: transgender 0 family 0 unwilling 0 animal transformation 0 goddess 0 regression to egg 0 mental changes 0 tftg 0 magic 0 bird transformation 0 feral 0 egg 0 woman into duck 0 ducktf 0 magical transformation 0. Jiana a goddess love to transform some human.

Furry tf stories

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