Furry inflation story

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Furry inflation story

Download Submission. File type : Text File. Though most everything was contained and the mess was minimal to his latex frame, the tiger knew one thing: the dumpster reeked to high heaven! It was going to take forever to get the odor off of his body. What had possessed him to pick such a hiding spot? The stench certainly wasn't worth it, and the black tiger continued to try to brush at his squeaky hide to try and Furry inflation story what debris was left.

Shadow would have gone to the nearest lake to clean himself off, but knowing Zee the wolf probably had a trap set up there waiting already. Instead, Shadow headed to the nearest building, which happened to be an auto-repair shop. Ducking inside carefully, he tried to find some place to conceal himself. The shop itself was dark, meaning that with his dark black hide, he wouldn't be seen easily. The tiger slipped around a few tools that had been left lying about and made his way towards the back. Maybe there was a large cabinet or something he could make use of for concealment.

Carefully, he used his sharp ears and decent night vision Furry inflation story he made his way forward, right up until he bumped into something large, and very heavy. The tiger rubbed at his leg as he backed up again, trying to see. It seemed that he had run into a dead-end within the shop, a small side-garage where a vehicle had been undergoing maintenance the last time the shop had been open. The hood was up, revealing the engine and all of the workings inside, and one of the tires had a pump attached to it that was being used to refill the empty wheels.

One of the windows was missing, probably being replaced after an accident had cracked or broken it. It was odd to see things left in such disarray though; usually, any professional business would have cleaned up their works in progress to be finished at a later time, or would have completed whatever project they were on.

Furry inflation story

Still, Shadow figured that it was just a case of a lazy worker or something, and shook his head. Work ethic seemed to be lacking lately! Shaking his head, the tiger leaned against the car and stretched his arms above Furry inflation story. The one downside to the game was that he was stuck waiting for long periods of time without knowing what was going on, and that quickly grew boring. Shadow's eyes slowly moved over to the tire pump, still attached to the wheel that it had been inflating.

With a thoughtful glance to his tummy, thinking it looked a bit flat; the tiger gave the pump another appraising glance. It wouldn't hurt to give himself a little bit of a fill-out, right? Then he stopped himself, shaking his head. After all, Zee could be anywhere in the city, and if he happened to find the tiger hidden in the auto shop, it was game over.

Taking the end of the hose, the balloonie tiger stuck it in his muzzle and clamped down on it, searching around for the switch to start up the air compressor. After a few moments he found a small valve, and turned it up slightly, hearing the hiss of air.

Furry inflation story

With a grin he felt his tummy starting to expand out as his body started to fill up lightly with air. His paws thickened just a bit, as well as his limbs, and his belly puffed out until it looked like had swallowed a watermelon. Feeling that was good enough to tide him over until he deflated a bit, Shadow grabbed the valve to turn it off with a smile.

That little bit hadn't hurt. At least, that was what he thought until he felt another furry paw close over his and turn the valve in the opposite direction. Shadow's eyes widened as a light flicked on, but one patch of black still remained even as the shadows were thrown away by the overhead lamp. A single black wolf stood at the tire pump, grinning widely behind his black sunglasses as he slowly turned the valve up higher and higher, increasing the airflow.

Soon the hissing sound grew louder and louder, almost like a snake but more artificial as the air continued to flow faster and faster. Shadow's eyes bulged as he immediately felt the air emptying out into his body. Quickly he tried to remove the pump, but the air came too fast for him to react. As his body started rapidly inflating, his fingers became too thick to bend properly and grab the hose. He tried to spit it out, but he couldn't quite maneuver his swelling muzzle to do so properly.

The tiger flailed, as if he was going to get away, but it was too late; he had been found, and he was now another one of Zee's 'victims' for the game. You're in the second half of the survivors, meaning that not only do you get inflated like the others, but you get a bit more size to you His limbs, though thickening, didn't gain any additional length and thus started to push up against his torso quickly. His paws became more comically rounded as Furry inflation story fingers puffed up to look like miniature tubes, unable to bend even in the slightest now.

All of his ts were locked up by the air filling up his body, and slowly the limbs were swallowed up as his middle continued to balloon outwards. He had already reached the size of the car behind him, and he was still growing just as rapidly; how big was Zee planning on making him?

Another wave of air caused the tiger to lose his balance, falling backwards as he stumbled. Shadow landed on his back, but at this point the only things discerning it from his front was the tail and his head facing the other direction. The rest of his torso was completely round, a literal sphere of air like a balloon being filled up to the brim and then some.

His muzzle pressed against his rounded torso, his cheeks bloated up to the size of basketballs and obscuring his view. The tiger's feet were far off of the ground right now, and he could see the roof of the garage looming close And then it was over. Shadow blinked as Zee turned the valve off, leaving the latex tiger to fill nearly the entire side-garage of the auto shop.

He could feel his back brushing against the ceiling ever so slightly, and one of his legs was pressed painlessly against the car that he had originally run into. He was swollen up hugely, unable to move in the least as he squeaked back and forth. His limbs were completely useless, unable to bend in any way, and his head was pressed against his swollen neck and round torso. He was literally a big ballooned sphere. Zee turned in the other direction of the tiger and smirked slightly.

Prev Main Gallery Download Next. An ironic inflation story. It is me Shadow being inflated at a gas station by an air tank. Have fun with this story. This was written by ZeeTheInflator and I did not write it at all. Furry inflation story had an idea though I will give the opportunity for one person to be in the story and inflate the tiger even more. I will be writing the sequel to Furry inflation story story using what has already been written. I will be posting a journal with more details. It is a Microsoft word file.

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Furry inflation story

Do you have or is it an earlier date? Reykreyth Local Fluffdrgn link. Neither is. Next time, try. There it is fixed. I figured Word doc because it is much more organized and easier to read.

Furry inflation story

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Furry inflation story

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