Full leg cast stories

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Wendy Tomas' heart was racing. She was in the airport waiting for her husband Marty, an Army helicopter pilot who was returning for his mid tour leave from Korea. Wendy and Marty met almost ten years ago, while in college. He was an engineering student while she was studying to become a gym teacher. After college, they married and he ed the Army while she started teaching in high school. Wendy had suspected that Marty had a secret ever since their college days, but she had only confirmed it after he left for Korea.

When she decided to replace their computer with a new one, she found many pictures of women wearing leg casts buried deep in the files. After several weeks of trying to think of a surprise she could have for him during his thirty day leave, she finally decided to have a cast put on her leg. She would wear it for a couple of days, then have it removed before they went to spend a week alone together in a cabin she had rented in the woods about fifty miles from home.

She had started to implement her plan over a month ago.

Full leg cast stories

She knew she wanted to have a cast put on her leg, but she didn't know how to get it done. She though about claiming that her leg hurt but she figured out quickly that there would have to be some identifiable injury for that story to work, and she wasn't ready to hurt herself to get a cast. She even thought of calling around to several orthopedic Doctor's offices to ask if one of them would do it for her.

Full leg cast stories

She tried to develop a story, mostly true, to explain that she wanted the cast to surprise her husband for a party. She also thought about telling them she needed the cast as a prop for a little play she was in. Finally, she heard about Bill, one of her old students. Two weeks before Marty was due to arrive home, she rode the elevator to the third floor of the office building where Bill worked as a cast technician for an Orthopedic Surgeon.

She was planning to just look around and check out the area so she could walk in with more confidence when she got up the courage to go see him.

Full leg cast stories

Her heart was already racing as she rounded the corner of the hallway and came face to face with Bill. Her immediate reaction was to just smile and walk away, but she knew this would probably be the best chance she would have at asking for his help. She cleared her throat and said,"Hello Bill, how are you?

Can I help you? Uh, Bill," she smiled widely while her big blue eyes shined. She continued in a soft voice,"Well, uh, can I talk to you for a minute? A few minutes later Bill and Wendy were drinking coffee while they talked. Well Misses Tomas? Please Bill, it's Wendy. You graduated five years ago, so please, no more Misses Tomas.

Full leg cast stories

Wendy could feel her face becoming flushed. Bill, this is kind of embarrassing, but, uh, would you," she looked down at her feet before continuing,"uh, well Bill, would it be all right if you, uh, well, I want a? She swallowed her last words,"? Bill asked,"A cast on your leg?

Wendy looked up. She could feel her face being red hot. You see, he likes, gosh Bill, I am so embarrassed, I? Bill reached out and put his hand on hers. Wendy, listen, you shouldn't be embarrassed. You may not believe this, but, ever now and then I see a woman Full leg cast stories wants a leg cast for her husband.

Wendy responded. I have had women ask for me to make the cast a little longer than necessary, even over her knee and to the top of her leg when a below the knee cast was all that was necessary. I can even recall a couple of times when the husband or boyfriend would ask me in front of her to do it. Well, Marty will be coming home on Saturday afternoon in two weeks. I think it would be neat to get the cast the day before. That way it will be nice and dry and?

Why don't you come by about one in the afternoon? Wendy reached over and hugged Bill before saying, "Thank you. I will see you then. For the next two weeks Wendy agonized about her decision. Even though Bill had explained that she wasn't alone in her thoughts, she was worried that Marty might think it was a stupid idea. Then there was the question of exactly how much cast did she want. She thought about getting just a small cast on her foot and ankle, but maybe one to her knee would be better.

Should she use crutches or Full leg cast stories one of those shoe things so she could walk on the cast. Maybe, since she was going to embarrass herself by getting the cast, she should get one over her knee, or maybe she should go all the way and have the cast extend all the way from her toes to her hip. If she did that, there would be no question, she would have to use crutches. A week before time to get her cast, Wendy went to the store and bought a pair of crutches to practice with. For the next couple of days she used the crutches around the house.

Then she decided to really find out what life on crutches was like. She was going to the mall on crutches. In order to make her use of crutches look real, she put a sock on her right foot and made sure that she didn't put weight on it. While walking through the mall, she wasn't exactly sure why, but she noticed a little physical excitement as she became aware that several men and a couple of women stopped what they were doing and watched her walk by. She was sitting in the food court drinking a coke when a young woman who Wendy recognized as one of her students of a few years ago walked up.

She said,"Hello Misses Tomas, may I you? After they talked for a few minutes the young woman asked, "I see you are on crutches, what happened? Wendy hadn't thought about being asked a question like that. She quickly responded with the first thought she had. The woman giggled. I was just remembering how I turned my ankle and used crutches for a few days.

My boyfriend liked it so much, I continued to wrap my ankle in a bandage and use crutches for several days after my ankle was well. She asked with the most innocent voice she had, 'so, your boyfriend liked for you to use crutches? Her eyes glistened. Oh gosh yes!? He made love to me each time we met while I was on crutches. She looked around before leaning over closer to Wendy.

Full leg cast stories

She whispered, "You know, I? As a new crutch user, she found it necessary to rest frequently as she continued down the mall. She was sitting on a bench while thinking about the young woman's story when a man in his forties walked by. After the man walked by, he turned and walked back. Wendy, is that you? She quickly looked down at her foot and back to him while wondering what to say.

What happened," he asked while pointing at her sock covered right foot. She decided to use the same story she had already used on the young woman. The man continued,"Well, I remember when my wife broke her ankle. She was in a big cast for three months.

Full leg cast stories

Well, I have to say, it was a real experience for both of us. Watching her walk around on crutches with her leg in that cast was a real turn? The man's voice trailed off while his face became flushed. Uh, I need to go," he said while turning very quickly to leave. Wendy wanted to call him back to hear more but she decided to not embarrass herself or him anymore by asking. Wendy spent another hour in the mall while watching for people react to her. As she drove home she was beginning to make up her mind that she would be using crutches for her surprise to Marty.

Now, all she had to do was decide how much cast she was going to ask Bill to put on her leg. Wendy spent the remainder of the week on crutches. She even ventured to the grocery store on them. After one of the Full leg cast stories men in the store watched her trying to use her crutches while pushing the cart, he walked up to her and said,"Ma? Can I help you with your crutches while you are getting onto the scooter? She started to say no, but she was enjoying the attention so she decided to play along.

She followed the young man to the scooter.

Full leg cast stories

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