Flesh light stories

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It pulsates. And it does everything but make sandwiches. My wife swears by it and they have a special relationship that extends beyond the bedroom. This throbbing beast has been brought up consistently at dinner conversations since she purchased it… I believe she even told her mother about it, as if she was introducing her to her new boyfriend.

Men who do this sort of stuff have long been labeled as perverts and sexual deviants. Maybe men and sex toys do not go together because most men are seemingly easier to please. I have Flesh light stories used a sex toy on myself. Plus, in humble my opinion, nothing could really beat the time-honored tradition of good old fashioned jerking-off. I had heard about the Fleshlight forever. It was an early podcast sponsor and was the rage of the Adult Video Awards when I covered them for a TV show back in You can choose the between Jenna Haze model….

You are able to choose from a bevy of porn star clitoral replicas and adjust the suction level by twisting the back of the casing. It came with lube necessary to simulate female wetness and a cleaning cloth. This was a no-nonsense operation. I settled in one day after work before Flesh light stories wife and kids had come home from baseball practice.

I opened up my Fleshlight and examined it. My first touch of the thing was unsettling. I felt weird. I was fondling with an artificial body part. You know those weird people you see on TV who dig up corpses and have sex with them? For a second I wondered if I had stooped to their level. It had been 15 years since I had felt any sexual pleasure with anyone other than my wife. Throughout this blissful and pure rubber sexual adventure, I felt as giddy as a year-old learning how to unhook a bra strap in high school.

It was something new and exciting…. As I approached climax, I was wondering if it was a customary rule to finish inside the device — or if the recommended method was to jizz onto any nearby available tube sock. I found myself climaxing into the sleeve. I immediately doubled over onto my bed as if I was 17 again and in the back of my Dodge Lancer. I was feeling pretty satisfied.

Flesh light stories

I had a large device on my penis. I had just cum into it and I was immediately dreading the moment when my son or wife would walk in. Worst of all, I had to eventually pull out… which was a feeling that was so hauntingly real, that it reminded me of all the dorm rooms I had left at two in the morning in college after drunken sex romps… In my mind, I felt like I had somehow cheated on my wife with a Pi Beta Phi sophomore.

My friend Mark, who works in virtual reality calmed my fears when I called and told him that Flesh light stories was not feeling very good following the encounter. You should change them every six months or so. Woah, six Fleshlights? The Jesse Jayne model? Change them every six months?

Obviously I was not living up to my masturbatory potential. Virtual Reality porn is about to change out lives…. I did some research. At first, the sex models will be outrageously priced and unaffordable, but eventually, both men and women will all be pounding away at any of virtual lovers through the power of visual stimulation. Feeling less guilty about my Fleshlight encounter, I read the manual about how to clean it out.

I learned that Fleshlight makes a special soap that I would now have to buy if I wanted it to stay in pristine condition.

Flesh light stories

I would also have to double up on my lubrication as the sample pack they included was quite small. And then there is the washing of it. When my wife got home, I shared my experience with her and she actually was proud of me. She told me that she thought men should be able to experience the heightened pleasure of something other than just your hand once in a while. Hearing this got me thinking….

Flesh light stories

Missi and Zach Might Bang! But why? Until I inserted myself. It was something new and exciting… As I approached climax, I was wondering if it was a customary rule to finish inside the device — or if the recommended method was to jizz onto any nearby available tube sock. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Avatar bukowski essays Fleshlight humor Jenna Haze masturbation sex toys short stories virtual reality Zach Selwyn.

Flesh light stories

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Flesh light stories

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Man’s horrifying masturbating incident will remind you to clean your Fleshlight