First time sex stories kristen

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I had just turned 13 and thought that I was hot shit! Anyway, this was going to be a hot party and we were all excited about it. I knew that it was going to last all night so I told my parents that I was going to spend the night there. I knew that there were going to be some guys there and I brought my best and sexiest clothes. Jenny and I were up in her room changing our clothes and joking around. We both chickened out and put on bras. We joked around and were talking about get guys and doing things with them and maybe that we might get laid for the first time of course were were both still virgins We laughed about the sex part of it.

Jenny and I started to sneak some booze before the party and we were both on our way to getting drunk. There were so many people there and lots of hot guys. I knew some of the people but most of the guys were strangers.

Jenny and I kept drinking and talking with all the guys. We danced with alot of them and they gave us more to drink. We played some drinking contests and we were pretty wasted. Jenny found a guy tht she liked and I found one that I liked too. We talked and danced with them most of the time. My guy I forgot his name, which is sad!

First time sex stories kristen

While we were dancing a slow song, he even slid his hands down onto my butt. Later, we were talking and he kissed me some more. We danced again and we were both rubbing our bodies together. After, we found a quiet place in a corner and made out alot and he put his hand on my boob for the first time. We drank some Vodka and then some Tequilla.

I never had straight booze before. Later, alot of the people were left and Jenny was still with her guy and I was with mine. We all sat together for a while and then Jenny and her guy went to the kitchen. I was totally wasted and laughing and giggling at everything. I remember going to the bathroom and my guy followed me down the hall and he grabbed my boobs just before I got to the bathroom.

I told him that I had to pee really bad and to wait. When I First time sex stories kristen out of the bathroom, he started kissig and feeling my butt and boobs again. We went back to the family room and by then Jenny had her shirt unbuttoned and her guy was playing with her boobs over her bra. We started laughing and then we were all making out. I remember my guy feeling my boobs and then he put his hand up my shirt and felt them over my bra. I think he tried to unhook it, but he was too drunk so he pulled on it and it broke. Both guys were older than us.

I think they were around 17 or 18 and they said that we both had hot bodies for our age. We laughed and the next thing I knew was that I was sitting on the couch with my shirt unbuttoned and my bra hanging off. I remember my guy tring to put his hand under my skirt and I was telling him No. He stopped and we just kissed for a while and when I looked over at Jenny, she was topless and the guy she was with was taking her panties off.

My guy snuck his hand up my skirt and started to feel me down there. I was drunk but I was still scared. I felt his hand go under my panties and his hand was feeling my hair down there.

First time sex stories kristen

I thought it would be OK if that was all he did. I must have passed out or something or was too drunk to do anything. I remeber his hand down there and he was kissing my boobs.

First time sex stories kristen

When I woke up the next morning, I was totally naked. I ran down the hall to the bathroom and got sick. My head was spinning and I felt like dying. I fell down a couple of times and then got sick again. It was whe I tried to walk back to the couch and I could tell that it felt different between my legs. It was then that I noticed that I had blood between my thighs and I knew that something happpened. I looked for Jenny and when I looked in her room, she was on her bed with her guy and they were both naked.

All of a sudden I had to throw up again and ran to the bathroom.

First time sex stories kristen

It was then that I noticed that I had hickies all over me. They were all over my neck and I had them on my boobs and my stomach and around my crotch. I felt so gross. When I came out of the bathroom, they guy Jenny was with stumbled by and he grabbed my boob and asked if I wanted another guy to fuck. I started to cry and Jenny came up and asked if I was alright.

First time sex stories kristen

Jenny said that she and her guy had gone to her room and that they decided to have sex and then they heard me out in the living room laughing and it sounded like I was with more than one guy, so she came out and there were 3 other guys around me besides the guy that I was with. Jenny laughed at all the hickies that I had and she thought that I knew they were giving them to me.

I put a towel around me and whe the guy she was with left, he found my skirt and shirt out in the street. I never did find my bra or my panties. I felt so sick and felt so stupid after I sobbered up. I was afrais to go home until late that night. I found out from another girl in school that she heard that I had invited 4 guys to fuck me that night. As a result of one night of being very stupid, 2 months later I found out that I was pregnant and that I had also gotten an STD.

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First time sex stories kristen

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