Female inflation stories

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This is a body inflation story. We all need to make a good first impression. Miss Lanka nodded her head in the direction of a comically beautiful four foot flat girl with orange skin, black hair, and godly white teeth. The girl immediately made a degree turn and scurried off with a waddle.

Female inflation stories

What is wrong with her? The purple skirt complemented her black leather corset very well. It could mean something far worse like painful body modifications. Please forgive me. Miss Lanka just finished putting on a pair of heels as Clara finished her reply. Someone has to be a blueberry for this whole place to work, right? I believe in you Clara. A sharp left turn landed the pair in front of a parked trolley.

Until then, you are to cater to her every whim. The trolley came to a slow and gentle stop. Miss Lanka stepped off the trolley first followed closely by Clara. So good to finally meet you. I trust you have your paperwork in order, correct? Still, Bridgette stood still. Bridgette breathed faster and heavier, nervously anticipating something horrible to happen next.

Female inflation stories

The trolley stopped in front of two large metal doors painted a deep blue. Clara, her helper, Miss Lanka, and Bridgette all stepped off the trolley. Miss Lanka walked up to the door and tapped twice. The little creature nodded yes and waddled to the center of the room. This is where it all starts. The girl began to Female inflation stories her orange color as she chomped on her piece of gum, slowly reverting to a pale shade of white. Bridgette thought her eye was playing tricks on her but the girl seemed to be growing taller.

The helper seemed to be turning in to a more normal looking person with normal sized breasts and beautiful black hair. The girl tried to talk but all the helper could manage were stutters. Bridgette had goosebumbs of amazement and fear. Miss Lanka walked up to a tray with several stacks of blue cubes and pulled out three of the darkest cubes. Miss Lanka continued her stroll until she was face to face with Sandee, the girl who had undergone a rapid transformation. You were going to be one of the smaller ones but you forced my hand you fucking cunt!

Miss Lanka shoved all the gum in her mouth, she looked like a cross between a grazing cow and a greedy chipmunk storing nuts. She motioned to two women near a rack of belts. A tall Asian girl with a flat chest walked the belt to the center of the room where the former helper stood helpless.

Female inflation stories

She wrapped the belt and put one end through the buckle. The next blueberry victim knew what to do, she had seen it a dozen times before. She laid down face first on the floor. The Asian girl put one Female inflation stories footed shoe up against the curve of her butt and yanked on the belt as tightly as possible. The Asian girl helped the future blueberry to her feet. The first thing Brigette noticed about the former helper girl was a purplish hue to her face and body. Her purple hue darkened to a deep violet over the course of a minute. Her arms were clutching her stomach.

Miss Lanka looked in the direction of a girl with a six inch hose connected to a giant pipe. Her lips looked fuller, thicker. Bridgette stood in wild amazement at what was happening. She knew Miss Lanka was a genius and evil, but she never thought Miss Lanka was an evil genius. One girl in a lab coat walked up to the blueberry girl and began to poke and prod her with fingers. Miss Lanka chimed in to explain.

Bridgette decided she had to adjust to her new life as quickly as possible by embracing it. It was the only coping mechanism she had. Does it hurt as they grow.? Miss Lanka was very happy to answer this question. I can have her injected with a pleasure serum that will basically block out all the pain with pleasure waves the same way a flashlight looks dim in the daytime. She broke too many rules and we had a guest to entertain. The blueberry girl was filling out. Her knees were now absorbed by blueberry flesh and her arms were being pushed about as surges of juice expanded her frame.

Female inflation stories

The crew of Female inflation stories manning the berry room had a foot long and a six inch dildo ready for insertion inside of the berry girl. Miss Lanka waved her hand and the crew put the dildo back. She was bad. The blueberry girl was still on her feet and began to walk to stimulate her twat. Miss Lanka ran up to the girl and pushed her from behind on to her stomach to in anger to prevent the berry girl from obtaining so much as an ounce of stimulation. She continued to flap her feet furiously until her body completely swallowed her legs.

Shall we move on to stage two of the blueberry process? Miss Lanka asked. Posted in Uncategorized 3 Comments ». Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging! Posted in Uncategorized 1 Comment ». Blog at WordPress. Bridgette was stone cold silent, not quite sure what was about to happen. Bri nodded her head, feeling that yes was the only answer she had. Hello world! December 12, Welcome to WordPress.

Female inflation stories

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