Erotic mixed wrestling stories

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Home » Desi » Unforgettable Revenge. Hello readers, this is Jack Master. Today I am writing a new kind of story. I guess you must have knowledge of wrestling. How people fight and win championship. So this story is on the same theme. I hope you will enjoy it. So here I begin… Once there was a wrestling league in a city name cannot be mentioned for any controversy.

Here, type of wrestling conducted is a bit different which you must be thinking for. This club is mixed one. Where in one corner in the ring belongs to Man and other to Woman. Just as normal wrestling match it is. But there is one condition you cannot harm body parts of your opponent. Wrestlers here live have sex with opponent in the form of wrestling.

And how it is I am gonna tell you in this story. In this arena people are fighting from long time and very secretly. People get entertained by getting sexy nude shows appearing in the ring. Generally, wrestlers wear seducing dresses. Men in loose track pants with boxers and T-shirts whereas women wears 2 piece sexy tight wrestling suits with bra and panty inside.

Ring is general like other wrestling arenas. A wrestler named Ashima age Her figure was She used to wear skirts and small top. Any man who watches her must have watched her twice. Her sexy bra straps and sexy thighs. Now you can Erotic mixed wrestling stories how sexy that lady would be. She was complete sexy package.

She never lost a match. She was 7 times title winner in Mixed Sex Wrestling. Once there was a match between Ashima and Ashok.

Erotic mixed wrestling stories

She had badly banged Ashok in that match. After that Ashok felt shame on him. But his Son Raza was having anger in his mind. Though he was just 18 years old and was average built like youngster. He decided to bang Ashima and practiced for match.

Raza was attracted to Ashima as she was busty and sexy lady. Erotic mixed wrestling stories man getting her must be lucky. After couple of weeks Raza came to Arena and challenged Ashima for a dirty play match. Ashima was stunned that an 18 years boy is challenging her. She was dominating him that he is the son of Ashok who was banged by her couple of week ago?

Listening to those bad words Ashima got angry and said they will fight in next match. The day came of the match. Raza played some tricks like he wear boxers under his Track Pant so that his bulge can be seen easily and Ashima can get quickly aroused. In the other hand Ashima was wearing loose top which is transparent and red bra and small skirt tied below navel and her hips can be seen were looking sexy, she also wore panty which only covers her pussy area and her hips will be visible easily only one string is there on her hips. When both came in the ring people were excited to see the young boy who has challenged Ashima.

You still have time leave the match and go back.

Erotic mixed wrestling stories

It was dirty game so everything was fair in this match but not to harm private parts of the body of opponent. Ashima begin to grab Raza but he gave her reverse and caught her from behind and started kissing on her neck as well and was caressing her navel. Ashima was stunned with the activity of Raza. He was pressing her ass and was feeling softness of those water melons. Ashima was for the first time seen in this condition; she never was helpless like this.

Same thing happened couple of times but Raza was unable to unclothe her. So now Ashima pulled him towards corner and she just slapped his face and said now you are gone. In anger Raza made a reversal and tried pulled her top up. Ashima was not allowing pulling it up so it came back but the scene which Raza saw was amazing. Those juicy Boobs of Ashima in Red colored bra and her white milky boobs made him Erotic mixed wrestling stories.

He started attacking Ashima and directly started touching her those boobs. Raza got wild and pressed them hard and hard above her top. Ashima resisted him for many times but it was young blood which never gives up. Ashima pushed him away from her. After some of pulling and pushing each other now, Ashima made him naked from top that means Raza was only in his track pant and boxers.

Raza tried to show bulge in his track pant due to her sexy looks and moves which made his rod tight.

Erotic mixed wrestling stories

Ashima was a aroused as she never had tasted young dick. She tired to move further to remove his lower. But, suddenly Raza went out of the ring and brought one rope. Ashima was running into the ring to get escaped from Erotic mixed wrestling stories but he caught her and slammed her on bed sheet and sat on her stomach and was trying to open her top. Raza took advantage from this opportunity. To seduce more Ashima he turned her and rubbed his dick on her ass. She was aroused by his activity but she hided her urge from him. She also wanted to take pleasure but game was running in her mind.

Suddenly Raza got up now and hold her hands from behind. Ashima was shouting on him that what he will be doing with her. He came near her and made her stand. After that he also kissed on her cleavage and smelt aroma of her boobs. Pressed her boobs hard also felt her nipples from out side. He was moving his figure on her neck, cleavage and on her navel. Ashima was feeling so sexy but she hide her expressions from out side. Her each and every skin cell was aroused by his activity.

Erotic mixed wrestling stories

Raza hold Ashima and started pulling her her top. She was not allowing him to open her top but he torn her top. Now her top was completely torn and now she was in only her bra. Her boobs were unable to get covered under her bra.

He then started kissing on her boobs as she was tied so he knows that she is helpless. Ashima was moaning aaahhhh aaahhhhh!!!!!!

Erotic mixed wrestling stories

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