Erotic couples massage stories

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Author: Erica Suarez-Hillingdon. Comments: 1. Couples tantric massage is something that many couples claim has helped to reignite diminishing passions and saved many broken relationships. It has also been described as a safe environment for couples to explore their sexuality and learn new techniques to please each other. It was in fact one of my articles that helped Marie understand the benefits of couples tantric massage and gave her the confidence to try it.

Richard and Marie have been married for 12 years, have a beautiful 3-year-old girl and are both busy professionals in London. Marie has been kind enough to document her of the session so we may better understand the experience from her point of view.

Erotic couples massage stories

We really are just a normal couple with a semi-detached house in suburbia and a baby. So, when Richard came to me a few weeks ago suggesting we try an erotic massageyou can imagine it caught me totally off guard.

Erotic couples massage stories

A couple of weeks later, late one evening, I came across a random article about couples sensual massage and reluctantly clicked the link to. To my surprise, I found myself quite engaged in what I was reading. It was actually different to what I would have expected.

Unfortunately, after 12 years of marriage and 17 years of partnership, we had lost the spark we first had in our honeymoon years. At times, I used to look at old photographs and remember our more intimate times when we did have more time for ourselves and each other. I guess work and our child had taken priority with our mental and physical freedom suffering as a result. It kind of just slipped away Erotic couples massage stories us noticing. I broached the subject with Richard over dinner the next evening, treading carefully to hear his thoughts.

I showed him the article, which was actually the Couples Tantric Massage Guidefound here on the Karma Tantric website. As we discussed some of the points it covered we realised that Karma Tantric was a tantric massage agency and not just an information source.

From there, we agreed that if we were to proceed with this, we should consider booking through Karma Tantric as they seemed to have the most useful information on couples tantric massage online. We did a little further research, however, no other agency put our mind as much at ease as Karma.

We kind of knew we were in safe hands from the start. I tend to go with my gut and it just felt right. Richard put the phone on loudspeaker and called Erotic couples massage stories bookings line. My heart started to beat a little faster as it rang and then a friendly voice answered and introduced herself as Lucy, one of the Karma bookings team. She was really helpful and very professional describing the ladies and the different appointment options we could go for. I had a few questions that I prompted Richard to ask and was pleasantly reassured by the answers Lucy gave.

When everything was finalised, I had butterflies in my stomach and felt quite excited. We booked a 90 minutes incall massage with a couples massage specialist called Ellie for the following Friday late morning. We both took the Friday off from work in advance and organised my sister to look after the little one. We told everyone we had a meeting with our mortgage broker which seemed like a good cover, as our mortgage was up for renewal anyway.

Friday arrived quickly and the butterflies returned.

Erotic couples massage stories

We spent the morning in Mayfair together and had breakfast at a lovely little Erotic couples massage stories. A luxury that we scarcely have time for anymore with full-time jobs and a three-year-old. As we approached the door I felt anxious. Despite all of my womanly senses being on red alert, I still felt curious about tantric massage. I put a smile on my face and tried to push the worries and insecurities to the back of my mind and simply focus on now.

Ellie answered the intercom with an exotic accent and opened the main door. I looked up at my husband who placed a reassuring hand on my back and we walked into the doorway, took the lift upstairs and were greeted by a very attractive blonde lady who looked exactly like the pictures we had seen on the website. She had a nice smile and a similar hourglass figure to mine. Dressed in a silk gown, lovely lingerie, stockings and heels I suddenly felt self-conscious about what I was wearing and what underwear Erotic couples massage stories had put on that day.

Ellie offered us a drink and we all sat down together. Introducing herself she went through how the massage would be performed and asked us a few questions. Somehow her presence and smile calmed my nerves. For the first time I took in my surroundings, a very well presented apartment with luxurious carpet that I wanted to sink my feet into. Soft gentle music played in the background and I recognised the faint scent of vanilla and sandalwood in the air.

Sipping on my tea I smiled to myself. This was nowhere near as scary as I had first thought. We were offered a shower together and given plush fluffy towels. Ellie turned the shower on and left the bathroom. Richard and I looked at each other and giggled.

Suddenly, I felt like a giddy teenager again. Sharing a few passionate kisses we dried ourselves off, excited to begin our new experience together. We had decided that Richard would go first. He lay face down on the massage table completely naked. I watched as Ellie started the massage using her hands, massaging each body part just like you would at a spa. I was thinking about how impressed I was with her professional approach and massage skills. I wondered if I should take note of her tantric massage techniques and give Richard my very own version when we were back at home one day.

Once she had given his back a good massage with her hands, she took off her lacy bra showing off her impressive large natural breasts and began to pour warm massage oil over herself. She gazed over at me while she spread the oil over her front, standing in full view of both Richard and me. Richard looked at me with a shy grin and I smiled back like a naughty school. Ellie began to slip and slide effortlessly over his bum up to his back using all her wonderful curves to glide over Richard. I was almost in awe at the expert way Ellie used her body.

The environment was a safe haven and Ellie was our masseuse, arranged for our pleasure and nothing more. Asking Richard to turn over, Ellie beckoned for me to come over. She gestured for me to mirror her hands as she used oil and soft hand movements to massage his chest, arms and legs. Richard reached up and stroked my leg.

Erotic couples massage stories

I looked at him and smiled, bending down to kiss his lips. My session with Ellie was superb as always - each time I leave thinking could it get any better? Just phenomenal! Tommy about Ellie - Back! Travis about Ellie - Back! If you would like to book Ellie — or any of our tantric masseuses — for the perfect sensual couples tantric massagecontact our friendly bookings team. She specialises in helping men, women and couples unleash their sexual potential through her tantra teachings.

Ellie is my favourite too. I shall certainly be speaking with my wife regarding a couples massage to make my ultimate fantasy come true. See you soon Ellie, Mr Frank x. An unbelievable surprise! Anita, your selfies are gorgeous, I may be the The selfies are fantastic but don't do you justice. Have had many Seems so long since I had a massage. As soon as I Lovely Yasmin, it is great to hear from you. I hope to Call to book these smoking hot ladies tod….

Have an Experience like no other. Stressed out this week?

Erotic couples massage stories

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Erotic couples massage stories

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