Embarassing pee stories

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Let it flow! These people couldn't hold it in any more. Over the course of five hours, I'd drunk three cups of tea and a pint of cider without a toilet break. On the train from Essex to London, I couldn't find a toilet in any carriage so I got off the train and ran to the tube. During my minute tube journey, I proceeded to pee myself three — yes, three — times. I was able to briefly stop a couple of times, only to be overwhelmed by the urge again. My suede tan riding boots were ruined. Submitted by kaitlinffe. When I was 4 years old, my mom was extremely pregnant with my little sister.

My mom took me to the park, and after playing for a while, I came over to my mom and sat on her lap. I then hugged her tightly, and whispered, "I love you, Mommy" in her ear and proceeded to pee all over her. But my mom thought her water had broke and didn't realise she actually was just drenched in my pee. When I was 6 years old, I was at synagogue with my dad and he was leading the service. He told me not to interrupt him for anything. Towards the end of the service, I really had to pee. I wanted to hold it until he had finished. Instead, I peed all over the floor in front of 20 people.

My dad had to get someone else to take over the service while he cleaned up my mess. I had to ride home wearing a garbage bag. I was on a field trip in seventh grade. We were preparing to go snorkelling in November in Southern California. It was cold and raining. I was talking to a friend so I wasn't paying attention. The instructor said, "If you are cold, just pee in your wetsuit in the water and you'll warm yourself up.

On land. In front of 30 people. In sixth grade, I was sat with the boy I liked and he made me laugh so hard that I peed my pants. This was at lunchtime, so when everyone went in for class, I stood up. I had peed everywhere. But he did later become my boyfriend. When I was 7 years old, I Embarassing pee stories doing a reading quiz, which awarded points to win prizes. I had to pee but I wanted to finish the quiz. I couldn't hold it in so I ended up peeing all over the computer room floor. I was banned from doing the quizzes. I was so sad. I used to wear those cool exercise pants that button all the way up each side.

As I was unlocking my bike to ride home after, I suddenly really needed to pee. I lived fairly close by, so I thought I could make it. I couldn't. Those cool pants didn't absorb water so I had to cycle home on my sad, wet bike. About 10 months after giving birth, I did a four-mile race. I bumped into a friend along the route, who convinced me to Embarassing pee stories instead of walk. My postpartum bladder couldn't handle all that bouncing. I crossed the finish line and poured a complimentary bottle of water over myself to hide the evidence.

Embarassing pee stories

Told my husband that this was so I could cool down and he drove us home while I sat on a towel. He still doesn't know about my little accident. I was on a first date and it was going really well. We'd had dinner and I had drunk a lot of water to calm my nerves. Afterwards, we were in his apartment parking lot, just talking for hours and I had to pee like crazy. But I didn't want to stop our conversation.

Eventually, it was too late and it started flowing down my leg.

Embarassing pee stories

Thankfully, it was dark outside. I don't know if he noticed but there was no second date. Submitted by mckenzied43a8a6df1. I was walking through a campsite after day-drinking to meet up with my boyfriend. Halfway through my minute walk, I couldn't hold my pee and so I let if flow. Luckily for me, I had a beer in my hand and came up with the genius plan of pouring the drink over myself to cover it up.

I met my boyfriend and told him I'd tripped and spilt my drink. He seemed to believe me and never questioned my story. I was alone in a pool and really had to pee. So I grabbed the ladder and got into position to pee in the pool.

Embarassing pee stories

When I'd finished, I tried to swim away but suddenly slipped on the ladder. I went under the water and swallowed some of it so I'm fairly sure I drank a little bit of my own pee. I was in a club, wearing a dress and going commando. I'd had a lot of drinks so I really needed to pee.

Embarassing pee stories

The toilet was on the other side of the crowded dance floor. Halfway there, right in the middle of the dance floor, the smoke machine blew smoke into my face. I sneezed hard, so hard that I emptied my bladder in one push. My pee was everywhere and some dancing people around me slipped on the now wet floor and fell over. I was in a four-person team for a jump rope competition at high school. I had to pee really badly but it was our turn so I decided to hold it in. I failed miserably at that and ended up letting out a little pee every time I jumped.

We made it to 78 consecutive jumps but my yoga pants were thoroughly soaked. During high school, my choir went to Disney World. Some of us were waiting in line for the bumper cars ride.

Embarassing pee stories

I really had to pee but here wasn't a bathroom nearby so I decided to wait. We got into the car Embarassing pee stories as it was about to end, someone rammed into our car really hard. The force of hitting the steering wheel combined with the tightening of my seatbelt around my waist just made all my pee come out.

I was stuck in traffic and practically bouncing around my car, frantically trying to hold my pee in. Finally, I couldn't hold it anymore and proceeded to pee myself in my car. I got to my parents' house 15 minutes later with a giant wet spot on my pants. It's been a year since this happened.

There's still a stain on my driver's seat. I'm My friend dared me to wear adult diapers for a week. One evening, I decided to test them to see if they hold pee. They didn't. Submitted by christiner4bdba0. Warner Bros. Share This Article Facebook.

Embarassing pee stories

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