Eel sex stories

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It was going to be the second visit to aunt Flora again within a short time of the year. It would be the same as last time though maybe a little shorter. Since her last visit, Erica has Eel sex stories into a beautiful young girl of fifteen, just a few months less than sixteen; she was very young. Her quest for getting naked and wanted to be seen naked by others had taken larger dimensions.

She was successful in making some other girls from her group at her school to with boys at their secret place of skinny dipping. It was great fun. This time Erica was more than willing to visit aunt Flora. Over this period of one year, Aunt Flora had managed to keep her activities the same and had continued her growing old age without any further problems about her fading memory and vision, though the effects of getting into old age were quite compelling.

Her vision was the same very weak and she could see very blur images from a close distance. She was unable to see anything at distance longer than a few feet. Her memory too telling on her. She could hardly remember anything.

All these effects have put her almost totally confined to her few rooms. This time they had brought many essential things with them. While going around the rooms Erica noticed a few containers which appeared like containing some jelly; the smell of the jelly was very pleasant and freshening. It felt very nice smooth and oily when applied on hands. There were some details very fine and small print, which Erica wanted to read those soon; that never happened. She imagined nice oily sunbath; when she would cover her naked body entirely with this smooth and oily jelly during her secret trip to the lake which she visited last time.

Erica decided she must make a visit to the lake soon one of these days. Erica realized the limitations of aunt Flora due to her aging problems. Aunt Flora was getting more and more forgetful about almost everything. Aunt Flora hardly remembered that Erica was living with her. Even with her many limitations aunt Flora was very effective and could perform her daily routines inside the home almost with complete independence. Erica imagined that there were many possibilities Eel sex stories getting adventurous in the neighboring woods without aunt Flora knowing about it.

From that very moment, Erica found herself wandering more and more further into the woods. Her mind was trying to work out more ways and avail opportunities to try out her young fantasies. As the summer was at its peak even the evenings and nights were very warm. Many of these nights during this visit Erica brought her sleeping bed out in open and slept naked all night without any cover. She was amazed when one morning, she was awakened by a tiny bird that came down from the tree and tried to take a pick at her nipples thinking that it was some fruit there.

The trees in the forest had also grown more lush and green. Erica was taking more walks in the forest and felt quite used to with the tracks and trails in the forest since she had walked over them many times during her last visit.

This time Erica had been walking and wandering all paths almost every time completely naked. She noticed that some paths appeared to be used more; maybe some people were moving around in the area frequently. On that bright sunny day, Erica picked up one Menthol container; left home very early morning before aunt was up and Eel sex stories covering the ground quickly to make it much before noon to the lake she had seen last time.

As informed by the doctor aunt would be under its effect the whole day and night. That way Erica had nothing much to do; so she just informed that she is going to visit the town and immediately after aunt fell asleep under the effect of medication Erica was walking towards the lake. She was walking today completely naked.

Eel sex stories

She had applied a large quantity of Menthol on her full body immediately after she had entered the thick forest. She was enjoying the tingling feeling all over her body and the smell of freshness was quite overwhelming. In her left hand, she was carrying this bottle full of menthol jelly. Erica convinced herself about the jelly cause it smelled extremely good when applied all over the body. What Erica did not know was that the jelly was meant to be mixed with bait or fish food to attract them while fishing.

It was a wonderful feeling of fresh breeze flowing all over her sweat covered naked body. The smell of Menthol was very intoxicating. At one moment Erica thought maybe today is the day she can spend a night in the forest, she was not very sure about it though. Erica walked as fast to make it as soon as it could be; she was sweating profusely. When Erica reached the top of the ridge the beautiful lake was much beautiful sight than earlier to her hungry eyes. She was amazed at the spectacular view of the lake. The lake now was surrounded by shady trees reflecting a calm and shiny surface of clean water.

Standing on the top of the ridge on the rock the reflection of the blue sky with white cloudy patch looked soo beautiful under the nice sunny day. Due to a fast and long walk over the hills in the forest, her entire body was full of sweat and shiny and was smelling strongly of jelly she had applied form the bottle.

Erica decided to get down towards the shallow portion Eel sex stories the Eel sex stories. She knew that water would be nice and warm there. She wanted to swim there again and just walk around naked along the sides of the lake. Maybe there would be someone whom she could meet while walking naked. Erica had totally forgotten about the fish she had purchased from the town last time and then let it free in the lake a few days after.

Since then, the fish had multiplied in thousands and grown bigger. Erica had not known that some of the fish were called barracudas which is from the group Sphyraenidae and the other fish was known as Morey Eels which is from the family of Muraenidae. Barracudas have a large opening mouth like humans and have rows of sharp teeth and may bite on provocation or very hungry and attracted by tempting food.

Eels fish are more like a snake and have long pointed mouth with sharp teeth. The fish pushes its long mouth to catch its food in deep cavities and pulls out from crevices in the rocks and similar places. There was a third group of fish too from the Tamera also called as electric rays. This fish generates electricity fordetecting and immobilizing its prey. In shallow water, the fish exhibits a wonderful show of electric flashes.

In addition to these, there were plenty of colorful fish growing in the lake. She looked all around, just to check if anyone was watching her. Her very perky and pointed nipples were mounted on the top of her small but firm breasts and she loved her breasts; she knew that she had noticeable growth of hair under her armpits.

She Eel sex stories more prominent and full growth of hair on her pussy but this time she had shaved her armpits and pussy clean and she knew it was smelling good because she has applied lots of menthol jelly between her legs and inside her pussy. Everything looked new and exciting to her.

She was walking naked all along the edge of the lake, not really looking for anything specific, but enjoying every minute of sensation on her naked exposed skin was sending to her free mind. The freshly applied menthol was creating heat inside her pussy and hardening her nipples increasing its sensitivity. The bushes …. She loved it even more when the bushes and the leaves glanced across her exposed pussy—THAT was something that thrilled her more and more.

She was feeling something between her legs was special. Erica was determined to experience and enjoy it. The bright sun heat grew intense on her skin and reminded Erica that she wanted to do something more than what she did last time.

Eel sex stories

She walked naked over the rocks along the edge of the lake; while jumping from one rock to another the bouncing of breasts gave her a very erotic feeling. At places, she had to climb the tall rocks. While coming over one of such tall rock she suddenly came across a hole which was with very clear water; she could clearly see the bottom about more than five feet deep. Erica wondered as to how she did not notice this location last time. She was overwhelmed by extreme sexual feelings as she groped her sweaty breasts. She carefully kept the jelly container on the rock and lowered herself into the hole and entered the water.

Within a next single step, she was deeper up to her breasts and was feeling relaxed as the heat from the hot sun was getting absorbed by the deep water in the hole. For Eel sex stories few minutes, she splashed water and swam around lazily. Actually, her body movements inside water left the lasting traces of menthol leading towards her to which large bodies of numerous fish were getting attracted. Very next moment her eyes were caught by the huge group of tiny fish, just about inches size. Erica was amazed to find herself surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of those fish.

It looked like a thick blanket of fish inside Eel sex stories water covering her body. All those fish were rubbing against her body and nibbling her skin. Apparently, fish was immensely attracted to traces of menthol on her body and trying to eat that up. It seemed like the fish were trying to penetrate her skin from everywhere.

For the first few moments Erica panicked, but soon she realized that fish were just rubbing her skin and nibbling which was now creating a sense of tingling and erotic feeling. Eyes closed and facing up the bright sky her hands moved over her breasts and naked thighs. It felt very relaxed and sexually exciting.

It was weird and very good feeling like all fish rigidly attached to her inner thighs and sucking with their toothless mouths erotically everywhere. It was unimaginable feeling to have thousands of mouths sucking at the inner thighs and releasing the skin as the baby does on the nipple or teat of the milk bottle. Now Erica was getting a similar sensation on her breasts too.

Eel sex stories

Dozens of tiny mouths and lips were now sucking on her upper breasts like so many babies trying to find her nipples for sucking her tits. There was a tremendous increase in sucking efforts by fish at her breasts and many were approaching very fast towards her nipples. Erica was partially covering her nipples, not letting them go, not knowing what to expect, would they bite her nipples off or what.

Then sucking on her breasts increased further as more fish ed in attacking her breasts and Eel sex stories. Now the fish below on her thighs have moved higher like they were teasing her, then her exposed ass was hit by dozens of more fish. They were right under her Eel sex stories around outer swelling of her pussy and at the back in the ass. It was a very unique and new experience for Erica as the fish increased light biting in her ass and pussy.

Voluntarily Erica spread her legs as wide as possible giving fish full access to the open mouth of her pussy and into her ass hole. Her pussy was tingling. It was like a thousand mouths and lips sucking her pussy and ass. Erica could not hold any more; her pussy started releasing a gushing flow of her pussy juices into water. Erica was in heavens now, her arms floating sideways giving full approach to the fish into her pussy. It was like dozens of small throbbing fingers inside her pussy sending shocks of pleasure through her body.

Looking ahead she saw several larger fish moving around but she was way too far gone to be scared anymore. Some big fish about eighteen inches long swam straight up to her and just stopped level with her upper body near the surface of the water. Erica wondered what was going to happen. The sensation at her pussy was driving her insane, her pussy was throbbing due to all tiny bites it was receiving against the pussy lips and ass; also fish sucking at the nipples was incredible.

Many fish were pressing against the slit of her pussy because fish knew that some food juices were coming out from there and they were trying to enter inside her pussy to reach the source of the juices. And this was the weirdest feeling she ever had experienced but also much erotic and sexually exciting. Erica was getting turned on in this swimming hole by a large group of different fish. When Erica opened her eyes the second time she noticed large fish swam straight up to her breasts and nudged the small fish that were there, letting go it swam off and the most unusual thing; the fish opened its mouth and moved closer to her right nipple; looked at the pink color of her protruding hard nipple and took the entire tit in its mouth.

Eel sex stories

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