Diaper chastity stories

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Janet inserted her ID card in the door lock, waited for the panel to slide back silently and then entered the office. As receptionist and book-keeper, her desk Diaper chastity stories just inside and she slid into her chair with practiced grace. She wore a pastel-pink jumpsuit and low-heeled rubber-soled shoes. The tailoring and color of her clothing marked her as a junior worker.

Turning to her computer she activated her terminal by allowing it to scan her right hand. After it recognized her fingerprints it displayed the current date and time as of June 15,hrs. A magazine from the early s was lying on her desk and it caught her eye. She and a friend had been studying it the night before, amazed at the weird fashions that Diaper chastity stories wore and how different society had been in those days. In those days, she was told, men and women chose their mates for long periods of time, even for life.

Everyone had the choice of whether or not to have and many used birth control to remain childless. She flipped the magazine open and marveled at the short skirts and high heels the women used to attract the attention of the men. The paint they wore on their faces was meant to emulate sexual arousal and judging by the birth rate at the end of the 20th century, it had worked well.

Her friend had told her that most women kept their babies and raised them to adults. The idea astounded Janet. Things were different today. In the New Order, the state-controlled population growth. With disappointment the only reward for the discomfort of pregnancy and childbirth, few women conceived voluntarily.

Although contraception was outlawed the black market did a booming trade in pills and other devices. Officially, the government blamed the low birth rate on residual sterility but everyone knew the real reason. Faced with this silent revolt, the state had turned to the legal system as a source of infants.

Every woman convicted of a crime was sentenced to at least one pregnancy. Serious crimes could result in a sentence of up to five pregnancies — almost 8 years of suffering. For this reason, a pregnant woman was almost always pd to be a criminal, forcing legitimate mothers to stay out of sight for the last 6 months of their term.

Janet had heard rumors of the fertility units where bad girls were sent to do their time. She was sure most of the rumors were just that — fiction. The stories of restraints and forced insemination scared her. Women had become targets of the legal system and a wise girl kept clear of the law.

Janet closed the magazine and put it in a desk drawer. No sense in drawing attention to herself. She turned to her computer and entered the command to start the ing program. It was month-end and an audit was due soon. She wanted to double-check her figures.

Instead, a message advised her that her userid was no longer valid for that area of operations. At first, she thought the computer had misread her palm print so she ed off and then logged on again but the same message appeared.

Then she wondered if her userid had expired. She checked her listing on the security file and got a shock. Someone with a government security ID had entered the system during the night and locked her out of every program that contained data.

Only a few games and the news service were still active. She felt a chill run down her spine.

Now she knew that her suspicions about Dave might be correct. Yesterday afternoon she had encountered trouble reconciling the petty cash. It was out by 1, credits, not a large sum but it had been out by about that much for the past five weeks.

Janet had put-off tracing the problem because she was sure it was just a key-punch error but now she realized that something was really amiss. Her fingers were trembling as she inserted the disks and ran the scan program. She went back five months and began to scan the entries, keeping count of how often each userid appeared.

It only took a few minutes for her to realize that her userid was turning up about ten times as often as it should have. Someone had been tampering with the program, making it look like she had initiated a lot of petty cash transactions. That was part one. The fact that there were nearly 10, credits missing was part two. Add the two together and it made a neat case for Janet having pilfered the petty cash. Dave had done it, there was no doubt about that.

Like every other female Janet suddenly realized that not only was he using her to hide his crime, the fact that she was female was enough to make the courts less than anxious to find her innocent. She looked down at her flat belly.

She had yet to bear — the court would take that into consideration. She had been set up. Just as she wondered who she could turn to the door slid open to reveal two female court officers. Both women were tall and very muscular, likely sterile and if they were typical, very bad tempered. Behind them a utility robot idled patiently. They marched in and blocked her escape from her desk. Janet nodded. Janet extended her right hand and placed it on the portable palm reader the officer carried.

A metallic voice came from the small aluminum box. You are commanded to appear before the justice tribunal at hours, August 22, at Station D, Level 4, Compartment 2. Until that time, and under the authority of the Public Restraint Act you are ordered to surrender your body for the fitting of control devices to ensure your compliance.

You are advised that any resistance on your part may increase your sentence. Janet was so taken with fear and confusion that she could only mumble a squeak in reply. The grip on her arm tightened and she Diaper chastity stories rose to her feet. In a daze she let herself be led into the meeting room. She watched the robot transform itself into an examining table. She tried to remember all she had heard or seen of arresting procedures and the control devices that were part of it but her mind was suddenly blank.

At the same time that she felt the cool air of Diaper chastity stories office on her breasts she saw the collar and chastity belt that the robot had produced from its storage compartment. She turned to the tall officer with tears streaming down her cheeks. Either you get the gear or we get into trouble.

Now what do you think it will be? As Janet broke down into sobs the two officers stripped her jumpsuit off her and guided her toward the robot table. There were stirrups to hold her feet and legs and plenty of restraints to stop her from struggling. She flinched at the first touch of the cold metal but the officers had been expecting that and with clinical detachment they soon had her fastened down, her legs spread wide, ready for the appliances to be fitted.

In her misery, Janet looked down between her spread legs and tested her bonds. Her most private place was open and available. They could do anything they wanted to. She began to cry in earnest when the first officer pulled on a pair of rubber gloves and began to shave her using an electric razor.

She knew why. All the rumors and girl-talk came back to her.

It was all too horrible to think about and she prayed for her information was wrong. After shaving her vulva bare a sensing head emerged from the robot and scanned her nether regions. A few seconds later a little cage made of fine wire mesh emerged from the machine.

First, there was a wide belt of metal fitted around the waist and cinched tight over the hip bones. Then the trapeze that would hold the cage over her vulva was fitted, one for the front and one for the back. Finally, the officer produced a small device that looked like a clamp. After a dab of glue on each of its pincers, Janet felt the cold steel fingers being attached to either side of her clitoris. The officer attached the cage and then swung it home into position, covering her vulva and preventing her from removing Diaper chastity stories little clamp.

It only took a few seconds for them to fit the special collar around her neck.

A large button on the front of it immediately glowed orange as it established communication with the chastity belt and then turned to red as it determined her fertility level. It would soon change to green, Janet realized to her horror. Satisfied that all was well, the officer stepped back and pressed a button on a small controller she wore on her belt.

The officer then pressed a button on the side of the robot and suddenly all the restraints that had held Janet retracted. The robot reformed itself and followed the women out of the room. Janet was left standing, nude but for the metal devices on her body and her shoes. She started to cry all over again and then remembered that the rest of the staff were due any minute.

Diaper chastity stories

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