Dad impregnates daughter sex stories

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The noise from me opening the door got both their attention and both lovely beauties stopped what they were doing to turn their he and smile at me. With absolutely no concern for what I was seeing, I walked up to my wife and kissed her in the exact same spot as our daughter and then thoughtfully kissed my daughter on the lips. As an added bonus, I snaked my fingertips between the cleft of her ass and was unsurprised to find that her pussy was positively leaking with girl juice.

Dad impregnates daughter sex stories

Kathryn cooed appreciatively at the contact but groaned disappointedly when I withdrew my fingers. I stood there for a second and nodded. What did you two agree to? Add it to the shopping list, please. I took a seat at the table and opened my water bottle as I waited. Mother and daughter. Terry and I had been married for twenty years, each of us enjoying ourselves sexually as much as any two loving people could. We never missed an opportunity to show our affection for each other openly and physically, even after our daughter came into our lives on our second year of marriage.

Our sex life, I would swear to my dying day, is the one thing that kept Terry looking so beautiful, almost ageless. My daughter Kathryn, though, is without a doubt, the second best thing this world has to offer after my wife. She is easily as sexy and beautiful, almost the spitting image of her mother except that her hair is naturally brown and her green eyes can rip into your heart with a glance.

Dad impregnates daughter sex stories

She is slightly shorter, also, at four-foot-ten, but she seems to walk across the world on legs meant for a giant- nothing stands in her path when she moves, ever. For now, though, I am exceedingly pleased to see my gorgeous daughter Dad impregnates daughter sex stories any time, for any reason, as any man would. Oh, yes, folks. I will make no bones about it: I have sex with my daughter almost as frequently as I do with my wife, sometimes with the three of us together.

While I silently sipped on my water and waited for the girls to answer me, I mentally counted my blessings for the last year. Nothing bad had happened after we brought Kathryn into our bed. Nothing bad at all. If anything, our relationship with our daughter blossomed into something neither of us had ever expected- she became our friend as well as our lover.

But she no longer seemed in a hurry to leave as most teens her age do. She was happy to be with us and have us in her life. And my relationship with Terry took on a new shape, too. While the majority of our marriage had been devoted to teaching Kathryn how to be a well-adjusted and kind person, we found our roles as parents changing into teaching our daughter how to be a thoughtful and wonderful lover, too. Through teaching Kathryn how to have and enjoy sex, we found that we were rediscovering ourselves sexually, too- role-playing, games, unspoken fantasies most, yes, of an incestuous nature and all kinds of new aspects to each other that we never knew existed.

It was like our marriage, which was great to begin with, became ten times stronger than it was before. How lucky can a guy be, right? And with that thought, came the memory of a slightly bumpy patch in our life together.

Dad impregnates daughter sex stories

Her uterus had a small defect in it that prevented her from being able to conceive ever again. The news was, of course, a terrible blow to both of us, but the joys and challenges of raising a beautiful young woman like Kathryn more than made up for it.

The two ladies broke away from each other and came to me at the table. I knew this day would eventually come. Is he gonna be a good father? Both women glanced at each other in barely-concealed amusement. My eyes got big with surprise and I began to jump to conclusions in a heartbeat. She needed to flush it out of her system. And whose pussy have you been coming in for the last month? Every time you came in her, it was her ass or her mouth.

Think about it for a moment. And I did. I thought long and hard.

Dad impregnates daughter sex stories

Kathryn put her hand on mine to silence me. Without saying a word, my daughter was telling me volumes. Yep, that fucker came right down on my brain pan with a sudden thud and I was dumbstruck. All the pieces began to fall into place with a quickness. They were celebrating the fact that she was ovulating, that she was fertile and ready for me.

That week of nothing but oral sex? Did I say I was lucky? I sat there in stunned silence for several long moments as I let my mind digest what they were telling me. Meanwhile, the girls started to talk to each other across the table. My daughter nodded, which caused her beauteous and bountiful breasts to jiggle slightly.

Just the thought of it is getting me all wet. I get it! When will this beast be lead to the slaughter? Mother and daughter clammed up and looked at each other intently once again. I could tell that the two of them were having a silent conversation, one that only women are capable of having with a man in their midst. It seemed to last mere seconds before Dad impregnates daughter sex stories broke the short silence. I looked at Terry. My wife simply nodded.

You simply reak of manly odors right now, Jerry. So you broke a bit of a sweat today, running errands, doing the hunter-gatherer thing that you do so well. I mean, look at me! Do you have any idea what your daughter and I were doing while you were out? And you want to make us wait longer while you take a shower and clean off that wonderful manly smell of yours?

My daughter was still holding on to my hand as she stood up and walked closer to me. I want you to breed me, right here, right now.

Dad impregnates daughter sex stories

Here, in the kitchen. How do you want it?

Dad impregnates daughter sex stories

My daughter positively glowed as her face went flush with excitement. May I? Terry was already leaning back in her chair, her apron pulled to one side as she started to finger herself with womanly grace in front of us, and nodded at her daughter with half-lidded, smoldering eyes.

Kathryn pushed herself up against me and kissed me happily on the lips. I saw something like this in a porno I found on the Internet once. There was this girl and she was getting banged by these guys, right? But she was on her back shoulders, feet up in the air, and she was pulling her pussy open so that the guys could cum right inside her. She took, like, three lo in a few minutes, all directly on her cervix. I looked at Terry, whose lips were pursed in hedonistic delight at what she heard. I almost forgot! Hold on!

Inside of two minutes she was back, the family video camera in hand how many times had we video-taped ourselves fucking each other senseless with that thing? She clicked it on to record and pointed it at me. This could be the day you get me pregnant with your own grandchild- a baby for your baby. Three months from now my tummy could be bulging with the life you put inside me and we can go back and watch the moment it happened over and over again.

Dad impregnates daughter sex stories

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