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Hi… I am Kavi, and I am back with my 4 th story…First of all thanks to everyone who have taken their time in mailing me without your encouragement I would have stepped writing. Kindly read my stories and share your feelings about those stories. This story is a pure fiction and please forgive me I am bad with my narration and with my english. It was heavily raining outside.

The monsoon has just started… Rahul, whom I have married with before a year and half was busy decorating the largest room in our house. I love rain so much but that day I was not in a mood to enjoy the rain. It turned sobre but no time left to cry also…. Go get ready soon. Rahul, is the work done? Me: what is this nonsense Rahul!!!

Stupid customs.

Custom sex story

Do you think this is good? Rahul: Kavi dear, this is the custom we followed for years and I think there is nothing wrong in this. Kavi: no one will do such an injustice to a woman that too with all her relatives supporting that. Rahul: you are not the first lady my dear all my relatives and the people in the town will do it… nothing wrong in this. It is there in our nation for very long time. We will get a kid in our lineage my dear. And also even adoption is a long process these days dear. Me: not that dear, but how can I remove my dress to others. He is not a kiddo. He is 19 now. Me: I was treating him as my own brother till now.

But you are asking me to strip myself before him. Other than him all my cousins are abroad. And Karthik is trust worthy. Rahul: no dear… let him know after coming here. Rahul: dear! Which guy will say no to this kinda proposal at hand. And that too having a lady like you on bed. He took a new dress which he bought for this occasion. It was a cream coloured silk saree with violet border. The blouse is nearly a quarter sleeve one and matches with the border. It looks traditional from front but when I turn back it will look slightly sluty with nets revealing my entire back. It still would have been a decent dress if it was of my fit but it was tight which made my chest to puff up.

Me: dear this is really tight. On saying that he took the shaving cream of his and started to apply. I was already wet by this time. He started to shave my private area slowly and slowly. Then after a point he stopped and started to put the hair removal cream and did the rest Custom sex story the job adept. Then he asked me to lay fat on the empty wash tub for a while and wondered what he was about to do… then he came back to the bathroom with a bowl and clothes…. When he poured the very warm syrup over my body it was a hot pleasure… I do not how to react.

I was feeling the pain of hot liquid but I was totally turned on at that time and moaned a bit. After some times he removed the sticky clothes of my skin with pain I was shouting a bit… unexpectedly my mom in law came with coconut into the bathroom. I was very embarrassed and tried closing my private since she never say me nude. I was wondering what is happening in this house…. After the waxing session he cleaned each and every area of mine in chill water.

I was uncontrollable after that… I pulled him and started to kiss madly… he pushed me back saying that you are like a goddess today. I have rights to decorate you but not touch you in those sense. I was very off mood from inside Custom sex story try acting cheerful for my lovely husband who showered so much love on me for these days….

After bath she swiped me well applied moisturizer which made my skin glow like a diamond.

Custom sex story

Then he gave me the lingerie to wear. It was a totally transparent single piece wear which starts from the top of my breast showing the entire cleavage and ending just below the private. This dress match with the lingerie he bought and few other stuff.

He bought a new naval ring which glows bright and did it in the already pierced hole in my naval button.

Custom sex story

He carefully did Custom sex story red lipstick, mascara and few touch ups after which I wore that saree. On seeing me in the mirror I myself felt amazing as if I will eat the girl in the mirror. No one moved for a moment or uttered a word. Karthik- what is there in this brother, she liked to see our ceremonies. Then ceremony started with me saying some mantra then karthik ed after a while wearing tradition dress and he asked me what is the prayer for. I looked at Rahul and he said for the relationship strengthening of two families. Then after the ceremony my in law served a good dinner for karthik and pooja.

They said I must not eat that day but just have a glass of milk and 2 bananas so I did the same. Then Karthik asked for permission to leave since it is raining outside and also it will almost 9 bye. What did you think of this story?? If IndianSexStories2.

Custom sex story

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Custom sex story

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