Cum on food stories

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Fri 6th of January Report. Introduction: My sister got me grounded for having porn in the house. I still get a smirk when I think back about what happened that summer. My name is Tom and the story I am about to tell happened back when I had just finished high school.

I lived with my mom and sister two years older in a small house in Southern Indiana. My dad had divorced my mom and moved out West with his new wife a couple of years ago. Things were pretty normal overall. I went to school and had just started a part-time job. My time off was spent with friends, looking for a girlfriend and homework. When Summertime hit, everything was better. I spent my non-working times hanging out with Cum on food stories or watching TV, or just normal guy stuff. From time to time, my friends and I would happen across a Playboy or Penthouse and it would magically appear in my room.

It just happen to be one of those times while I was enjoying a centerfold with my dick in hand that my sister barged in to my room. I tried to cover up as quickly as I could, but it was too late. You're jerking off? You know mom's going to be pissed about that magazine. I felt my face red and my dick deflating quickly. I put the magazine back in my nightstand and left the house.

I really didn't feel like seeing my sister after she caught me. That evening, somehow my mom found out about my magazine. She made me give it to her and she tossed it out with the trash. Just as expected my mom was not happy about having porn in her house and grounded me for 2 weeks.

Cum on food stories

Personally, I felt that was a lot excessive! I was now pissed myself, not at my mom, but at my sister. The next day I woke up still angry. I knew I had to find a way to get back at my sister, but I wasn't sure what I was going to do yet. I spent the morning watching TV, since I couldn't leave the house. My sister didn't seem like she was going to apologize or anything, but just went about her normal day. She took her shower and called her friends.

Cum on food stories

I heard her making plans for later that day. A little after 1 my sister took off to be with her friends. I was still pissed. I really didn't want to be stuck in the house. After my sister left, I got up and started wandering through the house. I decided to go in to my sister's room to see what I could find that might help me seek the revenge I wanted.

I looked through her closet and around her bed. I didn't find anything in her desk and started through her dresser. When I came across her underwear drawer, I picked through her panties and bras. I remembered reading stories in Penthouse of people jacking off in to girls panties and bras, but figured my sister would notice that and I would be in even more trouble, so I quickly dismissed that Cum on food stories.

Leaving my sister's room, I was bummed about not finding anything. I decided I would get a snack and think some more. As I opened the refrigerator, I stared blankly. I wasn't sure what I wanted, as usual. I knew I didn't want to eat much, because mom would be home in a couple of hours and make dinner. Tonight was pork chops with rice. Well, that's what mom and I would have. My sister had gone on a kind of health kick and always requested salad for dinner.

Tonight she would probably do the rice and salad. Then it hit me. My sister had her 'special' salad dressing. It was some kind of cheesy ranch. She had a fit if anyone else tried to use it. I looked in the door shelves and found the bottle. It was pretty full.

Cum on food stories

I guess she had just gotten it recently. I opened the top. The dressing was white and creamy and only the about 1 inch down from the top.

Cum on food stories

Then I got an idea. My mind was a buzz. Could I really do it? Would I really go through with it? I took the bottle with me back to my room. I opened my old toy box in my closet and removed an old Penthouse I had hidden inside. I made myself comfortable and slowly started to stroke myself to the pictures of tits and clits. Before long, I felt that tingle that started to spread through my body. I continued to stroke, but just as I felt it rising, I sat up and aimed my dick in to the top of the salad dressing bottle.

I let out a slight grunt and I felt myself cum. Spurt after spurt shot out of me and in to the bottle. After several more strokes I didn't feel anymore juice flowing and removed the bottle from the end of my dick. I could see some of the cum on top of the dressing in the bottle. I just sat there and smiled. After a minute, I got up and cleaned the dressing from the end of my dick and put the top back on the bottle and returned it to the refrigerator. My mind was skipping back and forth about what was going to happen Cum on food stories.

Cum on food stories

I watched a little more TV but still couldn't get images out of my mind and I felt a stiring in my crotch. I looked over at the clock and realized my mom should be home in about 20 minutes. With that I got up and went in to the kitchen. I got out my sister's bottle, opened the top and pulled down my pants. I stood there in the kitchen Cum on food stories my dick, hoping no one would come home before I finished. Just as I started to cum, I heard the garage door open. It was too late to stop now, I aimed inside the bottle and came again. I quickly stroked as much as I could into the bottle and quickly pulled up my pants.

I barely got the top on the bottle and opened the refrigerator door when my mom came in the house. I felt my heart pounding and I hoped my voice didn't seem shaky. I left the kitchen and went to the bathroom to wipe the salad dressing off of my dick. When we sat down to dinner, there was the expected fair. We had the pork chops, rices, peas and small salad for my sister. I sat there playing with my food as I watched my sister fix her salad and poor the salad dressing over the top. I swear I could see the different colors and textures between my cum and the actual dressing and I started to get a little nervous that she would see the difference too.

Then it happened. She stabbed a forkful of salad and popped it in to her mouth. I couldn't help smile as she chewed. My heart stopped when she made a face, swallowed and asked, "Is there something different, mom? I knew she would figure it out and I was about to be in deep shit! Is everything alright?

Cum on food stories

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