Cum dumpster stories

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Internet dating is interesting; you never know just who you will meet. Recently, I went on a memorable first date; one that seems to have awoken a part of me I didn't have any idea about. We were at a Japanese restaurant, sitting on the floor at one of those low tables. It had been his choice, and I hadn't known ahead of time where we were going or I might have dressed differently.

I was wearing a skirt with boots and no panties I just like how it feelswhich made sitting modestly a difficult proposition. Half way through dinner, my legs started cramping and I needed to stretch. I have long legs, and in the tight space, I accidentally kicked him. He stopped eating, ignoring my apology, Cum dumpster stories leaned down and peeked under the table. When he came back up, there was a look in his eyes. His face was not giving me any clues, but then he told me to stick my fingers in my wet pussy, then smear my juices on my lips.

I felt blood surge into my cunt, and I couldn't breathe for a second. I didn't know where this was leading, and I wasn't sure I wanted to play this game, but I went along with it because I couldn't not. As soon as I painted my lips, smelling my salty scent, he reached under the table and I felt his thumb in my ass and all four fingers of his other hand in my cunt.

I couldn't help it--I let out a gasp, and he added 2 fingers to the thumb in my ass as he ordered softly, "You stay quiet. Not a sound. I was about to cum already, and staying quiet was not an option. Little moans leaked through my clenched teeth as he worked all his fingers in and out, slow and then fast. Hearing that, he stopped moving and took his hands out of my holes and stood up: "We're done, get up. I didn't want to leave--we hadn't finished eating, and I was dripping! So I just sat there, turning red, hoping he would sit back down and not embarrass me further.

No such luck. He came around and stood behind me, put his hand around my throat and leaning down to my ear, said, "Get up right now before I drag you Cum dumpster stories on your ass. I believed him, so I got up, stumbling a little as the feeling came back into my legs. He pulled a large bill out of his wallet, threw it on the table, and guided me to the door, his hand digging into my upper arm.

He got me outside, pushed me a few yards down the street where the lights weren't as bright, and said,"Lean against the wall with your skirt pulled up over your ass. I leaned into the rough wall, but only pulled my skirt up to the edge of the cheeks; he was on me in a second with a hard slap to the ass and a yank on my skirt--it was now up around my ribs, my ass stinging in the cool night air. I started to protest--I'd had anal sex before although not oftenand I knew that no lube meant it would hurt.

I decided saying anything might make it worse, so I complied, sticking my ass out further. He came close, and did me the kindness of rubbing my clit, getting things loosened up a little, then I felt his head at my tight hole. He popped the head in, and as I drew a breath, he drove the shaft home. I moaned, pain and pleasure mingling, and he didn't tell me to be quiet so I moaned more loudly. I wondered why he wasn't telling me to be quiet, when I realized we had attracted some attention: he wanted me to make noise, for that very reason.

As I glanced over my shoulder, I could see a couple, standing still Cum dumpster stories if they weren't sure what they were seeing was real. I moaned again as he reached up and pinched my nipple hard, and I could see the man move closer. They were young, probably early 20's, dressed casually as if they had strolled down to their neighborhood bar for a drink and were now on their way home to fuck. That's what went through my imagination, anyway. My date started pumping harder, and my gasps and moans came faster and louder; I couldn't pay attention to the couple any longer, my body demanded my full attention.

His fingers Cum dumpster stories my grasping pussy, and filled me as I started to cum. My knees buckled as he pushed me harder against the wall, his hands in my hair as my face scraped the brick. I heard his orgasm take him, then, "This is what you're good for, this is what you need". He stepped back, a squelching sound coming from my ass as he pulled out, and then I heard him say, "See something you like? I looked over my shoulder to see that the man had moved much closer; the girl was still farther back, but had also moved closer, as if in spite of herself.

Cum dumpster stories

The young guy nodded, but didn't speak. A spasm went through my cunt at his words; it was one thing to be fucked by him, a man I knew at least a little about, but by a stranger, on the street? Like a dog? My date laughed; "You aren't leaving. Come over here and let me see your pussy. I'm sure Cum dumpster stories dripping by now. I heard her gasp, and out of the corner of my eye I saw her turn away, as if to leave.

Then her man spoke: "Alissa, come over here. It's okay. She protested, and he said again, "Come here", this time a little less gently. My date prompted the younger guy, "Don't worry about your lady, this slut needs her ass fucked--she's going to dry out if you don't take her soon. I bent over, afraid and turned on; then I felt a warm, hard hand on my pussy, and another hand on my ass, stroking my cheeks.

Touch her pussy. I closed my eyes, feeling incredibly aroused at the thought of that happening, but also afraid that she wouldn't want to. Finally I felt a small cold hand fluttering at the top of my pussy hair, and then I could tell he had taken her hand in his, shoving all their combined fingers into me. I didn't want to scare her, but I had to groan--I wished I could see their faces, to see their reactions. My date stood to my left, watching everything, but not taking part--I was enjoying the young couple, but missed his firm control of the situation.

I wanted him to step in and make things happen a little more intensely, but didn't know how to ask. Turns out he was also a mind Cum dumpster stories, as I heard, "Now fuck her. Your friend can keep playing with her pussy, or she can come over here and let me play with hers. I have big hands--I'll take care of her.

I looked over my shoulder to see the young woman biting her lips--her little hand was still in my pussy. I whispered, "Let him, he'll make you feel good", and hoped my date hadn't heard me.

Cum dumpster stories

He hadn't said not to talk, but I just figured I wasn't supposed to. Next I felt the warm hands again, holding my ass as a big cock nosed my hole--I was still a Cum dumpster stories slippery with my date's cum, but I could tell this guy was bigger, and my sphincter tightened involuntarily. I Cum dumpster stories, "Open your pants", followed by the sound of her zipper--it was getting harder to hear, as the guy had gotten his cock inside me and was starting to pump. He felt so good--the cum still inside me was squishing out with each push and pull, and the earthy smell of my ass mixed with the bleachy smell of cum filled the air around us.

He started to pump harder, as he leaned in closer and whispered, "Do you guys do this a lot? He grabbed my hair as his orgasm hit him; he was louder than my date, which set me off as well. As he finished and pulled out, I could feel cum running down my legs in rivers.

I wanted to clean myself off, but with what? As I straightened up, I became aware of soft whimpers coming from the girl; I half-turned and saw her bent over at the waist, getting her pussy thoroughly worked by my date. Her legs were shaking and I could tell it wouldn't be long. Just then, my date pulled his hands out of her pants and said to the young guy, standing behind me, "Okay, take her home and finish this.

Fuck her in the ass, and remember us. Maybe you'll try this yourselves sometime. The girl's face was priceless--her mouth hung open in a perfect O of disappointment and disbelief. The guy nodded to my date, then turned his head and looked at my face for the first time--"Thank you", he mouthed, and then grabbing his girl by the arm, her pants still open, he turned and pulled her back in the direction they'd come. My date and I stood there for a minute, looking at each other, then he said, "Let's go.

Cum dumpster stories

My cock needs to be sucked", and turned toward where we were parked. I hesitated for a moment--I lived nearby, and I could get myself home if I wanted to--then I followed him toward whatever came next. The key to enjoying these stories is to believe that this is truly happening to a real girl or at least the fantasy of a real girl. Guys will write these stories, yet sound like a guy writing and emphasize elements that guys would fantasize. This story sounds like it is written by a young girl. It's the subtle things in the language and choice of words. Reading, I can feel how the girl in the story is turned on by the dominance of the date.

It's believable that a girl Cum dumpster stories fantasize about the brusque dominance of the date. And that is what is really a turn-on to be let into the erotic fantasy of real girl. It's moments like "I closed my eyes, feeling incredibly aroused" that make the writer seem female. Guys generally wouldn't take a moment to close their eyes and feel inside of themselves. They wouldn't even think about it when writing a story. The language is clean like refreshing spring water. There aren't unnecessary words. The author seems very clear on what she wants to convey. The moments of hesitation in the story are done well and make it believable.

The girl realizes like a real person that this is not a normal date and has consequences. Yet, as a reader, her emotional resonance that pulls her to do it is also very palpable. The impulse to protest or the worry about using words to speak to the other woman on one hand show that she is a real person and at the same time, also paint each time how submissive she is because the motivation to submit wins each Cum dumpster stories in her inner deliberation.

That was beautifully painted out. I'm off to read the other one now. Please send more. You ever do anything like this for real? Your manage to pull this reader into your stories with the outrageous behavior of the characters. But if they behaved the way one would expect the story would not be nearly as fun. Walking through your rich imagination is quite a tour.

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Cum dumpster stories

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Cum Dumpster Stories