Cuckold cocksucker stories

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I love sucking cock and even though I get to do a lot of it while my wife watches sometimes I like to do it one on one, just me and him. The feeling of a guy's cock growing larger in my mouth, knowing I can get him hard and give pleasure is a big turn on. I also love swallowing huge lo of cum and miss it when I don't get it regularly, which has been the case lately. In the ad I told guys to contact me if they wanted someone with a great mouth to come to them and suck their cock and swallow their load. Needless to say I got a lot of responses, the Cuckold cocksucker stories of them rude, obnoxious and obviously sent by people with too much time on their hands.

I deleted most but kept two, Scott and Bob. Scott sounded great but was out of town until next Monday. Bob was available today and after 11 s back and forth we agreed to meet at his house today at When he opened the door I was not disappointed. He was about my height, slim, good looking and obviously a little nervous I don't get nervous meeting new guys, but there are those butterflies in my stomach wondering who is on the other end of a strange door. We made chit chat, discussing this and that, feeling each other out.

Bob is divorced and in between girlfriends. When he gets horny and needs relief he looks online for a guy to come over and get him off. He made it clear he doesn't do this a lot and only wanted to receive a blowjob and not give one.

Cuckold cocksucker stories

I was fine with that as I really just wanted a cock to suck and to feel his cum Cuckold cocksucker stories my mouth. He wasn't really bi he said, just needed to cum and Craigslist was the easy way to do this. OK Bob, sure Finally he asked if I wanted I wanted to go upstairs and I followed him to the bedroom. With no foreplay he stripped off his shirt and pants, unsure if his boxers should follow. I quickly got out of my clothes to let him know it was time to get naked. With his boxers on the floor Bob laid on his back on the bed and I laid between his legs and started licking his soft cock.

Bob had a nice cock, about 6. I immediately went into heat and started sucking his cock and balls as fast as my mouth and tongue would move. As he grew harder I got more and more turned on. I rubbed his wet cock on my face, buried it in my mouth and couldn't stop moaning as he fucked my face.

I was truly a man possessed, I couldn't get enough of this cock.

Cuckold cocksucker stories

I made sure Bob knew he was to cum in my mouth and he let out a moan, so I knew he heard me. When his hands started rubbing my body, running through my hair, working my nipples while he grind his cock into my face I knew Bob was a lot more bi than he wanted to let on. His hands started playing with his balls then moved to his ass as he fingered his own hole. I moved his hand out of the way, licked my middle finger and worked it into his ass as deep as it would go.

Bob bucked and moaned and I knew he was close to cumming so I stopped to let him catch his breath.

Cuckold cocksucker stories

I slowly licked his thighs, working my way up his stomach to his nipples. After sucking on one and then the other I was going back to Bob's cock when he grabbed my head, pulled my mouth to his,and stuck his tongue in my mouth as he kissed me while his hands found my cock and started rubbing and pulling, rough, like he just couldn't get enough.

Cuckold cocksucker stories

I wanted more cock so I went back between his legs, taking the head into my mouth and sucking it gently. I started playing with his ass again and Bob raised his hips, trying to get his cock deeper into my mouth while I pushed one, then two fingers into his ass. That really got him worked up and his hips were so far off the bed my mouth and tongue now went to his ass.

I started rimming him, my tongue moving in and out of his ass while he started jerking and pulling on his cock. After a few minutes I heard him say NOW and my mouth went onto his cock as he shot a large, warm load of cum down my throat. I licked every drop until he squirmed in not quite pain. I could feel his cum drying on my mouth and could still taste it as I kissed him again.

I asked him if he wanted to fuck me, as I was more than willing I Cuckold cocksucker stories condoms and lube in case but he turned shy and mumbles something about having someplace to be. And no, he never did reciprocate, which is fine.

I'm sure I'll be hearing from Bob again and next time will be different I also fancy semi hard cock to take it into my mouth and play with my tounge and lips. It's even hotter when's sucking my cok and the wife is kissing me and going to utilise the cok just got hard by the hubby. I've sucked a few cocks before taking them into my ass. I gotta say, that hard velvety hunk of man meat is something to be desired. I loved sucking a guys cock. I have yet to have one cum in my mouth only bcuz I love the feeling of a man shooting cum in my ass. Suck cocks. I suck them since I was a teenager.

There is nothing wrong with it,since you really feel the urge to do it. After all,you will lubricate the dick that is about to penetrate your wife's orifices and after he is done,you will clean it up from his cum and your wife's juices. To be honest,I am a better cocksucker than my wife. I make them rock solid even though they have just cum and then,depending on my desire,I let them cum in my mouth or let them fuck my ass.

Do not forget that you suck his semen out of your wife's pussy or ass or licking it from wherever he came,or kissing her with his cum in her mouth,so why not sucking his cock so your wife has time to rest for another fuck? But,I insist in your urge to suck cock. Do not ever do something that makes toy uncomfortable. As I am still painfully trying to get mine past my rim, she is already half way in. I did try once with little success. As soon as I sucked him, he was more interested in finishing with his own hand I hardly care about size for my pleasure but I do want the bull or other bi man to enjoy what he is doing.

Cuckold cocksucker stories story has made me incredibly horny Cuckold cocksucker stories I have never sucked a cock without a condom before now huh?. S free I'd clearly swallow his cum down my throat into my cum waiting gullet. I'd love to be his cocksucker and get on my knees when he's about ready to burst his cum into my and go Ahhh "I want your jizz in my mouth to hungrily devour as I've never swallowed another mans load into my belly, will you be my "Cum Daddy"?

Cuckold cocksucker stories

I promise to never spit my cock suckers cum lips if you jizz in my mouth "Oh Master Who Feeds Me His Jizz Load" To make it more exciting for me I'll hire an "Escort" to be my temptress and suck and swallow his cum. I'll have her tell me to suck his cock like a true "Cocksucking Faggot " And to make it more real I'd have my "Escort" record my Cocksucking escapade for her to make me feel honored to be sucking a real mans cock and have her say things like "You Cuckold cocksucker stories suck it like a Sissy cocksucker now babe like I taught you huh " Mmmmm she says I like my sissy cocksucker sucking a mans dick like a "True Sissy Cocksucker" should now say "I suck cock for temptress and I reply yes 'm I suck cock till your satisfied master.

And my mistress declares to me "Now suck his cock till he spunks in your mouth" but show me his spunk in your before you swallow his jizz down your throat. Once he jazz's in my mouth my "Escort" then says to me to swallow his spunk down my throat for her and I do and say "Anything for you". Now that I've eaten another mans jizz and my "Escorts" filmed me doing this she says to me "Your now my cum eating sissy boy toy now huh?.

Yes I am and I'll suck this mans cock anytime you want me too "Mistress Escort" And then she says to me So your agreeing that I can tell you how many blowjobs to give him huh? She then says oh by the way I dare you to roll two six sided dice and times whatever the is at the end. She then rolls the dice and look at that that came up I'm going to have my mouth full for a while now.

Wow when that came up I was in heaven. Oh but now I have to run now no time to write this anymore my mouths goanna be full from now until eternity. All the while she is tellin me what cock suckin faggot i Am. You can Cuckold cocksucker stories now and register later. If you have anin now to post with your. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. or insert images from URL. A Bi Story bi mm cocksucking blowjobs swallowing. Share More sharing options Followers 0. Reply to this topic Start new topic.

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Cuckold cocksucker stories

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