Cuckold chasity stories

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Paul had his cock balls deep in my wife. I could see them tighten suddenly and he groaned loudly as he pumped his cum into her pussy, her own answering moan expressing her pleasure as she felt him cum hard inside her. My cock was locked and straining its cage and my buttocks still red and sore from the spanking Paul had given me in front of my amused, encouraging wife.

Cuckold chasity stories

I watched him demonstrate his ownership of her, filling Emma with his seed, making her cum and passionately cry out for him…. Could it really only be two months since my wife had first cuckolded me? It hardly seemed possible that so much could have changed in so short a time. Especially as it had taken years of hinting, persuasion and encouragement to get her to even consider either seeking a relationship with, or responding positively to another man. The catalyst had been the summer ball at the local RAF Station. As the resident psychologist, Emma had been invited and was looking forward to the social event.

She had wanted me to go with her but I'd said she would probably have more fun on her own. As the date of the ball drew closer, I took the opportunity to try and persuade my Cuckold chasity stories to indulge my other fetish — locking me in chastity! On the whole, she had never been keen on this idea but I told her she should lock me up before she went to the ball so that she knew for sure that I would not be masturbating over her whilst she was away.

I said the thought of her in her stockings and heels and her lovely new dress would undoubtedly have me wanting to play with myself — and that, if she locked my cock away, she could ensure I waited for her return the following day.

For the first time ever, Emma looked genuinely thoughtful about the concept. She still looked a little dubious, but with a slightly exasperated sigh, she told me to go ahead and show her how it worked. I took my trousers and pants off and between us we got Cuckold chasity stories fitted. Once the lock snapped into place she stepped back and looked down at me lying on the bed. She pursed her lips and then smiled. Finally, she actually giggled, admitting it was a bit of a turn on seeing me like that, all locked away. We had struggled a little bit putting the device on, because Emma was only partially dressed — and her touch had me growing almost instantly.

But with a little lubrication and a lot of pushing and shoving we had got it away. When Emma asked what she should do with the two keys I said she should put them on a chain around her neck. She laughed and asked what should she say if someone asked about them? Emma was silent for a long moment and then gave a long sigh.

Eventually, when she did come home I met her at the door, having heard her car pull into the driveway. I made her a cup of tea and sat down with her. Slowly, over sobs, her story came out. Emma looked at me. And then, all of a sudden I thought, "Why not? This is what he says he wants!

Cuckold chasity stories

And Paul is an attractive man and clearly wants me! I was getting seriously turned on listening to her story — I could feel my cock straining uncomfortably at the chastity cage. She told me how she had sucked his Cuckold chasity stories — something she had not done for me for years! Emma looked so crestfallen.

I, on the other hand, was so excited I was almost coming in my cage. What had they done? She said she'd been shy and a little reluctant so Paul had taken charge of her — and she had let him. Emma didn't seem to understand this, but I did — my wife lacked confidence in herself but I knew others found her attractive, even in her late forties! She whispered shamefacedly that she'd been so wet that he had slid straight into her. Emma looked so vulnerable, she was sitting, playing with a cushion.

After a moment she whispered, 'Are you sure? Enjoying it was the whole point!

Cuckold chasity stories

He seemed fascinated. She reached out and rubbed my groin, feeling the cage through the material of my jeans. I hurriedly pushed my jeans and boxers down so she could see my cock, locked away for the last twenty-four hours.

I simply nodded, as she stroked around the cage.

Cuckold chasity stories

I couldn't feel her fingers but I was straining out of the sides of the cage, which she could see. My breathing had accelerated and I could feel my cock pulsing in its cage. Emma was starting to look like she was enjoying herself, teasing me with her fingers and describing what had happened.

Cuckold chasity stories

Her earlier tears had disappeared and had been replaced by a slightly wicked expression on her face. His cock slid straight into me as I was so wet and he filled me so completely that I couldn't stop gasping. I felt like I was eighteen again, and a total slut — but it felt wonderful! And when he came in me I thought I would burst! Emma stroked my balls for a moment and then continued, 'I Cuckold chasity stories came as I felt him cum in me.

It was almost indescribable She looked up at me again; 'After all, you asked for this, didn't you? Maybe until the next time I've seen Paul,' she added wickedly as she got up and walked away, leaving me in a highly agitated state. for Free! Cuckold in the Making "First date - persuasion and guilt. Score 4.

Published 3 years ago. I watched him demonstrate his ownership of her, filling Emma with his seed, making her cum and passionately cry out for him… Could it really only be two months since my wife had first cuckolded me? She looked at me strangely but, to my surprise, did as I suggested. As she fixed the keys in place around her neck she looked at my reflection in the mirror. I looked back at her unsmiling face in the mirror. At that, her eyes brimmed with tears and she started to shake. Had he cum in her? Yes, at least three times that she remembered.

Cuckold chasity stories

Emma's face burned red as she said this. She didn't think so. Was she going to see him again? Emma hesitated. Emma hesitated, then she gave me a crooked smile. Emma looked at me for a what seemed like a long time. I just nodded in reply. Emma was quiet, gathering her thoughts. Again, all I could really do was nod.

Cuckold cuckold chastity mature.

Cuckold chasity stories

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