Cruel cuckold stories

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We had only been at the biker party a few minutes when my wife and Bobby locked eyes. I saw the look he gave her and I knew he was going to fuck her. She knew it too. She gives off a certain vibe when in the presence of an alpha male, and I sensed it and could tell he felt it also. She was dressed very sexy, with seamed stockings and garters, no bra and a see-through top. She looked like a woman with no inhibitions, one who reveled in the attention of men, and unafraid to return their glances and stares.

It is so much fun to watch her at a gathering or Cruel cuckold stories bar. There were only men present, and they ranged from young to middle-aged. They lusted after her and in appreciation she flirted with them all, but I knew it was Bobby who was going to claim her first. The thought of this really excited me. Bobby was a big guy, about six foot. He was dark-haired, handsome and muscular. He had brown eyes and full lips, which I found very sexy. He was wearing tight jeans and a tight tee shirt that showed off his abs and muscles.

The outline of his cock was plainly visible through his jeans. He noticed us both checking him out and gave us a smile. He sat down on a couch and motioned my wife to him. Bobby gave me an arrogant, superior look. I hurried over to the Cruel cuckold stories table and poured two scotches.

When I returned I noticed Bobby had a hand on her leg just above her knee. Bobby inched his fingers higher up her thigh. He paused for a moment to lift her and raise her skirt all the way up, exposing her hot, moist cunt. With one hand he began to finger her. He used his other hand to unbutton her top, exposing her braless tits for all to see. By now, several men had gathered around to watch the little show the two of them were putting on, and one of them spoke to me. Bobby and my wife began kissing. I could see their tongues dancing together as he fingered her and squeezed her tits.

The men around us were obviously enjoying watching the two of them. The one standing next to where I was sitting on the floor unzipped his trousers and took his hard cock out. He was young, slender with delicate features but well hung. He brought his cock even with my face, and I took him deep in my mouth. He grabbed my head and began stroking. While I sucked Cruel cuckold stories our eyes never left my wife and Bobby, as he continued with her.

I felt his throbbing cock get bigger and suddenly he expelled a big load of cum down my throat. I turned my attention to the two of them. The three of us moved down a hallway and found an empty bedroom with a king-sized bed. He pushed her down on the bed and began to disrobe. He told me if I wanted to stay I would have to do the same. He removed his jeans, briefs and shirt. He stood naked with his cock hard and watched me disrobe. He directed me to sit in a chair while he went to work on my wife.

First, he removed her skirt and top but left her heels, stockings and garters on. She looked so hot! He began to slap her tits, then her pussy. Next, he turned her over on her stomach and began to spank her ass. He stopped the spanking and began fingering her pussy, first with one finger, then two, then three.

Her eyes were half-shut, lips parted, moans growing louder. She began to arc her body to meet the thrusts of his fingers.

Cruel cuckold stories

He knows what I need: a real man with a manly cock. Not your pathetic little dick.

Cruel cuckold stories

Bobby turned her over on her back. He spread her legs and crawled down between them. He used his hands to squeeze her tits as he worked his tongue into her cunt. Up and down, in and out, his lips and tongue moved to suck her. After a few minutes, Bobby raised himself, moved up toward her head and brought his cock to her lips.

She licked and sucked, her tongue up and down his shaft, then took it between her lips. She kept her eyes on me as she serviced him, making sure I saw how much she was enjoying his cock. I crawled over and took his cock. I held onto it as he moved into position to enter her. As I held it, he Cruel cuckold stories rubbed it up and down on the wet entrance to her cunt, teasing her. He pushed, and the head of his cock entered her pussy.

She gave out a little gasp, followed by a moan. With my hand still wrapped around his cock, he began short-dicking her, using just the head of his cock to penetrate her cunt then withdrawing. As he gradually increased his tempo I removed my hand. Her hands were planted firmly on his butt. Suddenly he shoved his cock all the way in her in one long stroke, causing her to scream. He began to speak as his cock moved in and out. He settled into a steady rhythm of long deep strokes, and I could hear low guttural moans from somewhere inside my wife.

He Cruel cuckold stories over at me. The two of them were moaning loudly as he shot his cum into her willing cunt. He collapsed on top of her and I heard them both panting to catch their breath. It glistened with the mix of his cum and her pussy cream, as did her pussy. Bobby turned on his back and spread his legs apart. He took his cock in one hand and beckoned to me with his other. I positioned myself between his legs and grabbed his butt with both hands. His warm, naked body looked and felt erotic. I leaned down and took his cock in my mouth, lick-sucking him. Some of the juice had dripped down to his ball sack, and I made sure to lick it as well.

I worked on him gently for a few minutes before he grabbed my head and forced his cock down my throat all the way. I continued to make my lips as tight as I could, and I felt his cock getting harder, which turned me on even more.

Cruel cuckold stories

Bobby, his muscular six-foot body with his cock hard once more, then pushed me down on our bed next to her. He grabbed my arms and turned me on my stomach. I began to tongue her pussy, outside and inside. There was so much cream, and it was delicious.

As I continued to work on her, Bobby spread my legs and I felt him crawl between them.

Cruel cuckold stories

He used both hands to squeeze my butt. Bobby reached for the bottle of lube on the nightstand. He squeezed out a generous amount on his palm and began applying it to his hard cock. He used his hands to spread my ass cheeks and I felt the tip of his cock begin to work its way into my pussy. He pushed deeper into me, his strokes increasing in intensity. She watched us with a big smile on her face, her hands pulling my head tight into her well-fucked cunt.

He felt good going in and good coming out. As his fucking quickened I knew he was about to cum and pump a big load in my ass pussy. I was in heaven as he finally unloaded with a series of violent strokes and I was about to cum myself. His strokes stopped and all two hundred pounds of his naked body collapsed on top of me. It was at that moment that I shot my load, maybe the hardest cum I had ever experienced in my life. She adjusted the water and Cruel cuckold stories of them entered the stall. She took a soft sponge and gently began to wash his body.

Cruel cuckold stories

After both rinsed off and wrapped themselves in towels, she came back into the bedroom where I lay naked on the bed. You can use my pussy anytime you want. I helped Bobby gather his clothes and get dressed. I put his socks and shoes on for him as the two of them kissed and hugged. I gave his cock one last kiss as he finished dressing. for Free! Cruel Party Wife "Husband and wife both enjoy alpha-man's cock" 23 Votes Score 4.

Cruel cuckold stories

Published 3 years ago. After I was naked he looked at my cock, then grabbed it and squeezed.

Cruel cuckold stories

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