College hazing sex stories

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This is the first story I ever wrote some 15 years ago. I'd forgotten all about it till I came across it hidden in a corner of my hard drive.

College hazing sex stories

A stag night hazing le to an unwelcome experience for the groom. The new boy Tommy spends a day on the construction site. After work, a rowdy group of horny, muscular laborers get their rocks off gangbanging the hot young gymnast with the perfect ass. Then, the new movie Tarzan, Grady, and his Italian lover Mario reconcile after a huge fight. The naked jock begs the handsome Italian, "Show me you forgive me, buddy. You know what I need I need it so There was the Frat meeting, and that would mean some more hazing, but it would also mean seeing Trent again.

College hazing sex stories

He still couldn't believe his luck, or how good last night had been. Skinny kid s football team at his neighbor's suggestion. He happily winds up in a humiliating hazing ritual at the hands of his new teammate, meeting his future bondage master. Smell torture themes too. Frat party hazing is only just hazing if you keep your victims safe. It get's much worse when you leave them to be discovered by a group of sexual deviants. Jimmijust entered a fraternity infamous for its gay antics and as a means of initiantion he must go to a campsite with several other college freshmen and fraternity members for a week of erotic sexcapades.

Ready to make a place for myself in society, Handsome, built, financially set, but I needed a good education to finish it all off, man was I in for an education, And some Academic learning too. A hotshot rookie is initiated by his new hockey team. Themes: raunchy, sports hazing, nut shaving, bondage, gags, smell torture, sexual contact, innocent encounter.

Sheriff Scarpelli and Chief Carson visit the Travis Ranch to interview Wade and Randy again and end up finding another surprise in the barn.

College hazing sex stories

Randy confesses to an indiscretion. Jeremy learns what may have happened to Brandon at the university and gets a tip on where he might be. Whether to pledge into a Frathouse or just stay in the college Dorm was the big decision in my mind at that time. I wanted to Pledge but wasn't sure about me ing, being gay and all. Then College hazing sex stories accidently took a turn for he better. Story by Tied Up Sock Fetishist.

When a year-old boy crosses paths with the leader of the soccer team he gets inaugurated into the team but first he has to go through the painful, uncomfortable and humiliating hazing ritual. Straight cadet Kevin gets hazed for his birthday. When he is held down and his cock played with, I see my chance to get my hands on his young meat. The casual game takes an unexpected turn and straight jock Kevin suddenly finds himself desperately struggling to hold his load as his cock is unrelentingly jerked off by his friends.

Young pledge has a crush on older fraternity bro. One drunken night, they discover mutual bondage fetish when pledge is mummified, subjected to body smells, and has his sweaty dick fondled. Sexual contact. Tim and Stu were in the final months of high school. It was turning to a year of discovery, fun and gentle prep for college.

College hazing sex stories

An exciting turn of their friendship gave no hint their almost perfect world was on the cusp of more drama than they could have ever prepared for. Just to let you know - This is a longish story, and it may not contain enough sex for you all.

College hazing sex stories

They were all big men on campus, simply because they played football. The whole town seemed to worship at their feet, for that reason only. Granted, Skylar was not like the other three, even though he was their leader. Jason tries to finish his freshman year on the baseball team without incident, but faces a curveball from the seniors The frat brothers line up for their blowjobs, and many have special requests.

Well, not just requests, with pledge Dan in the pillory Brother Jason gives pledge Dan his requirements for his blowjob, and the consequences for doing a half-assed job. Then the brothers extend their fun with Mike's vibrating butt plug College hazing sex stories another frat. Pledge Mike's ordeal at Phi Alpha Sigma begins, as well as the enforced workouts for all pledges. Pledge Mike is punished for missing a workout, and pledge Dan sticks his nose in other people's business, yet again. Will he ever learn? Pledge Dan is taught a lesson in self-control, while pledge Mike serves Tyler at PAS for the first time in order to keep him quiet.

Pledge Ben has a decision to make, but neither choice will end well for him. Meanwhile, Mike is over at PAS still trying to avoid the humiliation of revealing the vibrating plug in his ass to Tyler. The pledges are read the rules for the week and the consequences for breaking them. Then one pledge lies to hide his secret and ends up having to help a frat member remove his sweaty clothes after football practice. Pledge Jared is in control of pledge Ben. But when he doesn't win the challenge, the tables are turned.

Pledge Mike is put through some frat style humiliation.

College hazing sex stories

When pledge Dan comes to his rescue, does it help, or does he end up regretting his decision? Pledge Mike slacks off, and is punished accordingly. Pledge Dan gives a bit more "personal" service to brother Jason. Click to watch now on GayDemon. Reviews Stories Blog Videos Pics. Live Sex Cams on GayDemon!

College hazing sex stories College hazing sex stories

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