Charmed sex stories

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Charmed sex stories

Charmed Zoo Phoebe Halliwell was in her usual place at the end desk in the library with books piled all around her. She had an important exam coming up in her Physiology course. She was the youngest of three sisters at 23 and the other two were Pru 27 and Piper Their childhood in San Francisco had been fairly normal until their mother was killed in mysterious circumstances five years ago.

Their father soon moved out of the house after the killing leaving the three sisters to live in the large house that had been in their family for generations. As things settled down and the girls began to rebuild their lives, they found that they had developed special powers. Erratic and scary at first, the powers developed and grew until one night they were visited by the spirit of their grandmother, who told them of the history of witches in the family and that Pru, Piper and Phoebe were destined to be the most powerful witches who had ever lived.

They would be known as, The Charmed Ones. Each of the girls had a different power. Pru could move items Charmed sex stories her mind, Piper could freeze time and Phoebe received visions of past and future events. It was also evident that their powers were increasing. Pru could astral project images of herself anywhere and interact with people as if she was actually there and Piper, instead of freezing people, could cause their atoms to vibrate at such a rate that they would overheat and explode in a ball of flames.

Phoebe's powers were also growing and she found it increasing easily to influence people or animals to do her will. Each power was formidable on its own, but when the three were together they were practically invincible.

Charmed sex stories

Phoebe was concentrating on the open book in front of her and she didn't hear anyone approach. She jumped in surprise when a voice behind her said, "Hello. I didn't mean to startle you. I didn't hear you come over. I sit at the back beside the window? Sam Torrance? I'm Jenny by the way. Phoebe immediately stiffened and her eyes jammed closed as images burned through her mind and she gasped at the unexpected vision.

In only a few seconds she had a clear image of Jenny lying naked on a bed and very close to orgasm, with her brother's stiff cock sliding in and out of her cunt. Phoebe's own fuck hole began juicing up in response to the erotic images and the pulled herself together to swallow hard and say, "Hi Jenny, please Charmed sex stories down. I had other things on my mind and spent the whole time daydreaming," she replied.

Charmed sex stories

She had thought about bedding him but it was just too complicated at the time. As she pictured his thick cock ramming in and out of Jenny's cunt, she wished she had. Thankfully, the library table hid the fact that Phoebe's fingers were under her skirt rubbing over her panty covered sex. Phoebe cleared her throat and pulled her hands back on top of the desk trying to look natural as she raised her eyebrows in response. I'm sorry. I'm finished here anyway. Phoebe made the introductions and said to Jenny, "Why don't you wait in the living room and I'll go and find my notebook.

They went into the kitchen and Phoebe exclaimed in a hushed voice, "She's fucking him! Tall, broad shoulders and always wore those tight fitting denims. You always said that he must have a pair of socks stuffed down the front. Jenny's his younger sister and he's fucking her," Phoebe said and as Piper's eyes widened, she continued, "Oh, and by the way, no socks. He's Charmed sex stories like a Charmed sex stories. That banging you can hear is the headboard of her bed.

They've been fucking for hours. If Jenny asks, you better tell her that we've got workmen in. Piper had a similar smile as she said, "You're a dirty pervert, sister of mine. As Jenny's hand reached out for it, Phoebe let it go and it dropped to the floor.

As soon as the girl's fingers made contact with the book, Phoebe nodded to Piper who waved her hands in front of her and froze Jenny in that position. Together, they lifted the back of her short skirt and they dropped to their knees to get a better look. Piper drew her fingers over a large wet stain in the crotch of Jenny's pink panties and sniffed her fingers. She wormed her index finger into the girl's slippery cunt and pulled it out covered in thick globs of sperm. As she showed it triumphantly to her sister, Piper said huskily, "Oh, nice asshole.

The next finger she offered to Piper who gratefully sucked it into her throat and swallowed the slime. Piper pulled her finger out and allowed Phoebe to smell Jenny's asshole before popping the dirty finger into her mouth. They were grinning at each other when the glass window suddenly shattered and they both shot to their feet. Phoebe looked frantically around but couldn't see anything when she suddenly found herself flying through the air and into the old antique dresser.

She lay there stunned and managed to gasp, "Piper, there's someone here. Freeze him. Jenny had been on the edge of whatever force was being used against then but because she remained frozen, she had simply toppled over like a store mannequin. Both sisters whirled around to where the voice appeared to come from and Piper said, "Who are you. What do you want? The name's Kantor. Oh, and in case you so called clever witches hadn't worked it out yet, I'm a demon and I'm invisible.

As to what I want, well that's easy. I want to kill you two and your other sister. But before I do, I'm going to tie you down one by one and let all my demon friends fuck you.

Charmed sex stories

I have a lot of friends you know, and before we're finished, you'll be begging us to let you die. Everything became quiet and the girls looked at each other in expectation. Just as Piper was about to speak, a voice whispered in her ear, "Missed. The raced up the stairs and Piper made to reach for the handle of the bedroom door. Phoebe stopped her and as she gasped for breath and said, "Cant…. Not alone. Pru's boss was lying on his back as she bounced her naked body up and down on his cock. She had just realised that he had gone strangely quiet when her two sisters burst through the door.

There was an audible plop as his prick slid out of her fuck hole and she jumped down beside them. A thin film of perspiration covered her body, her nipples stood erect from her flawless tits and her cunt was red and swollen open in lust. She turned around to find both Pru and Piper staring at her. You know I like cunt juice. She never saw the crashing blow that sent her naked body spinning into the wall.

As she sprawled on the floor, the voice gave a low whistle and said, "Wow, nice cunt. I'm going to enjoy fucking that. Piper watched the indentations from the invisible fingers as they squeezed the life out of her younger sister and she snatched up the vase of flowers from the dresser and threw Charmed sex stories water to where she estimated Kantor to be standing.

Charmed sex stories

As the water ran from his demon body, she had a clear view of his position and with both arms straight out she concentrated her power on that spot. The demon screamed and released Phoebe's throat as he took one shaky step towards Piper. In the next second however he collapsed to his knees and howled in pain as he exploded into a fiery ball that quickly vanished.

Charmed sex stories

Phoebe was rising unsteadily to her feet as Piper rushed over to Pru. It took a few minutes for Pru to recover and her sisters helped her to her feet and explained how Piper had vanquished the demon. Why is my tit so sore? Pru was rubbing tenderly at her throbbing teat as Charmed sex stories turned and said, "I'm going for a shower.

I just don't feel horny anymore. And after you said I smell like cunt too. They both stopped at the door and held their other hand out to Piper, who smiled and ed them. Piper pulled her pink sweater over her head and shook her hair back into position.

Her bare 34C tits were topped with long nipples that were rock hard and Pru's mouth watered as she imagined suckling on them. Piper reached behind her to unzip her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She was wearing a pair of black thong panties that she kicked off and jumped onto the bed beside her sister. Their hands automatically caressed each others bodied and as Pru sucked one of Piper's cherry stone nipples into her mouth, Piper's hand reached between Pru's parted legs and gently stroked the wet outer lips of her cunt. Don't wait for me guys," Phoebe said as she stood with her hands on her hips and watched her two sister's foreplay.

Pru lashed Piper's sensitive teat with her tongue as she dropped her hand to her sisters fuck hole.

Charmed sex stories

They finger fucked each other with practised ease and Piper's eyes closed as her older sister teased her hard clit. Phoebe drew her tee shirt over her head and dropped it onto the floor. Her skirt quickly followed and she rubbed her fingers over the wet stain in the crotch of her cotton briefs as she listened to the sloshing noise that her sisters were making as they stirred each other's cunts.

Phoebe's panties ed the rest of her clothes on the floor as she stood on the bed and sat her butt down on the cast iron framework at the bottom of the bed. She played with herself for a few moments before standing up and straddling one of the brass balls that adorned the cast iron frame.

Charmed sex stories

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