Cfnm medical stories

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Cfnm medical stories

Search forums. Install the app. Thread starter mrmet69 Start date May 19, Forums Flashing Experiences. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. May 13, I wanted to post two other experiences i have had with revealing myself to women. The first was when I had a small lump in one of my testicles, and I went for an ultrasound.

A man was supposed to do the procedure but they told me at the last minute that he would not be available but a Cfnm medical stories is the only one there that day that can do it, and asked if I felt comfortable with that. I have always been a bit of an exhibitionist, so I actually liked the idea, so I agreed. When I got there, they put me in a room by myself and told me to take my pants and underwear off and place a towel over my penis and leave my testicles exposed.

The woman who did the ultrasound was actually fairly attractive, and a combination of her seeing me like that, and rubbing the gel on my balls was getting me aroused. Part of me was hoping the towel would fall off, but part of me was afraid of her reaction if she saw my erection.

Cfnm medical stories

As it turns out, the towel stayed on the whole time, but I still enjoyed showing off at least part of myself to a woman, even in a clinical setting such as this. I'll post my other experience in another post below My other experience occurred when I had some irritation just below the head of my penis. And, no, it wasn't from over-masturbating, there was some other kind of skin irritation there.

I didn't feel Cfnm medical stories going to my "regular" dermatologist a female, by the way, I put 'regular' in quotes because I have seen her a few times, it's not like I go there a lot. I thought it would be fun to see another female dermatologist, so I searched for the ones that are covered by insurance in our area that were female, and now you can search pretty much any doctor and find a photo of them online, so I picked one that looked attractive in the pics I saw. When the doctor came into the examining room, it turned out that she was even hotter than her photos.

But I hit the jackpot even more than that. She had a young female medical student that was observing that day, and she was very cute as well. The doctor asked me if it was ok if she observed, and I, of course, said it was, but now I was afraid I was going to Cfnm medical stories hard under this situation.

Actually, i didn't know if it was even possible for me to NOT be hard because I felt some stirring start to happen down there already and I was still fully clothed. They said they would leave the room and asked me to put on the gown, and I asked if that was necessary, what was the point of covering everything ELSE up, and besides, those paper gowns are rather uncomfortable.

The doc said it was ok, and i only needed to remove my pants and underwear and leave my shirt on. So the ladies left the room to give me time to strip from the waist down and then I waited for the ladies to return to the room.

Cfnm medical stories

I felt like I was semi-hard but just a little bit, just about the perfect amount where it wasn't real obvious I had an erection, it just looked like I had a large flaccid penis. They came back and I was afraid I would get a full hard-on, but miraculously, that didn't happen, even when the doc Cfnm medical stories handling my penis and moving it around looking at the affected area, with the med student peeking in from close range.

I was in this position for at least a couple minutes, and then the doctor proscribed me a cream to use, which actually cleared up my skin in about 3 days. The only thing was, I was afraid to irritate the area by masturbating, so I waited 3 days after this incident before i could do that. It was interesting how I got more turned on in hindsight when thinking about the experience than I did when I was actually there. After having to wait 3 days, and thinking about that experience, let's just say it was an amazing release. Too bad the issue hasn't come back, because I'd like to go back to that doctor again, although there probably won't be a med student in the mix.

Oliver Clothesoff Where the hell am I now? Mar 21, 4, IP set for fuck all?????? I recently had vertebrae in my neck fused. That resulted in a couple of days in the hospital after the surgery. I have been labeled as a "fall risk" so I wasn't allowed to get out of bed to go the restroom.

They required that I have assistance getting up and making my way to the bathroom.

Cfnm medical stories

They wanted me swallowing normally before they would release me, so I had to practice drinking water, a lot of water. When you combine that with the short gown and no underwear, they saw me every time! Luckily for me it was all female nurses and techs. May 4, My wife is a cardiac nurse at the local hospital. Though she never lets me know who her patients are she has let me know that she and her fellow nurses see and handle far more penises every day than they care to but it is just part of the job. She has told me about some of the most grotesque penises and balls that she and the other nurses have to work with Cfnm medical stories when I asked her about the nice looking ones, she says they are extremely rare.

Most of the patients on her floor are elderly and many are so over weight they have to look for the penis to insert the catheter. Once in a while they get a younger good looking guy in and all of the nurses joke about how they wish they had that patient.

Cfnm medical stories

I asked her how many of the guys have erections and she told me that she has never seen one in her many years on the floor. She said that most of the guys are straight from the intensive care and have tubes going in and out including in the penis so they are not in any condition to think about sex. I told her that guys are always in condition to think about sex right up to the day they die. I never told her but the last time I was in a hospital over night, I made sure I was hard all night after visiting hours were over and every nurse on the florr came to take a look.

I made sure to kick off the covers while I faked being asleep and they all stopped by for a look. That was about 11 years ago but I still think about it and get hard. Rantalion Desperately flashing Susan. May 26, A few years ago I had to go to the dermatologist here in USA and researched on-line to find a pretty female.

The assistant was a very pretty blonde and got me ready for the dermatologist, also a blonde and just a little bit chunky. She gave me another long strip and told me to lay that over me. I said that I am a nudist and the paper seemed pointless. She replied that it was required, then left the room and closed the door.

She came back in later, followed by the dermatologist. The assistant sat in the corner at the computer entering info told to her by the dermatologist, not once looking away from the computer. The dermatologist inspected my arms, legs and chest by moving the paper around, always keeping my crotch covered.

She looked at my crotch very briefly by lifting the paper, so briefly and without touching my penis or balls that she would not have seen any problems there if I had. Then she had me turn onto my stomach while Cfnm medical stories held the paper up, then laid it down over me again. The whole visit was disappointing as an exhibitionist opportunity. In contrast, a few months later I was on a visit to my more broad-minded home country and went to the dermatologist that I had used for years.

Also a pretty woman and very friendly. She simply told me to get naked and lie down on the examination bed. She looked me all over, moving my penis and balls around with her hands to give a really good examination. She froze off some sun spots, luckily none on my dick. I was totally exposed throughout and she stood with me chatting while I dressed. A very different experience. Spikes I loved Flashdance back in ' Apr 25, Southwest USA. About 5 years ago I saw my urologist because I was getting up to pee times a night due to a enlarged prostrate.

He scheduled a TURP procedure to enlarge the pipe. In the meantime, he said if I was having trouble peeing, a trip to the hospital to insert a catheter would cost a lot of money. So his answer was to send me home with a catheter that I could insert myself, to which I replied that I'd never done this before.

He said, no worries because they would show me how to do it. Anyway, I go into another exam room and this beautiful blonde nurse walks in with a bag of all the needed items. She proceeds to tell me to drop my pants and she'll help me do it. Here I am, standing there with her holding my cock, while she instructs me to insert this tube up my dick. If you've never had it done before, it is an interesting experience. When I get home and relate the story to my wife, the first thing she asks was if I got a hard on with the nurse holding on to my dick. To which I replied, it was so painful, the last thing on my mind was a hard on.

But I have certainly gotten hard subsequently while thinking about the experience. Apr 15, Harlow, Essex, UK. I was born with several disabilities, nothing too extreme nothing that really affects me too much but I had to see a doctor once a year every year since i was a baby for a medical check-up to see how I was doing and how my disabilities affected me as I grew up.

On the last visit I when I was 18 I went on my own and it was a different doctor. I knew that was Cfnm medical stories but i had a good idea of where he might be going with this so i played along, anyway he told me to go to the small eam room and strip, the way his office was desined from the main corridoor you would walk in to a big rectanguler high celinged office turn left and walk along the length of the room and thendo another left into an exam room. As i was striping i heard the door lock and i saw the doctor walk over to the far side of the room and close the blinds on the windows that basicly made up that side of the room meanwile i was now naked and sitting on the exam table and the doctor started the exam doing the blood preasure Cfnm medical stories on my arm and so forth.

I appolagised to which he chukled and said it Cfnm medical stories fine he then moved his hand over to my cock and started examaning it, moveing it and tilting it this way and that and he asked me about weather i was sexualy active i told him that i was gay and he asked if i was practiceing safe sex all wilest holding my fully hard cock in his hand and well the subject change was getting to be to much and after he absent mindedly tuged on my cock i came andghasping i closed my eyes and rode out my orgasomwhen i opened my eyes the doctor was looking back at me with a huge grin to wich i again appolgised and he shook his head and said it was fine he then carred on with the exam and eventualy distcharged me with a clean bill of health.

I meet hime at a pride event in london a coupple of years later where after spending a realy great day together we eventualy whent to a hotel where i finaly maneged to return the faver. You must log in or register to reply here.

Cfnm medical stories

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Cfnm medical stories

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Cfnm medical stories

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