Castrated cuckold stories

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please Castrated cuckold stories leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. The word Castrated cuckold stories from the chicken farmers of his day.

When their rooster or cock grew old, they would bring in a younger cock to service the hens. They referred to the older cock as the cuckold. They would cut off the cuckold's spurs so it could not injure the younger cock, should they fight. Henpeck is another word we get from the early chicken farmers.

When a cock tries to mount a hen: the hen pecks at the cock thus driving him away. Unable to mate with the hen the cock is said to be henpecked. This true story is about the deep love I had for my wife and how she took advantage of that love: making me her cuckold, henpecked husband. When my wife and I married, I was twenty one and she was nineteen. We were just two young virgin. My wife's manager, Warren, was a couple of years older then me. He was a tall handsome guy and my wife was very much attracted to him.

He attended our wedding and on that day, I knew, my beautiful bride knew and he knew that whenever he wanted her, she would be his. He allowed us to live our first year in marital bliss before he decided take her.

She was now twenty years of age, with a year of marital experience, she was safe and ready for his sexual pleasure. On that morning she left for work a happy, carefree, innocent, young, newly wedded girl. That night she came home a woman, a woman with a secret; I was now her cuckold. That first week of my cuckolding left me so confused.

We had been so intimately connected, we were each others confidant. Then suddenly she disconnected from me. She became distant and I could feel this invisible wall between us. She no longer reached for me. She no longer had an interest or sexual desires for me. I felt so left out, so alone. Gradually I came to realize the reason for her distance from me, she was having an affair with her boss and there was nothing I could do about it.

That intimate connection that we had shared that first year, would never return. She no longer wanted to have vaginal intercourse with me. Whenever I would think of him fucking her, I would get angry. Then I would get an erection and end up masturbating. One night my wife came home from work, we kissed and she went into the bedroom to change. Then she called to me.

I walked to the bedroom doorway and she was standing there in her bra and panties, pointing down at the bed saying, "What's that? Then I saw it, about five globs of my dried semen. I thought I was careful but I must have missed it. Then she frightened me. DO YOU? She started to calm down as she realized how neglected I've been and she said, "Look! If you feel the need to jerk off, ask me, I'll drop what I'm doing and I'll stroke it for you. You know I'm very good at that.

Castrated cuckold stories

If you can't wait till I get home, then go in the bathroom, close the door and take care of it. Just clean up after yourself and you don't have to tell me about it because I don't want to know. Then she asked, "What brought this on? You didn't bring a Playboy magazine into this house.

Did you? I started thinking about Warren fucking you and I got very angry. Then I started thinking about what he would be doing to you, kissing you, feeling your tits and ass and I got an erection. She got a look of disgust and said, "Look! Warren is not fucking me. You don't have any proof. It's all in your mind, you're imagining it and if thinking of another man fucking me gives you an erection, then you are a homosexual.

You know what I think? I think you have an attraction for Warren. All of my life I have struggled with homosexual tendencies and over the years, I've managed to keep them suppressed and hidden from my family and friends. Maybe Castrated cuckold stories wasn't too successful in hiding those feelings from her.

After that masturbation episode, she began a routine of stroking me whenever she felt I needed it. She discovered that the more she masturbated me; the more passive and submissive I became. She was denying me vaginal intercourse which prevented me from expressing my male dominance. Another man was gratifying her sexual needs by ejaculating his sperm deep in her womb but with me, she would use her hand to draw my sperm from me and then rinse it down the drain. All of these factors had the effect on me that I became psychologically castrated.

If she saw me get an erection, she would reinforce my castration with a stroking. At first, I tried to resist her but she persisted and gained total control of my emotions, in effect; making me her docile eunuch. After I surrendered and became her eunuch, my life changed for the Castrated cuckold stories. It became very peaceful and tranquil: for I was no longer frustrated or concerned about sex and I no longer argued, protested or became suspicious of her. Whenever she would take a shower, she would have me dry her off.

I loved toweling her beautiful, warm, soft, voluptuous body. I wanted to take her in my arms, lay her on the bed, feel the comfort of her as I lay between her legs and make love to her but that was not to be; for her hand always rendered my genitals useless. When her toe nails needed attention: she would have me clip, file and paint them with nail polish. She was ever vigilant to keep me castrated. She would expose her body to me and if I showed any of getting an erection, she would again reinforce my castration with her stroking. One time we were in a restaurant, sitting at a table, waiting for our meal to be served and I started an innocent conversation which drifted to the subject of her boss.

Not wanting to talk of her boss, she picked up the salt shaker and placed it on the table in front of her. It was crystal, cylindrical in shape about six inches tall, she said nothing but with a look of seduction, placed her fist around the shaker and slowly began to stroke it up and down. I changed the subject and she returned the shaker to it's place. I knew that I was incapable of gratifying her sexually so I tried to make it up to her in other ways.

I was now doing the house work or whatever else she wanted me to do. My subservient relationship to her was kept behind closed doors as she didn't want her family to know, what she was doing to me. She decided the TV shows to watch and what time we would go to bed. If the phone rang; she would always answer it and after she had finished talking, she would hang it up, never saying who it was and I never asking.

I saved her from having to lie. Some Saturday Castrated cuckold stories she would take a shower, get dressed and go out. I never asked where she was going and she never volunteered to tell me. Later that day when she came home, I could tell that she had been with a man. There is a certain type of man that she finds irresistible and I don't think that she can help herself, especially when they make advances on her. When her boss took her, he opened the flood gates for other men.

She was so beautiful, so sexy and so voluptuous that I don't think men could help themselves when they were around her, even if they happen to be my friends. One afternoon two of my friends, Bill and Mel were going to Bill's car which was parked in a parking garage. Mel started to get into Bill's car but by some strange coincidence, he looked down into the car that was parked next to him. He Castrated cuckold stories face to face with my wife.

She was in her boss's car, giving him a blow job. Once my friends found out that I was a cuckold they lost respect for me. Bill could forget what he saw but not Mel. Mel had been married for only a year and then his wife divorced him.

He was bitter about it. Mel threatened my wife that if she didn't take care of him, then he would reveal her dark secret to me. She despised Mel but she gave in to his demands. She tried to discourage me from being friends with him but at the time, I knew nothing of what was going on. A few times Mel would stop by my house for no particular reason and while he was talking to me, he would ogle my wife. He often would rub the front of his pants in front of her.

Castrated cuckold stories

She could have walked away but she had to stay there, to make sure he didn't say anything. I thought his behavior was crude and odd at the time but now I realize, that he must have been stopping by my house quite often. Those times that he met me, I was probably home unexpectedly. After a few years, I was offered a job in another state so we moved away from her boss and Mel.

The new job paid well so my wife no longer needed to work. She was happy that I raised our standard of living and we began a new start in our marriage. In the new environment, we became like husband and wife. She no longer stroked me and our love making was like any other normal married couple, if there is a normal. By having vaginal intercourse, I regained my male dominant status. Whenever my wife and I Castrated cuckold stories meet a man, he could tell right away that my wife was too much woman for me.

That I could never keep her gratified. She always gave them the impression that she was restless and needed to be fucked. I could always tell when she became interested in another man. Her body language always gives her away. She could never hide her desires and passions from me. It killed me to know that she desired another man but I also found it to be very exciting and erotic.

She could make herself so alluring and it built up her ego knowing she could turn a complete stranger on. I loved her so much and wanted to please her so much, that I could never prevent her from having her way with another man if that's what she chose. I didn't want to be in her way. I just wanted her to Castrated cuckold stories free and happy while she was with me.

Castrated cuckold stories

When my wife turned thirty, her type of man came into our lives. I had to have some repairs done to our house so I was getting some bids on the work. One contractor came by late one afternoon. I showed him the work that needed to be done and he went about the outside of the house taking all of his measurements.

Castrated cuckold stories

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