Caribbean sex stories

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The strong Caribbean winds buffeted Jacque and I as we strolled along the one mile stretch of pristine beach at the start of our three-week holiday. The warm breeze and the taste of the sea was a welcomed change from the hectic month we had in the city. We have always relied on these get-a-ways to recharge and reconnect as a couple. We had only planned on a short walk before getting back to get settled in, so I just wore my favorite sheer black shanti pants and a sunhat.

The feeling of the wind on my topless body felt unbelievable and freeing. We both had wide smiles on our faces as we walked hand-in-hand Caribbean sex stories the beach, lost in conversation. We walked further than we had planned and were nearing the more touristy section of the beach where the cruise lines drop off and I did not have a cover-up with me.

We have come this far, and the walk will do us good. You should be proud to be seen and you will put most of the young cruise wives to shame. He was right.

Caribbean sex stories

I am proud of how I look, even though gravity has been working its dastardly deeds on my body for a while. I keep Caribbean sex stories shape constantly and decided I would go along with him and continue walking even though there was not one other topless woman around on the ever-crowding beach.

There is something about being the only woman topless though that is empowering. Both of them are probably jealous of us in their own ways. I kind of liked that. We obviously arrived at rush hour as there were two huge cruise lines docked at the pier and the beach was packed with tourists.

We did our best to maintain our hand holding as we weaved our way through the crowds to the end of the beach, but it eventually became impossible, so we walked single file for the last bit with Jacque following me.

I kept my head up and made a point to make eye contact with anyone who seemed to be watching me. It was a fun exercise that was somewhat arousing. We made it to the end of the beach and made the turn to go back to our villa. I Caribbean sex stories it to seem as if you are by yourself and I want to watch the reactions to see if it is different than if I was walking next to you.

I smiled at him knowingly. I learned a long time ago that he loves seeing me being seen so I decided to allow him his little fetish. Besides, I like being seen too, so it worked for both of us. Now, if there is a sexy Italian man I started my walk back up the beach by myself and played my eye-contact game as I went.

The vast majority of guys looked away as soon as I looked at them with only a few being brave enough, or young enough, to maintain their gaze. It was a fun exercise in human nature with the combination of my exhibitionism and their male psychological feebleness, and I enjoyed it immensely.

As I made my way past the throngs and into the more sparsely inhabited part of the beach, I kept walking, but Jacque soon caught up and grabbed my hand again for the walk home. Every time you got past the guys they were turning and watching you walk away.

Caribbean sex stories

Many of them made crude gestures, grabbing their crotches and stuff while they stared at you strolling up the beach. That was certainly not the scene I was not seeing. It was funny to get the full picture that Jacque filled in with his observations. It was fun from an exhibitionist point of view I guess, and I so loved trying to look the guys in the eyes. Such weak men. They kept averting their eyes when I looked at them. It was an interesting experiment but not a turn on. Our villa was right on the beach and while there was a small dune separating the property, it appeared continuous with the public area.

Caribbean sex stories

The pool was directly at the properties edge with clear sight lines to the ocean and since the beach sloped downward it looked like the surf line was at our doorstep. It made for a wonderful setting to be so close to the ocean. Conversely, it also offered clear site lines from the beach to the pool and patio area of the villa. I propose that this mini-dune be a threshold and that once we cross over this line to the villa property, we remain naked at all times and under all circumstances.

Caribbean sex stories

Plus, once we cross over onto the beach, we both remain topless at all times. No cover-ups or shirts allowed. What do you say? It could be fun. Jacque was always coming up with unique ways to keep our life together interesting. I smiled at him. I loved him and had to admit, I loved his games too. What are the ground rules? No clothes are allowed on the property side of this dune.

That means as soon as we pass this threshold, we are nude. The same is true going the other way. We have to be nude until we pass the dune onto the beach. There are no exceptions. We are both nude at all times when on the villa property. And when we are on the beach, the entire length of the beach, we must both be topless at all times whether we are together or by ourselves. Somehow, I knew there was no way I could go the whole three weeks without ending up on the beach naked. But, OK. You are already a nudist so that is not new, but I want you to find enjoyment in this experiment and I am betting that you will.

With that, we disrobed and walked over the dune onto the villa property and began our Caribbean experiment. Jacque is an amazing cook so we arranged for the kitchen to be fully stocked with most of what we would need for the first few days prior to our arrival since we planned on eating in most of the time.

A nice perk offered by the rental company. We unpacked the few things we brought with us then moved to the poolside patio for a bottle of lunchtime champagne and cheese. I stood at the patios edge looking out towards the ocean scoping out where we should claim our spot for the weeks to come while Jacque prepared our lunchtime snack. Caribbean sex stories beach was not packed but there was a line of beach chairs along the surf. We would have to get out early in the mornings to lay stake to our claim. As I was searching for the perfect beach spot a man carrying a surf board walked by just a few yards away.

I had totally forgotten that I was standing at the edge of the beach wearing only my sunhat. Years of nudism and being comfortable in my skin helped me to not react too awkwardly at his sudden appearance. How are we neighbors? It is certainly nice to have such a beautiful new neighbor. We should get together for drinks some time. My name is Paul and my girlfriends name is Jen, by the way. I need to be on my way, but it is very nice to meet you. Drinks would be great. Nice to meet you as well.

Being on a nude beach where everyone is nude is one thing and I am very comfortable in that environment. Jacque arrived with our alfresco champagne and lunch snack and I filled him in on my greeting with Paul as we tucked into the much-needed cold flutes of bubbly.

We spent the next hour lounging on the patio catching up on our lives over the past few months before going for a swim then we decided to go check out the beach and the surf. As agreed, we went nude to the dune before putting on clothes. Knowing I would probably want a swim in the ocean I put on a bikini. I usually sport a landing strip on vacation, but this year Jacque requested a completely bald look, which I hesitantly agreed to. The result, though, was that I did not have to worry about the Caribbean sex stories of the fabric showing any stray hairs, so I chose a rather thin thong, and my sun hat, of course.

We walked the short distance from the villa to the surf and casually played, knee high, in the waves as we slowly made our way up the beach. The crowd had grown considerably since our morning walk and was a mixture of young and old and families. There were a few other women topless, but the majority wore suits and bikini tops. I was certainly the only fiftyish women who was topless, and I was strangely proud of that fact.

We decided to walk further up Caribbean sex stories beach in the opposite direction we had walked that morning, so we moved up from the surf onto the sand closer to the rows of chase lounges on the beach. I was keenly aware of others watching me which subconsciously made me pull my shoulders back with my arms swinging by my sides as we walked. I was proud of myself. We finished our walk and spent the rest of the afternoon naked and relaxing by the pool before Jacque cooked dinner and we retired for an early bedtime.

Caribbean sex stories

Jacque cuddled up beside me in the bed and cupped my breast while Caribbean sex stories pressed his hard cock into my ass. He parted my legs and slowly entered me from behind while pinching and caressing my breast and nibbling on my neck. This position also allowed me access to my clit, so my hand found its way there and soon both Jacque and I were deep in a mutual orgasm. We stayed in this position and dozed off in a tired but satisfied and blissful sleep. The next few days flew by in about the same pattern and I somehow managed to stay within the rules of the experiment and had not been forced down to the beach, naked, as a consequence.

We stayed up very late the night of our third day and Jacque announced before we went to bed that he was going to sleep in the next morning to catch up. I am an early riser, even if it had been a late night, so when I woke up early the next morning, I knew I was going to be on my own for quite some time. As I was having my pre-dawn coffee on the patio, I decided that I would take our beach chairs and umbrella out to the beach to stake our spot in the nude. It was still dark, and the beach was deserted so I took everything out then stood by the surf looking out at the ocean.

Feeling the ocean breeze felt amazing and brought back memories of all the times we have spent on nude beaches enjoying the full body exposure to nature. I went to the kitchen and made a pitcher of mimosas; light on the orange juice and returned to the patio to get lost in the story of my current book and to savor the warm feeling of morning champagne.

I remembered the potential of Paul returning and that, along with the champagne rekindled my arousal. I got back into the pool and swam laps for a while before I dried off, made more mimosas and settled in for some more reading.

It is going to be a sunny day today. Make sure you have plenty of sunscreen on. I would be happy to help with that if you would like. I sat up in my chair, putting both feet on the ground on Caribbean sex stories side of the chase inviting him to get a good view of all of me. The effect of this pose was a clear view of my breasts as well as my spread thighs and bald labia.

I am fully covered. Mind if I come in make sure for you? Paul had a nice body and the morning sun highlighted his muscular chest and he looked great in his compression water shorts which showed off his ample size. I was titillated and started to get turned on by the thought of him touching me.

Caribbean sex stories

Sure, come on in. The thought of him seeing me naked while Jacque slept was a turn on. The thought of him touching me had me flushed with arousal. I moved both legs to one side of the chase facing him and allowed my legs to spread as he made his way over. I could tell by his compression shorts that he too was becoming aroused. I moved the chase to the downward position, readjusted my beach towel and laid down with my head resting on my folded arms and closed my eyes.

Caribbean sex stories

I could hear the sound of sunscreen being squeezed out of the bottle, then the warm sensation of two hands on the back of my neck. I immediately felt a delicious rush of hormones spreading through my body. He slowly worked his way down my back, applying more pressure than required for the application of sunscreen.

I reveled in his touch. He covered my ass with the same pressure application.

Caribbean sex stories

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