Cancun temptation resort stories

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The hours blend into what could only be described as a never-ending Saturday; an endless bacchanal of food, drink, and mostly respectful sexual titillation that leaves everyone staying at this hormone-charged summer camp bordering on frenzy. There are no strangers here, either. There are taut, oiled bodies being flexed, to be sure, but anyone standing on the deck overlooking the water would bear witness to a sea of flesh in every size, age, and shape; a thronging mass united in its pursuit of squeezing every last drop of ecstasy from an idle afternoon.

What's better than a party? A FOAM party! LetsPlay Swipe! I fiddle with my shorts for a second during the last game, but by the time I finally build up the courage necessary to whip them off and wave them over my head, the moment has passed.

Asking for permission to do sexy stuff is terrifying. It only lasts a second because blowing someone with water flowing up your nose is really, really hard. The woman comes up sputtering for air. None of this seems to be a particularly big deal. Recess is in session! Enjoy all of Temptation Cancun Resort's adult-only playgrounds!

Cancun temptation resort stories

You haven't lived until you've experienced one of our famous Foam Parties! They are held every Thursday at 3pm!

Cancun temptation resort stories

As the trip drew nearer, I kept my outlook cynical. Sitting in the steakhouse on my first night, I watch the guests around me mingle, judging every one of them for paying to be there. The truth is, the only sad person I find at Temptation is me. The alcoholic whipped cream is a divisive topic here. Remember why you started. Everywhere, people greet each other like old friends. But while the remodeled accommodations at Temptation, created by minimalist deer Karim Rashid, are sleek and modern, the pull of the party is far too strong to allow one to quietly wilt in their chambers, watching pay-per-view and ordering room service.

I quickly realize that I have to go all in. I take off my shirt, I speak to strangers, I am never alone.

Cancun temptation resort stories

At Temptation, people will talk to you wherever you are. There are bars every ten feet. Feel the excitement go through you as you take your first steps into our sensual lobby! Want to sit in a giant hot tub with a yoni tiled across the bottom? Your wish is granted. No one minds if you scream. Question: What the hell kind of tip do you leave for that? Temptation's first FoamParty of many more to come! LetsPlay Swipe to see all the photos! You come back, you hang with them some more.

A couple of years later, you fuck them. Then, realizing just how addictive the freedom is, they immediately begin planning their trips back, sometimes canceling long-imagined vacations to other far-flung locales. Most people never leave the resort during the stay.

They may come planning to venture off to Tulum or Chichen Itza, but there are so many people to meet, so many parties, and so much to do in between that cultural landmarks are often forgotten in the swell of excitement. As the day begins to fade, Temptation Cancun Resort offers spicy nightly entertainment! At the White Party, I find myself surrounded by friends.

Cancun temptation resort stories

The resort appears large, but you run into the same people five times a day. As I pump my fist at the sky — no irony here — two women look over at me. One of them is smiling, the other, I think, is mildly annoyed. If I were anywhere else, I might have stopped. Here, though, where no one knows who I am, where no one gives a shit, I jump higher, dance harder. Your Cancun vacation will be more fun when you accompany it with our amazing Playmakers!

I mean, what else are you going to do in the middle of a weekday, right? View this post on Instagram. Temptation Resort I quickly realize that I have to go all in. October 12, by: Wongo Okon. October 12, by: Zac Gelfand Twitter. October 12, by: Carolyn Droke Twitter. October 11, by: Aaron Williams Twitter.

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Cancun temptation resort stories

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