Cancun sex stories

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After having three children, we needed to have a vacation by ourselves — a very long way away from our home and children. Cancun was chosen as the destination, and we booked our week-long adventure. Our resort was right on the beach and had a hot tub in the room. We had a lovely romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant with wonderful classical guitar music after dinner by a local artist.

We decided to go back to our room. The dinner and great music put Cancun sex stories in a wonderfully relaxed and inspired mood for the remainder of the evening! I think being in Mexico for a week allowed us to let loose and experiment with things that we had never tried or imagined while at home. Once back in our room, we decided to kiss a bit and finish the champagne that we had been sipping.

Kissing is always one of my favorite things to do with my wife because my heart races when our lips meet, and I feel her passion through her kisses. She presses her body against mine and shows me in every way from head to toe that she is interested in me. Often her hands will roam over my head, neck, shoulders, back and butt pulling me even tighter to her. The kissing got better, and our bodies were certainly moving together in an increasingly passionate way.

I began filling the hot tub for even more relaxation time. As I drew the water, we began to undress.

Cancun sex stories

There was a slight chill in the room as our patio door was open to enjoy the breeze and fresh air from the ocean. She put a robe on, and we both moved out to the patio to sit and look at the stars while the tub filled. We were on the second story of a two-story building with no street lamps down on the ground. There was no chance that anybody could see my naked body sitting up on the balcony. She had a robe on, but it was draped open as she sat on the chair opposite me with one leg up on the railing and the other on the ground.

I could not help but get extremely excited while sitting there, which I guess gave her quite a nice view as well. More kissing and touching and rubbing was going on when I got a novel idea! I suggested we put on our robes so as not to get arrested or kicked out of the resort. Tossing caution to the wind, we put on the hotel provided robes and began to walk to the beach. We had never gone outside with only a robe before, so it felt risky and exciting.

We got to the beach and sat in a beach chair about 25 feet from the ocean. The sound of the waves lapping up on the shore was louder than any noise we were going to make, so I decided to surprise my wife with doing something we had rarely done… I asked her to lie back on Cancun sex stories lounge chair, relax, close her eyes as I slowly untied her robe and parted it open to reveal her inviting naked body lit only by the moonlight.

I began to kiss her body. I stared at her face and lips and moved slowly down to her neck and kissed every inch of her lovely breasts. With the chilly air and my kisses, her nipples were extraordinarily erect. I could have stayed there for a long time! However, I had bigger plans in mind for my kisses. I began to move slowly down to her stomach and then to her waist. At this point, she began to get a bit nervous as not only had I not provided her with much oral sex in our marriage ly but certainly never on a beach by the ocean Cancun sex stories pitch black darkness at around midnight or 1 am.

The beach was quiet, and of course, we both checked every direction several times before I moved in for this new experience. It was difficult for her to relax for even though it was pitch dark… we were still outside for the first time in our marriage. I started to kiss her thighs lightly and worked my way slowly down to her most sensitive area. As I softly kissed her there, she seemed to find it enjoyable and risky at the same Cancun sex stories. The more I kissed, the more I enjoyed it as well and decided that I wanted more and more and more!

I could not stop, and the more I went on, the more aggressive I became. The more stimulating I was to her, the more she relaxed, moaned, squirmed, and the more she closed her eyes and decided to enjoy the feeling rather than worry about if anybody was coming. The more I got into the kissing and delicious licking of my wife, the more I forgot to keep an eye out for other people on the beach. She was certainly no longer sticking her head up and looking around as she had started to do when we first sat down.

We heard somebody walking closer and immediately stopped, and she pulled the robe over her body —as did I. The person who walked by seemed like a security person or resort staff member out patrolling the beach to inspect the area or something. We said hello as if nothing Cancun sex stories going on except two people in their robes sitting by the beach.

As he walked by and went out of sight, we thought about resuming our experience but were too nervous now to keep going. We decided to continue that adventure back in our room! We high-tailed it up there. I had already placed a surprise under the mattress that she was unaware of. I had bought a little something to plug in for some more pleasure. We had never in our many years of marriage used anything for extra stimulation. So I was running the risk of her disapproving or being offended or uncomfortable with such a surprise.

As we moved onto the bed, we began getting steamy again with my kisses. I asked my wife to again lay back with her feet up on the edge of it. But this time, I wanted to kneel beside the bed. This way, I was able to kiss and lick her like I was doing on the beach. But without her knowing it, I was also able to reach the vibrator I had waiting for her. As I was kissing her, she reached down with both hands to open up her vagina more so that I could get just the right spot for the most pleasure.

I figured this was my opportunity. I pulled out the vibrator and turned it on. The noise startled her, and she lifted her head off the bed and looked down. Where did you get that? I started using it on her before she could finish her sentence, so there was no time for discussion or hesitation. Neither of us was experienced in using one, so it was a bit of trial and error.

But it did not take long at all for her body to clench when the vibrator stimulated her clitoris. Cancun held many firsts for us: first time naked on a beach — first time getting oral sex on a beach by the ocean — first time walking around a resort with only a robe on — first time trying a vibrator — first orgasm with the aid of electricity.

Cancun sex stories

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Cancun sex stories

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Cancun sex stories

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Cancun sex stories

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