Butt plug spanking stories

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Well, these little jewels! We have been discussing this topic extensively in the comments section, so when Jane Ellen insisted it was time for a new post, these toys sprang readily to mind. Thank Jane Ellen for this, everyone. No, that is not her bottom in the photo. One interesting aspect of these devices is their universal applicability. And just by the way, this is not the ensemble you want to wear with such a device, unless you want everyone who sees you to know.

Butt plug spanking stories

However and but, I did mention a story snippet. It is told by Gwen from her point of view. I merely transcribed her thoughts. I really love Bullfinches. Potted trees and antique room dividers screen the diners from one another, and that evening I was grateful for the privacy. Any other time I would have cuddled close to Devlin in our favorite booth, but that night I sat stiff and straight and tried to keep my distance. I wanted him to know I was still pouting, so I just swirled my spoon in the thick stew. He sliced off an inch of baked tentacle and held it on his fork.

I licked my lips and felt even worse.

Butt plug spanking stories

I knew better. There was no escape from its invasive, probing pressure, and the feeling that my little bottom hole was being stretched. It nagged me with every little movement. Worse, I felt as though everyone in the restaurant knew exactly why I was fidgeting, as if I had a note posted on my forehead that read Fanny Plug In Place. Easy for him to say. I could still feel the spanking he gave me before we even left for the restaurant.

Well, the spanking sort of was my fault. I got pretty indignant when he told me I had to submit to the plug in the first place, and then he told me I had to have it in when we went out. I was all dressed up for him in my little black DKNYwith black hose and pumps and my best diamond earrings, and he wanted me to have my bottom stretched all evening by a plug?

I just stared at him. I was so angry I wanted to strangle him, and I told him so, which was not a very good idea. He took hold of my wrist, pulled Butt plug spanking stories to the ottoman, and, in a flash, he had me across his lap, wriggling to get free. I wriggled a lot for the next twenty minutes, while Devlin held me tight and spanked my poor bottom until it was bright pink.

While I kicked and squirmed, he calmly lectured me on how tired he was of my uncooperative attitude, that he expected me to be on my best behavior during his weekend visits, because he knew what was best for me, and that he intended to make certain I behaved like the good girl he knew I was. I sobbed that I was sorry, that I really, really did promise to behave, and I begged him not to make me wear the plug, because he knew how much I hated it.

He just rubbed some of the fire out of my fanny while telling me that was why I needed to wear it, to teach me discipline. That made me squirm even more, and then he said he was looking forward to a nice, long evening of making love to me when we returned from dinner, which made me feel pretty good.

Butt plug spanking stories

That stunned me. Devlin had talkedabout doing it in my behind, but this time he sounded serious. My first inclination is always to say no to Butt plug spanking stories when he even touches me there with his finger. That only made me sob harder.

But he does seem to know what I need, and after he was finished scorching my fanny with his hard hand, his fingers roamed all over my bottom, soothing the burn in my cheeks. After a while they dipped down between my legs to play with my pussy. So there I was, across his lap, my poor fanny all red and scorched, and Devlin toying with little pink lips, and the next thing I knew, he was pushing my legs apart and spreading my bottom cheeks.

His index finger slipped slowly inside, and I shrieked. Devlin tightened his grip around my waist as he worked the finger in and out of my hot little hole. He told me I needed to be fully lubricated before he inserted the plug, like I wanted to hear that. He chuckled as his thumb dropped down between my wet lips. This must be torture for you, Princess.

Well, of course I was dripping. Once he was satisfied the awful thing was slick enough, he opened my cheeks wide and pressed the tip of the plug against my puckered hole. He was so nonchalant I wanted to slap him. I squealed as my little hole gave way, and the plug slipped farther and farther into my bottom.

Butt plug spanking stories

Devlin controlled the insertion very carefully, and when the plug began to widen at the base, he stopped. I knew not to squirm then, because that could be dangerous, so I gritted my teeth as my anus stretched wider and wider to accommodate the plug. He shushed me again, and I took sort of normal breaths as he pushed it all the way in so that my anal ring clamped on the narrow end of the plug. He let go, and my cheeks came together around the flexible base of the plug. It felt so rude, wedged inside my tushy like that.

Why are being so mean to me? Take it out. He even handed me a Kleenex and helped me with my coat, despite the fact that I whimpered and moaned the whole time we were getting ready to go. I glared at him as he walked me to the car and opened my door. The leather seat felt cool at Butt plug spanking stories, but it warmed up pretty quickly with the heat from my well-spanked fanny.

A very long ten minutes later, we arrived at Bullfinches and pulled into the parking lot. I absolutely, positively did not want to go into that restaurant. He just shook his head. I guess I was wrong. What if someone sees? He took hold of my ear and pulled until I lifted my bottom off the seat.

I shrieked, but he reached right up under my dress with his left hand and tugged my panties to my knees. I glared at him as I plopped back down with my arms folded under my breasts. Go on. I stared straight ahead, my arms folded, immovable, so furious with him that his next comment took me by surprise. My panties stretched tight around my knees as I spread for him. Long, warm fingers slid down my front bottom, and I fought the urge Butt plug spanking stories tell him how good they felt. What kind of awful ogre would make me do such a horrible thing.

Then he leaned across the console, and I trembled when I felt his breath on my neck, and my little lips down there were so wet there was no mistaking how much I enjoyed what he was doing. I hate being such an open book to him.

His fingers teased their way lower, in between my bottom cheeks. The waiter refilled our glasses from the Chianti bottle on the table, and I gulped sour, red wine. He bowed and took my dish while I blushed. Devlin chewed the last of his calamari while I drained my glass and poured the last of the wine into it. Three waiters pushed a trolley past our booth. A cake with white frosting and a fizzy sparkler sat in the middle of a linen cloth, and the waiters sang Happy Birthday to someone across the room.

Devlin smiled, and I bit my lip. I quivered and blushed because I knew he was teasing me.

Butt plug spanking stories

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