Bursting to pee stories

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Forgot your password? By pdancefanJuly 29, in Fictional Pee Stories. Here is part 1 of a story I have written. I already posted this on another site, but thought I would post it here, too. Hey everybody! How about some feedback? I appreciate your liking my stories, but I would like to hear from you what you think of them and what suggestions you may have for future installments. Also, do I have too much sexuality in them? Loving this entire series. Maybe a daring wetting at work? While the girls are too busy to go to the bathroom and have to find a discrete way to pee themselves?

And, as everyone knows, I'm into bedwetting. So maybe Wendy's influence on Mary could lead to some other wetting habits that include wetting her bed? You can post now and register later.

Bursting to pee stories

If you have anin now to post with your. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. or insert images from URL. Bursting Co-worker. Followers 1. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted July 29, Wendy also liked the fact that she could see out into the mall from that particular department.

This was because she had a secret. Ever since she could remember, Wendy got an inexplicably intense thrill whenever she saw another woman who needed to pee.

Bursting to pee stories

She had a of sightings since she started working in this store, but had never seen a full on wetting. How she had thought about those women later, imagining their desperate arrival in the bathroom, and frantic effort to hold on as they pulled their panties down and sat on the toilet. Tonight, one of her co-workers was working at the next sales desk, handling the purses and accessories. Mary was a new hire, only 18, with only a few weeks on the job. Mary was wearing a short charcoal gray skirt with matching jacket and pink blouse, along with pantyhose and black shoes with moderate heels.

As the evening wore on, Wendy kept glancing over at her co-worker and soon noticed that Mary seemed uncomfortable. Mary had a nervous look on Bursting to pee stories face and was tapping her foot from time to time. The next time she glanced over, Mary was showing handbags to a customer. Wendy noticed Mary cross her legs tightly as she talked about the bags. Somewhat later, Wendy glanced over at Mary again. This time she was standing at her sales desk, waiting for customers to help. As Wendy looked, Mary suddenly pressed her legs together and placed her hand on her Bursting to pee stories, tensing up tightly.

Could it be possible? Could cute little Mary need urgently to pee? Wendy glanced at the clock, and saw to her delight that it was only 8 PM. The store would not close for another hour. Another hour! Mary would have to hold her pee for another hour and then a bit more, as she would have to close down her cash register before she could leave. Wendy grew excited as she hoped Mary might get really bursting or even have an accident. For the next half-hour, Wendy kept an eye on Mary hoping to catch more s of her struggle with her bladder.

Then Wendy got really busy with customers. By the time she got them sorted out and rang up their purchases, it was almost 9 PM. Looking over at Mary, Wendy saw that she was clearly desperate to pee by this time. Mary was pacing back and forth behind her sales desk, then stopping and stepping from foot to foot, then bobbing up and down. Finally, the clock struck 9 PM, and the Assistant Manager closed the doors.

Wendy quickly closed out her register and looked toward Mary. Mary was standing with her legs tightly crossed, wiggling around, as she frantically closed out her register. Finally, having completed that task.

Bursting to pee stories

Mary grabbed her purse and started walking toward the restrooms. Wendy grabbed her own handbag, and started after her. As they neared the hallway that led to the restroom, Mary suddenly slowed and pressed her legs together tightly. The only sound was the clacking of her heels as she hobbled slowly toward the restroom. Entering the restroom, Mary hobbled into the first stall. Wendy quickly entered the adjacent stall and sat down to listen.

O God I need to pee! Finally, Wendy heard Mary groan as a tremendous gusher thundered into the toilet. I needed that! Hearing Mary wipe and flush, Wendy quickly did the same. As they washed their hands, Wendy looked at Mary. Much better! Leaving the restroom, Wendy walked Mary to her car. After exchanging "Good Night! As she drove home, she smiled as she looked forward to working with Mary again.

Bursting to pee stories

Link to post. Posted July 30, She had forgotten that Mary was off tonight. Cursing her luck, Wendy settled down to her job. The time passed slowly, and about half of her shift was gone and still no "gotta go" sightings. Finally, a women in her late twenties, with long black hair entered the store.

She was wearing very tight gray yoga pants and a matching sweat shirt. She had her ten year old daughter with her. She was rocking from foot to foot as she spoke.

Bursting to pee stories

How about these pink jeans? Her mother sat on a chair outside and waited. Wendy tried no to stare, as the mother jiggled her legs up and Bursting to pee stories to fight the urge to pee. Sophie finally came out wearing the jeans. They fit perfectly. Her mother, meanwhile, suddenly stood up and Bursting to pee stories pacing back and forth.

After what seemed like ages, but was really only a few minutes, Sophie reappeared, and Wendy led them to the cash register. Standing at the counter, the mother began stepping from foot to foot, this time occasionally lifting her right leg and pressing it against her crotch and left leg to try to keep control of her bladder. Wendy was so excited watching this that she could barely make her fingers work on the keys.

Finishing the transaction, Wendy placed the jeans in a bag with the receipt and handed it to her. The mother thanked her and turned and started toward the exit. Hurry Sophie! Oh Sophie! Oh God! It almost came out! Wendy watched as the mother came near the doorway. Just as she reached the doorway, she froze abruptly. Ohhhhh God! Ohhhhh Godddd! Oh My Godddddd! OH GOD! The pee continue for 30 seconds, the woman frozen to the spot until her bladder was empty.

As the pee was still pouring out, Wendy noticed the woman shudder and grunt audibly, and was stunned when she realized the woman had just had an orgasm from peeing her pants - and in the middle of a shopping mall! The peeing stopped and the mother finally came to her senses. Mommy needs to change her clothes. Wendy stood at her counter in disbelief.

Then her coworker Carrie came over. Come here and look at this. Carrie opened the door to the first one on the left. There was a large wet spot on the carpet. She must have peed on the carpet while she was changing. Wendy had a hard time calming down the rest of the night. Wendy was still excited about seeing one of customers wet herself the night before. Wendy decided to try to have an "accident" herself after work. She had dressed in her usual gray skirt and jacket, with pantyhose on underneath.

Wendy drank several bottles of water during her shift 4PM - 9PM and refrained from using the bathroom. Then she had another idea. As they walked across the parking lot to a fast food restaurant, Wendy could feel how full her bladder was getting. Arriving at the restaurant, Wendy ordered a large black coffee, and bought Mary a small one with cream and sugar. Sitting and drinking the coffee, and talking about their jobs and their boss, took 30 minutes, by which time Wendy was starting to shift uncomfortably in her chair.

As they reached it, Wendy felt a sharp twinge in her bladder, and crossed her legs tightly as she unlocked the door. Once inside, she started the car and pulled out on the highway. Traffic suddenly came to a stop. A wreck was blocking the road! Wendy groaned, "Oh No! The traffic jam lasted for 20 minutes, by which time the coffee Wendy had drunk was starting to reach her bladder.

That coffee has gone right through me.

Bursting to pee stories

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