Boys briefs stories

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I would describe myself as straight and bicurious although I never had a romantic or sexual relationship with a […]. We are extremely opposite in the underwear department, […]. Undies have always been clearly visible throughout my life. I was born in a hot […]. Tell our readers about you: I am a 25 year old Irish guy living East in the Netherlands almost 4 years now.

I work as a Merchandiser for a US company based in the Netherlands. I […]. What was the catalyst into discovering your love in underwear? Hello UNB Readers! My Boys briefs stories is James and I am currently a freelance IT professional by day and underwear enthusiast by night. When did you first […].

I got interested in underwear in middle school when it was suggested that we get a jockstrap for gym class. I did not know what a jockstrap was but I was told I could find one at the drugstore. A […]. I have been wearing thongs, bikinis and string bikini underwear off and on sinceduring my freshman year […].

One of our newest writers is Sawyer.

Boys briefs stories

This is his journey into how he discovered underwear. My story started when I was about 19 and was in need of some new underwear. I was tall and skinny, which I still […]. But my wallet has been groaning a bit the last couple months. I am as new to the underwear […]. Hey guys, my name is Mike and this is my first post for UNB! We are showcasing some of our amazing readers. This post we ask Jayinca about his love of underwear. Here is his story on how he fell in love with underwear and some of his favorites currently. Tell our readers about […]. As a gay man, I have loved underwear as far back as I could remember.

Boys briefs stories

When I think about my first memories of underwear, I immediately recall being terrified of those classic tighy-whities that it seemed like all my friends were wearing. In the moment, I think it was about the tightness of them; I […]. I grew up much like many middle-class North American boys. Suburban neighborhood, public school… and tighty whities purchased in bulk from the nearest department store.

Sometime around middle school I became very interested in the ad circulars in the Sunday paper. Often the photo was just five boxers in a package, but […]. My story begins when I was about 6. We would just do simple workouts in the clothes our parents dressed us in.

Boys briefs stories

So of course when the school was […]. Underwear […]. I admit it, I am an underwear addict. If there were a meeting for Underwear Anonymous I would probably be the president of the local chapter. I mean I have over pairs […]. By hotguyntown Looking back, it all Boys briefs stories with a quick glance through People magazine — briskly skipping over the standard Hollywood gossip puff-pieces and by chance opening to a full ad for Jockey underwear with Jim Palmer.

I was […]. My love for underwear began at a young age. I remember the very first time I was in awe. I was 7 and saw an older cousin of my change clothes. He had on some bikini briefs and I just […]. By billiesoniq My story starts in a small town just outside Seattle, back in I had just moved to a new town, starting a new school. I think my fascination with briefs and the hotties that wear them began when I was 7 or 8 years old. I remember going to my grandparents house and thumbing through their old Spiegel and Sears catalogs. And those old […].

Boys briefs stories

One of our twitter followers bithongguy told us all about his first experiences wearing thong underwear. It was about 10 years or so ago. Home » Brief Tales. Continue Reading. GuestWriter Posted On October 30, GuestWriter Posted On April 24, Sawyer Posted On April 8, GuestWriter Posted On November 3, GuestWriter Posted On March 17, GuestWriter Posted On February 27, Brief Tales.

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Boys briefs stories

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