Boy feet story

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This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. Or Learn more Continue. The MousePad. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 27 posts 1 2 Next. Wait, so she has had her feet worshipped by young boys and girls before??? Sometimes I wish some of these stories were in a video form Nancy must be an amazing woman It happened about 4 years ago at Nancy's house.

It was a Saturday, I was over watching College football with her husband, my wife didn't come, she went to a kid's party with my daughter. Nancy had a black cleaning woman that she really didn't like, the woman wasn't neat enough, and broke some stuff.

She was in the process of trying to find another one. She also didn't like that this woman brought her 5 year old son over with her. Nancy's son was 2 at the time, the kids would play, but this little tiger would bully her younger son. So on this day she Boy feet story Cee, the woman, to the store to get cleaning supplies. While gone, Ted, the little boy makes Nancy's son cry again, as they are playing on the large open space in the basement where one of the large TV'S are.

So I am sitting on one of the couches with her husband looking at the game while keeping an eye on the two. Nancy comes storming down, angry that we aren't doing anything, just letting the kids play, and her son is crying. She had on a white cotton blouse, navy blue crop pants, navy open back closed toed mules on her bare feet. Her son cries and points at the other little boy, who sits there and laughs. Nancy, in front of us, looks at him, oh, so you think this is funny again, huh? You like making him cry? She just laughs. You know what, Nancy says, I think that I would like to make you cry!

She takes her right foot in the navy closed toed shoe and presses the toe of the shoe into his little chest putting him on his back. She steps on the little boys body with her size 8 shoe. She presses the shoe on to his little stomache and chest with some force. The little guy looks stunned.

Nancy then slips her bare foot out of the shoe, with bright red toes, and her foot really sweaty, and puts her foot right in the little dudes face! She stepped on the childs face! I kid you not, for real, this 40 something mother put her sweaty stinky foot on the little boys face! Her husband goes, Nancy come on, he's just a kid, stop that! I get up, I have to get a closer look at this. She stood over the little guy, her bare foot covered his small round shocked face completely!

Boy feet story

Like that? Like my foot? Are you still laughing? The boy grabbed her ankle with both hands, SHAKING, he couldn't get the smelly big foot out of his little face, and started to cry Boy feet story her foot! Nancy stop it, yelled her husband, not a kid, don't do that to him, he's only 5! Nancy just stood there, this bully made her son cry too often, she was going to make him smell her stinky foot, and feel his tears on her sexy foot sole! She left her foot flush in the boys face for a good 5 minutes, while he screamed!

She then took it off, picked the kid up, kissed him, and said, see it 's not nice to be mean! She cleaned the boys face with soap and water, got her foot smell off his face as best as possible. She gave the boy some candy, and he was OK. The funny thing is, he never said anything about it to his mother. Nancy thinks it was because he didn't want to get in trouble for doing bad things.

He took his punnishment! HI, Just go to www. I do hope you like it ALL! Oh, Nancy is perfect. I see you have pictures of her making a guy sniff her feet. Who is he? She really is quite appreciated by me, so if you ever meet her, you can give her my regards. Thanks to both of you. She is a green belt in karate, and she loves using her feet in fights and wrestling matches! I am really glad that you enjoy her true stories!!!!

Boy feet story

It just brings back so many memories, cant wait till she has another little boy that she can play with. I want to meet nancy lol. That young lad had a great first experience lucky lad. This story is not sexy its pedophile like.

These stories make no sense I think they're fake. Wingnut wrote: I want to meet nancy lol. This actually reminds me of this guy who was on here a while back who had appointed himself the truth police. He used to go around harassing writers telling them their stories were fake.

Boy feet story

Multiple people kept asking that he get thrown off this forum for harassment. Then when he finally was, he just kept coming back under different usernames. Going back to a post just to talk trash to a writer is exactly the type of idiotic nonsense this guy would constantly do. Don't the rules say not to post stories about minors? Fantastic Samuel wrote: youngkage44 wrote: Wingnut wrote: I want to meet nancy lol.

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Boy feet story

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