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By most. By: A. Moored in the Tri-Cities, it seemed to handle the waters of the Columbia easily as he throttled the engine away from port to the east. It was a mystery as to why those two gorgeous women tolerated blokes like them, but they did. At the moment Lisa and Marie were chatting animatedly near the bow of the boat, pointing at something on the shore. With hair waving in the wind, sunglasses to protect their eyes, their bodies kissed by the sun, they looked marvelous, their bikinis carefully chosen, so Boating sex stories seemed, to make their husbands drive the boat crooked.

The trip took about an hour, but sufficed to take them past the great bend to open water. Honestly, neither one wanted a fish to bite, as it would require actual work. Moistening her hands with tanning oil, she stretched out her legs, polishing them until they glistened in the bright sunshine. She stretched her own legs out, and proceeded to apply the protecting tanning oil, smiling at Marie as she did so. This was going to be fun. They had enough supplies to last for at least a week, if they wanted to, though after a couple days her husband would want to return to his beloved wheat fields.

But for now, they could rest in the warm sun, and light breeze. Laughing, they followed the rail to the back of the boat, where their men rested. Stan held up his hand with the sun screen. We just got done helping each other get it on. Lifting the corner of his hat and lowering his sunglasses, Stan eyed them both, which was a highly rewarding exercise. Frankly, it could have been a potato sack she was dressed in, and it would likely have had the same effect on him. Hands on hips, she made quite the picture, arousal flashing through him like an arrow to the heart.

The tan bikini fit her like a glove, and only made him wonder again what was underneath. The day seemed to pass lazily by. The women alternated between rapid-fire conversation, which was their usual custom, mixed with some mindless fun romance book reading. Late in the afternoon they took a swim together in the river, which was colder than it appeared from the boat.

Still later, Stan fired up the mini-grill and cooked up a batch of hamburgers for supper. Driving the boat further down the river so they could see to the west, they set it at anchor and sat together on the bow as the sun disappeared in the west.

They could hear the occasional passing of cars on the highway far away at shore, but it was otherwise quiet, and peaceful. Nuzzling his face at Boating sex stories shoulder, he glanced briefly at the fading sunlight, then returned his gaze to the shadowy cleft of her breasts, already undressing her in his mind and enjoying the sweet wonders of her gorgeous body. Marie dropped her camera with a sigh. It would have been more fun without the pesky bees, but both husbands had appreciated their efforts profusely. Marie lifted the camera one last time to try to catch the fading light.

Staring off to the fading light of the west, she let her mind wander. She could tell he was already hard, and smiled to herself as she softly wiggled her bum against him, just to let him know that she knew. Long a secret fantasy, of making love with him on a boat in the fading light of day, she looked forward to its fulfillment this very night!

Lisa giggled, and felt her cheeks color. Of course Boating sex stories best friend knew about this secret little fantasy, too. She shrugged her shoulders and looked again at the fading light. Light enough to see… and yet nobody would. Marie smiled softly, thankful again for Lisa. She glanced at her cousin, who was also staring into the fading light, a peaceful look on his face.

hood best friend, she loved him too, even if he did still owe her for finding Lisa for him. And he knew it, too. Feeling a soft squeeze, she looked down at her breasts. She shivered as an erotic tingle passed through her. That was true. Boating sex stories probably owed Stan a friendly kiss for renting the boat and unwittingly giving her opportunity to fulfill one of her sweet fantasies. Then again, it was probably because Marie was the one that got him to do it.

Her breasts seemed to cry with relief, gorgeous chestnut colored nipples straining to touch the palms of his hands as he held her. Her hair fluttered around her as she stared down at her breasts, gloriously beautiful in the evening twilight. Was there any man on the planet as lucky as he felt, right at this very moment? Standing up, Lisa looked towards the horizon, the rest of her bikini falling from her. The air still felt warm, a soft breeze caressing her body and tickling her hair. Looking over her shoulder, she looked down at him, a smile filling her face.

He was doubtless enjoying the stunning view, even as she reveled in the simple freedom of being naked, and unashamed. He checked the viewfinder and sighed softly. He snapped another picture, feeling desire course through his veins in near heart-stopping pulses. He put the camera down, sensing far more important things at hand.

Kneeling purposefully as he stood, she gazed up at him, watching his face as she slipped warm fingers into the waistband of his shorts, gently drawing them down his legs. Swollen with desire, his manhood popped free, bobbing in front of her with each pounding beat of his heart.

Boating sex stories

He felt her exhaled sigh of contentment, which tingled against his now bare skin, and again met her sweet smile as she looked up at him. He could still see the blue of her eyes, luminous in the fading light, which seemed to peer into his with the longing of one soul for another.

Leaning in close, she kissed the tip of his manhood, smiling when he winced in delight. Gently squeezing him at his base, she flickered her eyes up to his, before returning to gaze at him, already dreaming of what he would feel like inside of her.

Long and hard, a glistening pearl of precum formed at his tip, until it tumbled over the side of his soft crown and down his thick shaft in a slick trail. The pleasure from her soft hand felt excruciating. Below deck another man moaned softly. Sprawled on her back on their bed, a gloriously naked Marie stared up at him as he gently pressed an enormous penis into her soft lips.

Reaching her arms around, she gently gripped his quivering thighs as he drew forward, watching himself disappear into her mouth. Up close, she stared at him, loving the exquisite vulnerability of his body even Boating sex stories she yearned to give him pleasure that would take his breath away, just as he was about to take away hers.

Tilting her head, she gazed between his powerful legs. He seemed to surge forward into her as she accepted him into the softness of her throat, even as he instinctively wondered if he should pull back, not wishing to hurt her. He felt her hands insistent on the back of his thighs, as she drew him deeper, and simply held him there. It would forever be a mystery to him as to how she did this, but at the moment he was completely incapable of speech, only whimpers managing to escape his lips.

It Boating sex stories enough to hold him there, for the moment, though she fantasized of another sword piercing her desire with piston-like strokes at the same time. Momentarily watching her softly bob up and down on him, he finally tore his gaze away to the still colored west.

Nothing else mattered, and a part of him felt like all but shouting for the joy he felt, to be so loved. He looked down at her again, admiring her soft hair as it hung down her smooth back, pointing at her little feet that appeared below her bum. He smiled again. His soul absolutely ravished, how could he not smile? Licking her lips, she looked up at him, her eyes now practically glowing in the dark. The lights burst, and concentrated their ache in one spot.

Boating sex stories

His words unintelligible Boating sex stories he valiantly attempted to go against every single one of his instincts at the moment, he again urged her to stop, looking with fierce intensity into her pretty face. His body seemed to taunt him, the stabbing aches of pleasure throbbing through his manhood in agonizing pulses.

Not here, not now. This was her fantasy. The pleading look in his eyes drew her to her feet, and quickly into his arms, their faces close together where each could feel the quickened breaths of the other. Seated on the towels they had used earlier in the day, she looked ponderously at him as he knelt, tenderly kissing both knees as he watched her face. Gently parting her legs, he drew a trail of kisses over shimmering, smooth thighs, drawing closer and closer to her quivering waist. He loved the sound of her voice. At the moment, he was feasting in absolute delight, his soft lips enjoying every part of her skin where they landed.

Feeling the soft bristle of her pubic hair, he looked up at her again. Her mouth was open slightly, a delirious, and utterly wanton look on her face as she stared back into his eyes, as if willing him to continue. And continue he did, smelling her soft skin, rubbing his cheek against her soft landing strip, and kissing the bead of her passion, nestled sweetly at the top of her soft feminine cleft.

Instantly coming up to surround him, she clasped her gorgeous legs around his head, watching breathlessly as his handsome face enjoyed the beauty of her femininity.

Boating sex stories

A thousand images poured through her mind in an instant of their shared imaginings as to how this night would be. Gasping as he seemed to speak to her with his tongue, cherishing the taste of her skin and even her very pleasure, she lifted her eyes to the fading light of day, remembering again where she was. Her hands gently tangling in his hair, she threw her head back in delight, the gift of his pleasure Boating sex stories ever more of her coherent thoughts. Her gorgeous, long legs spread wide to his appreciative gaze, Marie stared up at her lover.

Holding sensitive breasts in hand, she sighed softly as she fondled her nipples, even as she watched him softly stroke his beautiful manhood. Stan watched patiently as a slender finger traced the line of her smooth vulva. Truth be told, the second best thing to touching her himself was watching her touch her own body.

Boating sex stories

Her fingers moist with her pleasure, she looked up at him, and then back down at her beauty, a finger Boating sex stories slipping inside. The dark, rose-colored softness of her flesh met his eyes in an instant, a magnificent contrast to her sun bronzed skin. Kneeling, he gently grasped a gorgeous leg in each hand, staring down into her sparkling brown eyes. Her gaze seemed to sizzle into his brain, imprinting every naughty thought she had in her head. Feeling her at his waist, he looked down, feeling her wiggle her bum closer to him.

Leaning closer, he kissed her navel, and the sparkling pendant piercing that always seemed to catch the light. He gazed in wonder at the soft curve of her breasts, crowned with gorgeous, light-brown nipples, the splay of her raven black hair against the bed, the eager hand which delightfully teased her tummy with soft flutters, and lower, to the breathtaking beauty of her womanhood. The perfectly manicured landing strip of pubic hair matched the color of her head. Stunned in his reverie, he suddenly felt her insistent hands at his head, drawing him lower, lower, until he could rub his face in the softness of her body, catching the scent and taste of her passion.

No sooner had he kissed her immaculately smooth cleft, than they both heard the distinctive, joyful cry of a close friend deeply in love with her husband. She heard Lisa cry again, the breathless song of woman surrendered to passion with a man she loved, and sweet, unashamed affirmation to her friends.

Boating sex stories

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