Black widow x male reader lemon

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Originally posted by dawnsedits. Badass in the field, leader, and a ridiculously beautiful woman, Nat is everything anyone would ever want and when you discovered that, after avenging all day, she was ready to submit to your will at night, you had been elated. She was perfection and you loved her ridiculously. You press her into the door, twining your tongue with hers, and caressing her hips as you deepen the kiss.

Black widow x male reader lemon melts into you, wrapping her arms around your neck and submitting to every move of your mouth. In response, you kiss her, wrapping your arms around her and gripping her ass. You squeeze and rub over her plump cheeks, wedging a knee between her legs, and rubbing her against your thigh.

She whimpers as you work her against you and heat pools between your legs. The sexy little moans she releases as you press her harder against you are driving you mad with desire. You use your hold to pull the shirt off of Nat and stare at her in her bra and leggings. Want to feel you, please. You nod your permission and she slowly undoes your shirt as she looks into your eyes. As soon as she pushes the shirt off, you both wrap your arms around the other to unclasp your bras and pull them away.

You push Nat onto the bed and follow her down. Melding your mouth to hers, you pull her legs to wrap around you. You kiss her fiercely, sliding your tongue against hers and gliding your hands along her soft skin. Her nipples were standing taut and you sucked one into your mouth, moving your tongue over it. Nat whimpered and rolled her hips. Moving down her stomach, you press soft kisses to her skin, dipping your tongue into her bellybutton, and kissing over the bullet wound scar just above her waistband.

You slip her leggings and panties off. You stop to just look at her and take in her beauty. You kiss her inner thigh and then you nip her skin causing her to pull her legs up more. Hold your legs just like that. I want you open for me.

Black widow x male reader lemon

You seal your mouth over her clit and lick circles around it before flicking it. Your tongue goes to her vagina and you shove it in as far as it will go, burying your face in her.

Black widow x male reader lemon

You tongue fuck her, tasting her sweetness and making her whimper at your ministrations. You lick up to her clit again and graze your teeth over it causing Nat to gasp.

Black widow x male reader lemon

You tongue licks and flicks over her clit more quickly, building her orgasm. You suck her clit and flick your tongue over it as she writhes under you. You work her over through her orgasm and the aftershocks. As she comes down, you strip out of your bottoms, grab your double sided vibrating strap out of the drawer and put it on. Nat crawls over to straddle you and slowly lowers herself onto your strap with a moan. Nat begins rolling her hips as you lean forward to take her tit in your mouth.

You flex your jaw around it and flick your tongue on her nipple. Making me feel so good. Fucking my strap so good, Natty baby. So good, baby girl. Oh, fuck.

Black widow x male reader lemon

Grabbing her legs, you put them over your shoulders and slam into her. Are you going to make me cum with your mouth and fingers? You lay back and allow her to take the lead. She removes your strap and attaches her lips to your clit, suckling gently. Nat presses two fingers in you, curls them against your g-spot and presses hard against it while fucking in and out of you. Her tongue works over your clit in swift circles making you buck up in to her. Doing such a good job, Fuck, baby! Nat gives a small smirk and you roll over on top of her, kissing her deeply and tasting yourself on her mouth.

Kinktober Masterlist. Keep reading. She was perfection and you loved her ridiculously. Originally posted by shruggyben. Pulling out the paper, you find a beautiful pair of lace and silk underwear with a built in vibrator. Originally posted by jalibelle. I mean, I loved the long hair, too, but this is hot on you. Originally posted by chunkyfunkygal. Dedicated to my lovely friend, bubbabarnes.

A bundle of nerves. You had been dating the Black Widow for a few weeks. The redhead had brought a device to you for repair and started flirting. Natasha began appearing more and more often until she finally asked you to dinner. You turned her down the Black widow x male reader lemon time. The first three times. Until finally, Natasha convinced you that she really did want to date you. Outwardly, you displayed a fun, sassy demeanor, but honestly, inside, you were a teddy bear with a lot of insecurities.

You had a little more padding to your body and felt you were way out of your league with Natasha. She was gorgeous, toned, and still somehow incredibly soft. Originally posted by excusemefangirlhere. Thanks so much for asking me to write this. I had so much fun with this prompt! The poker game had dwindled down to only you, Natasha, and Bucky remaining.

Natasha was smirking as she eyed you both. You and Bucky had begun your mutually beneficial arrangement during quarantine and had extended it even after most of the restrictions had been lifted. Bucky was amazing in bed, but you liked him too. Exactly what you needed right now. Posts Likes Ask me anything Archive. Natty Baby Originally posted by dawnsedits Pairing: Sub! Natasha Romanoff x Fem! I missed you today. What do you need?

I need to put my mouth on you. Natty Baby. Originally posted by dawnsedits Pairing: Sub! Thank you so much, Jo!!! I appreciate your comments and reblogs immensely! We said no presents. Natty Baby Originally posted by dawnsedits. Thanks for reblogging! Pairing: Bucky x Bi! Reader Words: Warnings: Smut. Just straight smut with no plot. I was having thots about Nat.

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Black widow x male reader lemon

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