Ball crushing stories

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An archive of ball busting stories taken from the former site bbstories. I met them at a local Gothic club. Ming and Donna. Both were about 22 years old, with long, jet black hair, extremely tight and short black dresses, black hose, ankle bracelets, spiked platform heels, tattoos, wristbands - The works!

Ball crushing stories

Both women had heavy makeup with extremely dark eye shadow, lipstick and nails. Ming was of Korean heritage, Donna looked somewhat Italian.

Ball crushing stories

Both women had very long, lean legs and their skirts did little to hide their charms. I sat next to them at the bar and offered to buy them a drink. They paid little attention to me. I was eavesdropping and heard them talking about videos. Apparently they were actresses of some kind and did some sort of small-time video production.

For the first time, both ladies stepped back and were looking me up and down. I keep myself in pretty good shape and I assumed they liked what they saw. Suddenly, my breath was short as the excitement of what was being offered radiated through me. Leave your car here. I paid my tab and left the bar, walking slowly and thinking about these gorgeous women and what might possibly be in store for me.

As I walked into the parking lot, a dark sportscar pulled up. Donna was driving and Ming was in the back seat. She motioned for me to get in next to her. I was more than willing. As we drove away, Ming placed a blindfold over my eyes Ball crushing stories that it was part of the game. She began massaging my crotch and soon thereafter, she gripped my balls with both of her hands.

Ball crushing stories

She began applying tremendous pressure to my balls. Her hands were incredibly strong. I would not have realized she was so powerful. I began groaning in pain and reached down to pull her hands away. She suddenly punched me in the face so hard that I saw stars.

She quickly pushed my face down into the seat cushions and held me down with her knees in the center of my back. She was slapping the back of my head and swearing up a storm. One by one, she pulled Ball crushing stories arms behind my back where they were taped together with duct tape. As I attempted to squirm once more, she pulled her leg back and rammed her knee into my nuts. Everything suddenly went black. When I came to, she was kneeling on my chest with her hands around my throat. We are going to make a video tonight. One in which we will beat you savagely.

It is up to you. We will get very rough.

Ball crushing stories

We are going to crush your pathetic penis and balls to the point of uselessness. When we are through with you, there will be no doubt as to who is the superior gender. Both women laughed savagely, as I groaned in pain from the earlier attach on my balls and from the thought of what was in store for me. When the car came to a stop, a choke collar was fastened around my neck and a leash attached. I was shoved roughly out the car door and with my blindfold on, I stumbled up a set of stairs and through a door. Once the door shut behind me, Ball crushing stories ripped the blindfold off.

We were in what looked like an old warehouse. It was a large, starkly lit room Ball crushing stories painted, cinder-block walls, a cement floor and a few tattered old pieces of furniture Ball crushing stories about. An old mattress was off in the corner and a single toilet out in the open was a few feet away. The mattress and floor were badly stained with what looked like blood, urine, and perhaps shit and an acrid scent of Pinesol permeated the air.

Several light-stands were positioned at various places in the room indicating that some type of filming had occurred recently. Donna went back out to the car and came in with a tripod and video camera. She began setting them up as Ming lit a cigarette.

Spread your legs slightly. Ming had power-kicked her pump right into the underside of my balls. I doubled up in pain, grabbing my crotch. Donna suddenly pulled my hands away from balls and kneeled behind me, Ming gave me three or four open-handed shots to the balls. I coughed and gagged and fell to the floor, groaning in incredible pain. Ming and Donna rolled me over onto my back and Ming moved up between my legs, forcing them apart with her pumps. She reeled back and kicked me several times in the nuts and balls. When I tried to sit up and protect myself, Donna sat her ass down onto my face, pinning my arms down behind my back.

Ming continued kicking my balls as my eyes rolled back into my head. Suddenly, Donna got up. They began undressing me down to my underwear. I was in too much pain to put up a fight and soon I was writhing on the floor without my clothes, wondering if my nuts would ever be the same. Suddenly I felt pressure on my choke collar. I was being dragged a few feet and my leash was tied to a steel bolt in the floor. There was a metal pipe running across the ceiling about six feet off the ground.

Reaching up and grabbing the metal pipe for balance, Donna stepped up onto my chest. I groaned as she began dancing and twisting her spiked heels. She was trampling all over my chest and abdomen. At the same time, Ming began torturing my nuts. She began applying pressure against my balls, attempting to push them up into my abdomen.

She jabbed at my nuts and penis with her heel and occasionally gave me a swift kick for good measure. I was thrashing and crying - pleading with them to stop but they paid no attention to my pleas. Donna began jumping up and stomping both heels down hard onto my chest. I wanted to curl up into a ball but they were relentless. Finally, as Ming began a rapid series of kicks to my nuts, Donna actually stepped up onto my face. The tips of her shoes were pressed against my eyelids and the spike heels were against my lips and mouth.

She bounced up and down for a few minutes until I passed out. I awoke suddenly when I felt liquid being sprayed in my face. Donna was pissing and yelling for me to keep my mouth open. I was dragged to my feet and my collar was fastened to a hook on the wall. Both women produced bullwhips and they began thrashing my body with them.

Donna seemed to concentrate most of her effort around my thighs, cock, and balls while Ming lashed me many times in the face and neck. I could taste the blood as it trickled down my face. When the girls grew tired, they put the whips down and made themselves a drink. I wanted to slump down onto the floor but the choke collar kept me from doing so.

How rude of me. Do you smoke? She walked towards me and placed a cigarette into my mouth. However, with a cruel grin on her face, she held the cigarette lighter beneath my penis and lit it. I screamed in pain as the girls laughed. Ming placed the flame beneath my right testicle and clicked the lighter.

Ball crushing stories

It started burning and to my horror, my pubic hair caught on fire. The girls were reeling with laughter as Ming began setting fire to Ball crushing stories entire crotch! It burned profusely for several seconds until the hair burned away. She held the flame underneath my balls and began passing it back and forth between my legs from my ass to my scrotum to my testicles and underneath my penis.

She finally flicked off the lighter and grabbed me by the hips and propelled her knee upward into my balls and then spat in my hair and laughed as she turned to go finish her drink. After the girls rested a while, Donna unhooked me from the wall. I slumped down to my knees and she kicked me in the face, which sent me sprawling. I was lying on the floor on my stomach when Donna placed her knee on the back of my neck and put all her weight on it, forcing my face into the concrete.

Ming reached down and pulled my balls back so that they were exposed. She then placed her high-heeled pump on top of my balls and began crushing them. She was applying incredible pressure and I could not move since Donna had me pinned down.

Ming was grinding my balls as if she were attempting to extinguish a cigarette or perhaps turn them into powder. She began alternately crushing my balls and penis with her toe and heel. She was indiscriminate about where and how she would crush them, seemingly not caring if she was actually crushing a testicle or just the skin.

I felt her heel against my scrotum as she lifted one foot up and jumped up and down.

Ball crushing stories

I thought her heel would go through my scrotum at that point. She was basically flattening my dick and balls. She stood on my penis and Ball crushing stories a few times followed by placing her high heel against my shaft and pumping her foot up and down against it. She suddenly stomped her foot down on one testicle than the other.

She did this four or five times as I continued to sob. She turned her foot so that the she was now stepping on my balls with the heel and she bounced up and down several times, lifting one leg while doing so as to torture my balls even further. She then placed her stiletto heel onto my penis and I screamed harshly when she applied all her weight and even lifted up the other foot for good measure! She soon began grinding my testicles again, this time turning her back towards me and positioning her heels so that she was stepping on my balls with both of her heels.

She then started alternately stomping her heels and jumping up and down on top of my testicles. When I was just about to pass out, the girls switched places. Donna knelt behind me and pulled my balls out behind me for easier access. She then repeatedly jammed her knee into my balls before standing.

Ball crushing stories

She stood behind me and reached in with her pump and gently measured the distance to her kick. She then let loose with a severe torrent of kicks which directly crushed my nutsack up against my body. She then stood behind me and lightly pushed her foot against my balls. Then, she gracefully lifted her left up a couple feet of the ground and stomped down onto my Ball crushing stories as hard as she could.

She did this repeatedly until she grew tired and then switched to the other foot until I passed out. I awoke amidst incredible pain and agony. My balls were swollen to three times their normal size and my penis was shriveled and aching. My stomach was cramping badly and I was nauseous. My vision was blurred. I thought I saw five women sitting at a table drinking beer. From my position on the floor, I concentrated as best I could and tried to bring them into focus.

Ball crushing stories

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