Bad girl spanking stories

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And even if I was, they were for my dad. Then Anne Harrison took his penis in her hand and began to rub it vigorously. Then she knelt down and put his penis in her mouth and sucked it. Then she took it out and rubbed it again until Porter ejaculated onto the ground. He opens one of the drawers of the desk and takes out a deck shoe; brown leather with a white sole.

He makes me bend down over the desk, my bottom in the air. Out of the corner of my eye, I see him raise his arm high, shoe in hand, and I brace myself for the impact. But then I feel him start to pull my skirt up, exposing my plain white knickers.

Bad girl spanking stories

And then he takes hold of my knickers and pulls them down as far as my knees, exposing my bare bum. This time, he gives me a hard whack with the shoe, and I let out a squeal — that actually hurt. I feel the flesh of my bare cheeks wobble with each whack, and my flesh is starting to smart rather a lot. Each time his hand hits my bottom, he pauses to rub and squeeze my plump firm buttocks. Sometimes he even pulls one of the cheeks to one side, allowing him to see the tight pucker of my arsehole and the little bulge of my pudenda.

Bad girl spanking stories

And the exciting thing is, the feel of his hand on my bare bottom is actually getting me sexually aroused. Then I feel both his hands parting my smarting bum cheeks. He must be looking right at my pussy, my lips puffy and aroused. I can feel a dribble of juice running down my thigh. I hear a fumbling of clothing and the sound of a zip. He takes it in his hand, spre my cheeks, and positions the knob against my slit. I can feel him sliding it up and down, making me even wetter, before with one thrust he pushes his big hard dick right up into my dripping pussy. His dick feels good inside me, and I push back against him, encouraging him to go deeper.

He reaches round and rubs my tits roughly through my shirt. I help him by undoing the buttons and pulling down my plain white bra, giving him full access to my firm little chest bumps.

Bad girl spanking stories

He grabs and squeezes them, as his thrusts get faster and harder. I can hear the slurping sound of my lubricating juices and the slap of his ball-sack against my crotch. I reach down and rub the little bud of my clitoris, and can feel the hardness of his swollen dick inside me.

Bad girl spanking stories

Soon, I feel my orgasm start to fizz up inside my body, and I strum harder at my clit, riding the wave of my approaching climax. I strum my clit one last time, and my own climax breaks with a roar. I collapse onto the desk, abandoning myself to the primal tsunami of pleasure. Then he wipes his wilting erection against my cheeks, smearing the sticky goo across them. Here, you have to see it. He gets his mobile out, and takes a couple of pictures, then shows them to me. I have to admit, my bare bum does look good, both cheeks glowing red and covered in spunk. I can even see the marks of his fingers.

for Free! Score 4. Published 2 years ago Competition Entry: Kinky Fetishes. He looks up sternly. I nod, and bite my lip nervously. The dirty cow! Does it hurt when I spank you? You really are such a pervert.

Bad girl spanking stories Bad girl spanking stories

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