Baby making sex stories

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for Free! Baby Making "Ah fuck! I screamed as he bounced on me. Score 4. Published 8 years ago. My Fiance had been away on vacation for a week. I missed the sex he gave me as we have it everyday. I sat on my bed waiting for him to come home, I had a vibrator to my pussy.

I moaned at the vibrations that seeped through my Baby making sex stories. I was nearing my climax when he walked through the bedroom door, my hand held the bedpost as I smiled at him. He came and sat on the side of the bed. He held my face and we kissed while the vibrations were still going, he slipped in his tongue and we explored each others mouth. I felt my legs tense as I was nearing my second climax, I moaned and gripped the bedpost tighter as I pulled away and threw my head back as I moaned out load. I turned the vibrator off as I ripped off his boxer shorts to reveal his hard dick.

I got up from the bed and pushed him down. Seductivley, I got on top of him and lined up my covered pussy to his hard dick. He started gasping already, all suddenly I bounced up on down on his dick. I gripped his hair and he gripped my back, the bed shook against the wall I felt his dick go harder and his balls tense. I humped him as he slapped my ass and rubbed it. I got a tight sensation in the pit of my stomach, but I kept on bouncing.

We held each others hands, he Baby making sex stories upwards towards me, I stopped much to my displeasure. I gave him a quick kiss, when I started again I humped him harder and faster until my pussy ached. I felt water run down the inside of my thighs. I bounced harder and harder until I could go no more.

I squirted inside of my pants. I got off him and he helped remove my clothing. When I took off my jeans they was a load of sticky cream cum inside my panties. He helped to remove my bra, and he caressed them from the back of me. I groaned and fell on the bed.

I turned to face him, playing with my cum. I stuck three fingers inside and licked the cum off my fingers. I looked at his stiff cock, I wanked it off for a few seconds before slapping it against my lips. I spat on his dick a few times while massaging his cock with it. I took the head of the cock into my mouth, I licked the tiny hole where his cum had came out of, before deep throating him.

I released and spat out the cum all over his shiny cock, I did this a good three times. I massaged my breasts and I squirted cum all over the bedsheet space between us.

Baby making sex stories

I licked his shaft and sucked him off while playing with his balls. I felt them tighten and I knew he was going to cum as he released a huge load into my mouth. I rubbed it around my lips then spat it out and massaged it into his dick. He put his face in between my legs and he licked my clit. My legs shook with pleasure, while I fondled my breasts and he inserted his tongue into my slit.

Baby making sex stories

He spread it wide with two of his fingers and licked all around inside. I grabbed the bedposts and screamed. Oh baby, suck my clit! Kiss my vagina! Oh fuck! I want to squirt my cum in your mouth, and help you clean it off your face! Oh my baby!

Baby making sex stories

Dont stop! Keep going! Ah yes!

Baby making sex stories

I gripped the back of his head and pulled his head closer to my dripping wet pussy. I threw my head back. Tongue fuck my pussy! Keep licking! Nibble my clit! He stopped and opened his mouth ready for the load to come. My pussy tightened and I released, it squirted inside his mouth and went on his cheeks. When I finished he had swallowed it. I caressed his now wet face, licking his wet cheeks and swallowing the juice.

I lay down once more to recieve his cock, he rubbed it against my pussy earning my groans. I gripped his shoulders and spread my legs wide, to let his cock slip it. He bounced hard and fast, wet sounds were heard. He humped so fast that our thighs were slapping. I wrapped my legs around his back to draw us closer. He put his hands on the back of my neck as I closed my eyes, "Do you want a baby?

Do you? He leaked out pre cum inside me, and my pussy leaked juice in return. I pulled his hair as he released a huge load inside me, he pulled out of me and his creampie leaked out of my pussy. I massaged it into my clit, then we lay side by side each other. I massaged the cum over his balls and dick, as we were kissing. He Baby making sex stories with my pussy some more and I kissed his cock.

Baby making sex stories

We both grew excited once more. I got on top of him and rubbed my pussy down his shaft. We both moaned and before we knew it we had both cum again. I had reverse cowgirl style, as I jumped on his cock. I lifted his balls so they hit my pussy. I squirted and he let out another huge load inside me. Then that was that. Now I'm waiting to become pregnant, he promised as soon as I do we will get married. Straight Sex fucking oral clitjob blowjob wet creampie sex.

Baby making sex stories

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