Aunt feet story

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Formerly www. Oct 28, 1 T Nov 30, 2 T We've updated our Privacy Policy and by continuing you're agreeing to the updated terms. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. Or Learn more Continue. Aunt Jean's Feet Repost. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 2 posts. After a lengthy search I managed find and retrieve this story from the old site using the wayback machine.

Also, there were some images from southeastsoles. Unfortunately I couldn't get these from the wayback machine. Aunt Jean's Smelly Feet My name is Paul, and this is the story of how I first got to smell the stinky feet of my aunt, back when I was about twelve or so. Auntie Jean was probably in her mid-forties at the time, though she didn't look it.

She was still a gorgeous woman; short blonde hair, big boobs and slightly on the plump side. Her legs were pretty big though, and she had quite large feet with perfectly shaped slightly stubby toes. Anyway, I was over at her house one evening watching TV with Aunt feet story cousin Laura, who was the same age as me. She was also a bit chunky and was trying to lose weight, so she had gone for her daily jog, leaving me alone in their lounge watching TV.

Auntie Jean came home soon after, and came into the lounge and dropped herself on the couch next to me. She asked where everyone was and I told her I was alone in the house, as she lifted her one foot up onto her knee, and started tugging at the laces of her chunky leather work shoes. Instantly I felt a stirring in my pants: I had always secretly loved Auntie Jean's feet, and took every chance I could to sit or stand near her so as to get a closer look. With her sitting next to me and taking her shoes off the excitement was almost too much!

Once when I was having dinner with them, I could hear Auntie Jean slipping her feet in and out of her pair of stained old sandals on the other side of the table, and every now and then I could even smell them; an unmistakable sweet vinegar smell, and I had obsessed about getting more ever since. She pulled off the tight leather shoe, and brought the hot open heel part up to her nose and took a quick sniff. I couldn't believe my eyes!

She wrinkled her nose and pursed her lips and said "Mmph! I decided to fuck being polite, and shifted closer to her, just staring at her foot. She wiggled her toes in her socks, and I imagined how hot and greasy it must be inbetween them. She then pulled off her sock with a flick of her wrist, and held it by two fingers to her upturned nose.

Aunt feet story could see her nostrils flare as she breathed in the hot, moist aroma. I could still see the damp, sweaty toe imprints on that stinky sock, which I could smell quite clearly from where I sat, that same sharp vinegar stench. I wrinkled my nose a bit but nodded and grinned shyly. Auntie Jean smiled and nodded back and said, "Mmm.

They smell nice don't they? My feet get sooo, so stinky - I just love it! She quickly pulled off the other shoe and sock, taking quick but deep and audible sniffs of each before putting them down. She then swung one foot onto lap, saying "Here my boy, smell that. I held the foot up and stared at the yellowish heel and ball of Auntie Jean's foot I'm sure I was drooling!

Her foot was still hot and moist, and I pressed her toes against my nose and took a huge deep sniff. The stench was fucking awesome - a strong, rich, sweet-sour stink, like well-aged gooey cheese. It was the most deliciously rancid, ripe, rotten thing I had ever smelled! I could feel the stinky goo of her sticky, slimy toejam on the sweaty sole of her foot as I rubbed it ravenously all over my nose and mouth. Auntie Jean had her other foot back on her nose, taking strong, fast sniffs and sighing gently ever time she exhaled, through the side of her mouth, so she wouldn't disturb Aunt feet story stench on the skin of her sole with her breath, or lose the tiniest bit of stink from her nose.

God that's good! Stinky stinky stinky! Then she put her other foot in my lap as well, and picked up one of her shoes, and buried her face in it, still sniffing deeply and mumbling "MMMMMM I put my hand on her sweaty foot and pressed harder, rubbing it up and down, up and down, whilst breathing in deeply as I could Auntie Jean's ripe footsmell. The vinegar smell was still strongand sweet and cheesy at the same time. I sucked and licked her foot and her toeseating all the sour, salty, slimy toejam that I could. Her slight callouses on the side of her big toe and round her heel gently scratched my face as I sucked them and smeared them across my face.

Aunt feet story

With her face still buried in her shoe, she mumbled "Mmm, how do my feet smell Paulie? Goood boy. I ground her foot into my crotch as hard as I could and started to moan and sniff louder and faster to let her know I was about to come, and suddenly it felt as though my head had exploded as I burst my load in my pants, wetting them Aunt feet story onto Auntie Jean's sole.

I let out a heavy sigh, and dropped her smelly foot into my lap with the other, my cock still throbbing. Auntie Jean lowered her smelly shoe, and she grinned naughtily at me, still gently massaging my crotch, and said, "Same time tomorrow? Some time later, maybe a year, I, Paul, was now thirteen I was back at Auntie Jean's house, hanging out with my cousin Laura.

Laura was still a bit chubby at that age, with shoulder length brown hair and freckles. Her breasts were small but pert, and she had a beautiful big bum. I loved it! Still do She had big legs too, like her mum, and slightly fat feet with chubby little toes.

Aunt feet story

We were in Laura's room one day after school, I was smoking out the window and Laura was sitting crosslegged in her school uniform on the bed. She kicked off her black leather school shoes no socks; too tight and I surreptitiously stared at her slightly swollen red feet, all hot and sweaty from being squeezed into those tight school shoes all day. I was looking away when she suddenly laughed and said the dog had just sniffed her toe and done this: she wrinkled up her nose and shook her head.

I smiled widely and said "Why, do your feet smell? Yeah, real bad," she laughed, as she bent forward and pulled her foot up to her nose. I heard her sniff quickly a Aunt feet story of times and giggled "Oh yeah! My feet stink alright! Even though she had a sort of 'What the hell?? That is RIPE! Laura laughed, but before she could put her foot down I grabbed it in my hand and took another, slower sniff.

She looked quizically at me, and took another sniff of her stinky little foot herself, this time right between the big toe and the second one. She even closed her eyes for a couple of seconds as she savoured Aunt feet story smell. I love it when my feet get stinky. I didn't know you liked the smell of toejam too Paul? It smelled like musky hot leather that didn't see the light of day or get much fresh air very often, and clammy, cheesy foot-gunk, musky and sharp, but sweet and cheese-and-vinegary too.

These shoes belonged to someone who didn't wash their already very stinky, sweaty feet very often at all. I breathed in deeply the warm aroma wafting out of Laura's shoe, savouring the stink and staring all the time at her podgy damp little feet.

Aunt feet story

For about the next half hour all we did was roll around on Laura's bed, laughing and smelling her funky feet and her ripe school shoes, trying to guess all the stinky things they smelled like, and fishing through her closet for the smelliest sneakers we could find, and any old socks she had worn for sports that hadn't been washed yet of which there were plenty. We inhaled every smelly thing we could that had been anywhere near Laura's stinky, funky, fat little feet.

Suddenly, we could hear the TV on in the lounge, which meant Laura's mum was home. We jumped up and ran to the lounge, and sat down on the couch on either side of Auntie Jean. Laura could see me staring at my aunt's feet, and she smiled wickedly to me, obviously thinking the same thing. Auntie Jean had her rather fat Aunt feet story crossed, and was swinging her foot up and down, gently slapping her well-worn sandal against the heel of her foot.

I was sitting close enough to catch a whiff from her foot every time she did this; a faint vinegary smell. Suddenly Laura piped up: "Mum, what's that smell? It smells kinda cheesy? NO WAY! She gently put her nose under Auntie Jean's upturned toes, to sniff between the foot and the sweat-stained insole of the sandal.

It IS your feet! They're really stinky!

Aunt feet story

I was staring like a madman at her. I could hear her take a sniff and she wrinkled up her nose and frowned. She then held the sandal out to me, saying "Wanna sniff, Paul? Thaat's it. I sniffed loudly. Her shoe smelled strongly of parmasan cheese, sharp but sweet and rich with womanly footstink. Laura then lent forward and sniffed her mum's toes again "OH!

Eww mum! Your feet really smell bad! They stink like old cheese! She lifted her foot towards me, wriggling her sweaty toes, offering me her smell. I knelt at her feet next to Laura, and put my face to Auntie Jean's upturned foot.

Aunt feet story

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