Ariana grande sex story

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She came up with the idea to film herself traveling up and down her home state for her YouTube channel and give her fans a look at her life outside of Hollywood. She had spent the few days all around the state, from Miami to Tallahassee to Tampa and now in former home of Nickelodeon studios, Orlando. After spending all day filming Ariana was exhausted and went back to her hotelroom for some much needed rest. Hours later Ariana got up and decided to go out and get something to eat.

As she opened the hotelroom door she noticed a VERY well build man standing there. Assuming he wanted her autograph she asked What would you like me to for you? The man stood there with a neutral look on his face and did not answer. He then took a CD of hers from his bag. Ariana turned around and grabbed a sharpie on her dresser.

Ariana grande sex story

Suddenly Ariana started feeling very dizzy. She looked down and noticed that her small well shaped nipples where very hard and showed clearly threw her white tight tank top and before she knew what was going on she collapsed to the floor droping the CD and sharpie but little did she know that it contained a gas that led to what fate had in store for her. The man was not a man at all but a cyborg. It came back threw time to prevent a horrible event from happening. It needed to locate, subdue and bring back 5 people important to the cause it was sent from the future to support and Ariana was its last target.

The cyborg was only sopose to subdue her and bring her to the future……but something went wrong. Ariana suddenly woke up to find this cyborg naked.

Ariana grande sex story

It was behind her and had her off the ground while and its arms were holding her thighs apart from behind while standing. Its cock all of a sudden shot out and ripped threw her panties darting into her smooth tight little latina pussy splitting her pussy apart as it forced itself inside of the petite latina. Ariana tried to hold back with all her might but her virgin pussy started to moisten quickly. The cyborg watched as her body spasmed violently with her first orgasm her petite latin body had ever felt. The Cyborg felt her young pussy squirt her sweet virgin latina cum all over its cock.

After an hour…. Still fucking her in the same position the cyborg, despite Ariana begging for it to stop with what little energy she had left fucked her like a ragged doll. Her arms, head and legs flailing around wildly as his massive medal cock darted in and out of tiny latin pussy. Ariana still in her cloths he morphed a second larger cock and ripped it threw her panties and into her extremely small and tight latin asshole fucking both furiously. After it did it the cyborg got up and pressed a combination of buttons on its arm and suddenly disappeared in a sudden flash bang of smoke.

Ariana did recover only to give birth 10 months later to 3 cyborg babies. They became fully grown males within two years. Ariana became the first sex drone for the continuous Ariana grande sex story of baby cyborgs she would give birth to that would eventually end up saving this world and regulating the universe. With every birth the ones before them repair Ariana to the athletically tight virgin body she once had in the very beginning before all of this happened to her only to have her give birth to the cyborgs that would eventually repeat that process.

The very thing that would eventually save this world and many beyond this one among many other things. Ariana never remembered what happened to her and never was aware that all of this was happening…. Ariana never aged beyond 17, the day the original cyborg came and she still lives to this day…….

Ariana grande sex story

Ariana often has fuzzy dreams of the past but has no clue on why she remembered things that where so long ago and just goes on with her life day by day month by month year by year never understanding why she never ages or why her body is still in the pristine shape it all those years ago. Tags ass bang brutal cunt eat hard Head hollywood latin Latina miami moan Mouth panties pussy tight virgin work Young. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Related Articles. June 29, Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Next When Ann is shipwrecked on an exotic island.

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Ariana grande sex story

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