Anne rice sleeping beauty trilogy read online

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The claiming of sleeping. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, p. Roquelaure has envisioned for the uninhibited reader a hypnotic and seductive adult fairy tale in the Sleeping Beauty novels.

Anne rice sleeping beauty trilogy read online

Now, the author of this exquisite erotic trilogy reveals her true identity—beckoning the reader into a sensuous world of forbidden dreams and dark-edged desires ly published in a Dutton edition. The claiming of Sleeping Beauty I. But he did not believe it until he was inside the castle.

Even the bodies of those other Princes caught in the thorns of the rose vines that covered the walls had not made him believe it. They had come believing it, true enough, but he must see for himself inside the castle. It was not his desire to die so much as to conquer. And picking his way through the bones of those who had failed to solve the mystery, he stepped alone into the great banquet hall.

The sun was high in the sky and those vines had fallen away, so the light fell in dusty shafts from the lofty windows. And all along the banquet table, the Prince saw the men and women of the old Court, sleeping under layers of dust, their ruddy and slack faces spun over with spider webs. He gasped to see the servants dozing against the walls, their clothing rotted to tatters.

But it was true, this old tale. And, fearless as before, he went in search of the Sleeping Beauty who must be at the core of it. In the topmost bedchamber of the house he found her. He had stepped over sleeping chambermaids and valets, and, breathing the dust and damp of the place, he finally stood in the door of her sanctuary. Her flaxen hair lay long and straight over the deep green velvet of her bed, and her dress in loose folds revealed the rounded breasts and limbs of a young woman.

Anne rice sleeping beauty trilogy read online

He opened the shuttered windows. The sunlight flooded down on her. And approaching her, he gave a soft gasp as he touched her cheek, and her teeth through her parted lips, and then her tender rounded eyelids. Her face was perfect to him, and her embroidered gown had fallen deep into the crease between her legs so that he could see the shape of her sex beneath it.

He drew out his sword, with which he had cut back all the vines outside, and gently slipping the blade between her breasts, let it rip easily through the old fabric. Her dress was laid open to the hem, and he folded it back and looked at her. Her nipples were a rosy pink as were her lips, and the hair between her legs was darkly yellow and curlier than the long straight hair of her head which covered her arms almost down to her hips on either side of her.

He cut the sleeves away, lifting her ever so gently to free the cloth, and the weight of her hair seemed to pull her head down over his arms, and her mouth opened just a little bit wider. He put his sword to one side. He removed his heavy armor. And then he lifted her again, his left arm under her shoulders, his right hand between her legs, his thumb on top of her pubis.

Anne rice sleeping beauty trilogy read online

She made no sound; but if a person could moan silently, then she made such a moan with her whole attitude. Her head fell towards him, and he felt the hot moisture against his right hand, and laying her down again, he cupped both of her breasts, and sucked gently on one and then the other. They were plump and firm, these breasts. And he bit at her nipples, moving the breasts almost roughly so as to feel their weight, and then lightly he slapped them back and forth, delighting in this. His desire had been hard and almost painful to him when he had come into the room, and now it was urging him almost mercilessly.

He mounted her, parting her legs, giving the white inner flesh of her thighs a soft, deep pinch, and, clasping her right breast in his left hand, he thrust his sex into her. He was holding h er up as he did this, to gather her mouth to him, and as he broke through her innocence, he opened her mouth with his tongue and pinched her breast sharply.

Anne rice sleeping beauty trilogy read online

He sucked on her lips, he drew the life out of her into himself, and feeling his seed explode within her, heard her cry out. And then her blue eyes opened. She closed her eyes, her golden eyebrows brought together in a little frown and the sun gleaming on her broad white forehead. He lifted her chin, kissed her throat, and drawing his organ out of her tight sex, heard her moan beneath him.

She was stunned. He lifted her until she sat naked, one knee crooked on the ruin of her velvet gown on the bed which was as flat and hard as a table. The serving girl was standing there with her hands to her lips. And the Prince went to the door to speak to her. Tell him the Prince has come who was foretold to remove the curse on this household. Tell him I shall be closeted now with his daughter. Beauty was covering her breasts with her hands, and her long straight golden hair, heavy and full of a great silky density, flared down to the bed around her.

She bowed her head so that the hair covered her. But she looked at the Prince and her eyes struck him as devoid of fear or cunning. She was like those tender animals of the wood just before he slew them in the hunt: eyes wide, expressionless. Her bosom heaved with anxious breath.

Anne rice sleeping beauty trilogy read online

And now he laughed, drawing near, and lifting her hair back from her right shoulder. She looked up at him steadily, her cheeks suffused with a raw blush, and again he kissed her. He opened her mouth with his lips, and taking her hands in his left hand he laid them down on her naked lap so that he might lift her breasts now and better examine them.

He knew what she was seeing as she looked at him. He was only three years older than she had been. Eighteen, newly a man, but afraid of nothing and no one. He was tall, black haired; he had a lean build which made him agile. He liked to think of himself as a sword—light, straight, and very deft, and utterly dangerous. And he had left behind him many who would concur with this.

Anne rice sleeping beauty trilogy read online

He had not so much pride in himself now as immense satisfaction. He had gotten to the core of the accursed castle. There were knocks at the door, cries. He laid Beauty down again. He saw the blood of her innocence on the cloth and this made him laugh softly to himself as again he gently entered her.

She gave a soft series of moans that were like kisses to his ear. He told the servants he would have his supper now, and he would receive the King immediately.

Anne rice sleeping beauty trilogy read online

Beauty he ordered to dine with him, and to remain with him, and he told her firmly that she was to wear no clothing. Rather he took her little wrists and held them behind her back as the table was brought in, and then he ordered her to sit opposite. The table was laid with roast pork and fowl, fruit in big glistening silver bowls, and immediately the King stood in the door, dressed in his heavy ceremonial robes, a gold crown atop his head as he bowed to the Prince and waited for the command to enter.

But you have your wealth, your Court, your soldiers. So much lies ahead of you. The Prince understood it perfectly. And the Prince could see that the King would not raise his eyes to see his naked daughter, Beauty. The servants all about him vied with one another to place other dishes near him. Beauty sat with her hands over her breasts again; her cheeks were moist with tears, and she was trembling slightly.

I will spend the night here. And tomorrow set out to make her my Princess across the mountains. He could see her shame before the servants. But he brushed her hand away from her sex. He spoke these words almost tenderly, as he lifted her hair back from her face. She had a lovely little voice. Tell them to be ready at dawn, and then you can say goodbye to your daughter, Beauty. The Prince turned his full attention to Beauty.

Lifting a napkin he wiped at her tears. She kept her hands obediently on her thighs, exposing her sex, and he observed that she did not try to hide her stiff little pink nipples with her arms and he approved of this. He laughed. He could see she was afraid to answer.

Anne rice sleeping beauty trilogy read online

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