Anal hook stories

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It started with me undressing to my underwear in his living room. The first thing he asked me to do was to put my hair up in a ponytail and then have a seat on the floor in a submissive position — on my knees, with my legs open and arms behind my back. He came back and showed me the anal Anal hook stories, which was stainless steel and had a ball on the end and he explained how he was going to tie me up and use the hook in the process. We went to his bedroom and he asked if I had given myself an enema like he asked and I said yes.

He then asked me to remove my bra and panties and lay face down on the bed with my ass in the air. He poured lube over my ass and spent a few minutes gently massaging his fingers around and into my ass.

Anal hook stories

He only ever inserted one finger so he loosened me up a bit, but not too much. He then asked me to lay flat on the bed with my hands behind my back so he could begin tying me. Once my arms were secure he told me he was going to insert the hook. He asked me to take a few deep breaths and try to relax as he began to work the ball on the end of the hook inside me. Once it was in, he attached the hook to the ropes that were ultimately connected to my ponytail.

Anal hook stories

He asked me to lean my head back as far as I could and then did something to tighten the ropes so that the hook was pulled tight and forced deeper inside me. If I moved my head forward just a little the rope would pull the hook even deeper. He let me get accustomed to the feeling of the hook and to experiment with moving my head around for about 10 minutes while he left the room. When he came back, he touched my pussy to see if I was wet and I definitely was?

He then took the photo of me that I posted and then turned me on the bed so my head was near the edge. His Anal hook stories is pretty high so when he took out his cock it was about at my eye level. He then proceeded to put his cock in my mouth. At times he would intentionally pull my head forward, which forced the hook seemingly deeper and deeper every time.

That was by far the most intense part and the pain made it very hard to focus so I gagged way more than I probably would have otherwise. I sucked his cock for what seemed like an eternity, but it was probably about 25 to 30 minutes. Finally he came in my mouth and I was sure to swallow all of it since that was one of the rules he had ly established with me.

Anal hook stories

After that he left me on the bed for another 15 or 20 minutes while he went downstairs. He came back and massaged my clit a little bit and called me a good girl again, but told me our session was over and that he was not going to allow me to cum.

Anal hook stories

This was relatively devastating to hear since I was soaking wet? He then began the process of untying me. Source: reddit.

Anal hook stories

Sounds very hot! Presumably there was a follow up before too long, since he left you aching that time? How does this work? I feel stupid for asking but how can you attatch rope to a pony tail and not have the hair just skip out of the rope? post. Next post.

post How things escalate [F] [FM].

Anal hook stories Anal hook stories

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