Clit sucking stories

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Clit sucking stories

We got on brilliantly. We kissed at the end of our first date. It was perfect. At the end of our second date, she took me back to hers and we made out on her bed. She let me take her top and her bra off.

Clit sucking stories

She let me touch, and kiss, and suck her breasts. She opened my Clit sucking stories and slid her hand down the front of them. She squeezed and tugged on my cock enthusiastically, but when I tried to open her jeans, she placed a hand over mine to stop me. She told me not yet. We carried on like that for weeks.

We went out to bars, to the cinema, to galleries, and we fell for each other. I thought about Katy all the time. We texted constantly when we were apart. When she smiled that warm smile of hers, it slayed me. She kept telling me not yet. I could tell she wanted to. I guessed Katy was worried about something. That she hated the look of herself down there, or that she had a scar, or maybe some bastard had said something hurtful. I told her I wanted to give her the same pleasure she gave me.

I told her how much I liked her already. She smiled her warm smile at that, but she looked anxious too. She told me not now. But not now. I just kept falling for her, and kissing and stroking her, and hoping.

Clit sucking stories

And then one night it happened. My cock was aching and it would have been so easy to lie back and let Katy bring me off in her mouth that night, but I wanted to see her naked. She was beautiful, I adored her, I just wanted to get closer. I kissed Katy all over, behind her ears, down her neck, across her chest.

I pulled her top and her bra off, and I stroked her breasts, and rolled her nipples until she was moaning and writhing beneath Clit sucking stories. I stroked my fingers lightly over her stomach and she trembled. I rubbed her through her jeans, and she groaned and pressed herself against my hand.

I helped Katy pull my jeans and underwear off, as the sight and the feel of my cock always seemed to turn her on more. I pulled my top off too, so I was totally naked. I showed her what I wanted of her. I traced my fingers over her stomach again, she quivered as they passed below her bellybutton, then I had hold of the front of her jeans. I opened the second, then the third, and finally it was happening, but then Katy rolled over. So I went for the back instead.

She was short and slender, but she had a deliciously plump bottom, just the sight of it made me tighten down there. I loved squeezing her bum through her jeans, but now I was actually touching it, and her skin was smooth and supple and hot.

I squeezed her cheeks and she moaned louder.

Clit sucking stories

I ran my fingertips down her arse crack and between, and she bucked against me. I was touching Katy there at last. Katy got more fervent as I kissed her and touched her there.

Clit sucking stories

Her noises came louder, her hips bucked in time with my fingers, and she moved up my body so I could push my hand deeper. I think she opened a few more buttons herself, as her jeans relaxed around my arm. I sank a finger into the hot, wet embrace of her pussy. I fucked Katy slowly with my finger as Clit sucking stories kissed, but she moaned for more, and I moved faster, matching the rhythm of her noises. Her hips welcomed me, she started pressing herself onto my finger, so I slid a second one into her. She squeezed me harder, she tugged my cock faster, and I was close, but I wanted to bring her off too.

I wanted us to come together. I pulled my fingers out of her and traced them onto her hip. I eased Katy off me with my other hand, I rolled her onto her side, I held her against me, I kissed her hard, and I slid my fingers off her hip and over the front of her body. I felt soft, downy hair, then smooth, wet lips below and finally I was there. I slid my finger up between her lips, slowly, savouring the moment, she was so slick and wet and silky, but then my finger touched something and I froze. Katy froze too. She went rigid. Her hand stopped moving on my cock.

It felt like she was holding her breath. She looked at me. I held Katy. I raised her face to mine and I kissed her. I looked her in the eyes. She tried to look away, but I held her face and I held her gaze. She closed her eyes and then she spoke.

Clit sucking stories

Show me. I spoke softly. I want to be with you. I really, really like you. Katy nodded. She opened her eyes and got up off the bed. She pulled her jeans Clit sucking stories all the way. She pushed them down to the floor and stepped out of them. Fuck, she looked so beautiful in just her knickers. She looked perfect. Katy held still for a moment, then she took a breath and pushed her knickers down to the floor. She turned her body and stepped forwards so she was standing by the bed, standing right over me. I took in the sight of her flat, taught stomach, that patch of silky hair, her flushed lips, and then I noticed something peeking out from between them.

Something pink and glistening. It looked like a very small, perfectly smooth penis. Katy covered herself with her hands. She tried to step away from the bed, but I caught her wrist and I pulled her towards me. I drew her down onto the bed and I took her in my arms. I kissed her, then I told her I wanted to see it again. I held my face inches away from her and I looked at it. It was engorged and erect and immense. It was a good couple of inches long and as thick as my thumb.

Katy tried to close her legs again, but once more I stopped her. I dropped my face down and I kissed Clit sucking stories tip of her clit softly. I felt Katy tense again, but she sighed too. She sighed louder and I felt her body relaxing.

I kissed Katy all over her beautiful clit and her sighs became moans. I licked my tongue up the length of her, over the tip, and she groaned. I swirled my tongue all around her, and her hips came to life again. I sucked her clit gently into my mouth and Katy moaned long and loud. I sucked to form a vacuum around her throbbing clit, then I bobbed my head back and forth to slide my lips up and down the length of her.

I took all of her into my mouth, I went up to the tip, then back down to the base of her again, and I flicked my tongue all around her as I did it. It was such a headfuck. It felt like I really was sucking a little cock, but I loved it, I loved what I was doing to her. Katy must have been so sensitive there as it drove her wild. She moaned and groaned, she squirmed, she bucked her hips, and she fucked my mouth as I sucked her. It was incredible. She quivered and trembled and writhed. She took great shuddering breaths, she shook, she kept tensing, and then she was crying out and shouting.

I was throbbing and aching down there too, suddenly so hot and close again, so I moved. She gripped my cock and slid it into her mouth. I rolled us over together until I was on my back and Katy was over me. It was too good, too intense, too spectacular. Pleasure filled my body, it rose up through my cock, I fingered Katy fast, I sucked her clit as hard as I could, and I came. I screwed my eyes up tight as my nerves went electric. She ground herself hard against her face, and I was so wet, I was covered in her, it ran down my chin and over my cheeks, there was so much of it.

I felt it pattering against me, and that was different. I opened my eyes and saw what was happening. It took a moment to click. Katy was squirting over me as she came. I stopped sucking her clit, but Katy kept coming.

Each time she screamed and her body juddered, a great gush of liquid spurted out of her pussy and over my face and chest. She drenched me, she got louder, but then it all became too much and she rolled off me and lay panting on her back by my side. We held each other and we laughed and kissed, and I could taste my come in her mouth, and I was so covered in her wetness she must have tasted herself on me too. Katy looked so happy, and we kept laughing, but then, all of a sudden she closed up. She hid her face from me again, and she apologised for making such a mess, Clit sucking stories for being so different.

So weird.

Clit sucking stories

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